Glenn Omatsu

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Glenn Omatsu

Glenn Omatsu is a staff member of the UCLA Asian American Studies Center, and has served as an associate editor of the Amerasia Journal. He also teaches classes in Asian American Studies at California State University at Northridge, and Pasadena City College. Omatsu also works as a counselor in the CSU Northridge Equal Opportunity Program. He remains active in community and labor struggles, and continues to participate in international solidarity movements.[1]

Forward Motion

In 1992 Glenn Omatsu, a a staff member of the UCLA Asian American Studies Center contributed an article "Asian-Pacific American Neo-Conservatives" to the July 1992 issue of Freedom Road Socialist Organization's Forward Motion.

Resist Prop 187


Freedom Road Socialist Organization's Forward Motion published an article in their January 1995 issue from Lisa Duran, Bill Gallegos, Eric Mann, and Glenn Omatsu "Prop 187 - where do we go from here?"

AA Movement group

Eric Mar, May 1, 1998.


I think this is a Ryan Suda - black lava design, but I could be wrong. [Mooko says the artist is Phloe Pontaoe who did this for Black Lava]

More on the history of the AA Movement group - — with Emily P. Lawsin, Kathy Masaoka, Mark Masaoka, Glenn Omatsu, George McKinney, D Rikio Mooko, Ryan Suda, Kim Geron, SunHyung Lee, Kye Liang, Scott Kurashige and Michael Liu at UCLA Asian American Studies Center.