Garron Daniels

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Garron Daniels

Garron Daniels lives in Savannah, Missouri. In a relationship with Nathalia Baum.



Garron Daniels is a member and recording secretary of the Religious Commission of the Communist Party USA. He’s worked extensively in the past with New Students for a Democratic Society and the Socialist Rifle Association and serves as a Chaplain in the SRA. He is originally from Missouri and obtained his Bachelors in Justice Systems from Truman State University. Currently, he is at the University of the South: School of Theology obtaining his Masters in Divinity to be ordained in the Episcopal Church.[1]


  • Studies M.Div - Masters of Divinity at School of Theology at the University of the South
  • Studied Justice Systems at Truman State University
  • Went to Savannah High


TSU Progressive Student Alliance October 26, 2019 ·


With Jack Huston with Garron Daniels and AJ Barnum.



In 2019 Garron Daniels, vice president of local New Students for a Democratic Society and a Socialist Rifle Association member invited National President of Socialist Rifle Association Alex Tackett to campus.[2]


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