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Evelyn Marcelina Rangel-Medina...[1]was born in Zacatecas, Mexico.

She is Policy Director of the Green-Colar Jobs Campaign, at the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights where she focuses on creating integrated ways that structurally transform the reality of marginalized people: access to education, environmental justice, labor protections, and the elimination of citizen, ethnic/racial, class, gender and sexual hierarchies.


Evelyn Rangel-Medina attended the Community College of Southern Nevada and was elected Student Body President. She attained Bachelors’ of Arts in Women’s Studies, Political Science: International Relations and English: Theory, Literature and Composition from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

While in college, she coordinated[2]a Sexual Assault Prevention and Education Program, was elected Senator for the College of Liberal Arts, and organized as Co-Chair of: MEChA de UNLV, the Alliance of Students of Color (ASOC), and Justice for Mujeres de Juarez.

In 2006, she led the largest grassroots political mobilization in Nevada—shutting down the Las Vegas Strip, while coordinating a statewide economic boycott to fight for the human rights of undocumented immigrants.

Later, she was elected president of the United Coalition for Immigrant Rights (U.C.I.R.). Prior to coming to the Ella Baker Center, she was the 2008-2009 Sustainable Development Fellow at the Greenlining Institute.