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Emilio Guari is a New York City activist.

CUNY Board of Trustees protest

Alice Feng organized a Revolutionary Student Coordinating Committee protest at East 25th Street Monday 25 June 2012, 15:30 till Monday 25 June 2012, 15:30

NEW YORK CITY – CUNY students call for a protest picket on the afternoon of Monday, June 25 outside the regular meeting of the CUNY Board of Trustees, when the Board will give massive pay raises to CUNY administrators, including a quarter-million dollar pay raise (54%) to Chancellor Goldstein.
CUNY is denying admission to more and more Black and Latino students based on its so-called rising "academic standards," while Baruch College's Zicklin School of Business was recently caught fixing the grades of failing students who work for Wall Street firms. CUNY uses one set of "academic standards" to deny admission to working-class Black and Latino students and fudges another set of "academic standards" for Wall Street executives whose tuition is paid for by their firms. Despite these twin scandals, the paper-pushing non-producing parasites on the Board are planning to congratulate administrators with outrageous salary increases on June 25.
Join the Revolutionary Student Coordinating Committee on June 25 to protest against these outrages!

Those indicating their intention to attend on the Whenever website notice of the event were Tajh Danielle Sutton, Irving Apantenco, Jose Garcia , Alfred Ortiz, AJ Venkat, Manny Jalonschi, Caroline Wong, Aaron Samsel, Aubeen Lopez, Larry Hales, Owusu-Chief Anane, Christine Culpepper De Ruiz, Armide Jean Noel, Rey Valentin, Avrilage Aliss, Tasneem Aljayyousi, Ben Becker, Josephine Kirata Chumpitaz, Álvaro Franco, Skanda Kadirgamar, Taiquan Wells, Moises Delgado, Meli LaSalle, Mascella Napoli, Tommy Maggio, Khalil Vasquez, Agust Freeman, Yves Nibungco, Terance Podolski, Kazembe Balagun, Juan Cho, Devin Anahuac Marcia, Erick Moreno , Far Han, Emmanuel Pardilla, Ben Fredericks, Freddy Bastone, Eric Del Barrio Nava, Emilio Guari, Diego Hernandez, Robert O'Connor, Randy Sidberry, Manuel Tejada, Viejo Chuleta , Marilicus Zhang, Brian Hudson, Larry Davis, Resa Del Sol, Erika Jacome, Cecelia Adams, Aminah Wallace, Stephanie Buendia, Naveen Naqvi, Josefina La China. [1]