Earchiel Johnson

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Earchiel Johnson

Earchiel Lee Johnson was a Computer Support Assistant at Tulsa Community College, Tulsa, Oklahoma Area, he later moved to Chicago.[1]


Earchiel Johnson, was a member of the Young Communist League USA in Chicago, in 2013.[2]

Earchiel Johnson has established the YCL writing collective and has encouraged members to write on the Affordable Care Act, LGBT issues, and more.[3]

YCL Dissolution


The YCL dissolved circa 2016;

The Young Communist League USA (YCL) and its many predecessor organizations have a long, proud history of revolutionary activism fighting for working class rights, equality, peace, democracy, environmentalism and socialism.
Despite its many contributions, the YCL organizational form didn’t fit the new forms of activism of the today’s young generations, their growing interest in socialism and radical change.
As a result, the CPUSA’s work with youth is being refocused and redoubled.
The YCL no longer exists as an independent national organization. New organizing structures are being created within the CPUSA to more effectively focus on the issues facing youth and students.
Young party members are taking on leadership roles and helping change how the CPUSA works. Also, the PeoplesWorld.org is expanding engagement with youth and students, and encouraging them to write, share videos, and help give voice to issues and struggles they are involved in.
If you were an YCLer, your membership will automatically be transferred to the CPUSA if you are 18 years old or older. Those younger than 18 years old can still participate in all CPUSA activities online or offline.

If you are interested in working for radical change, learning about Marxism and our vision of socialism USA and how it can be achieved, we urge you to join the Communist Party USA or sign up to receive the CPUSA News and Views Newsletter, and participate in ongoing educational activities and weekly campaigns regardless of your age.

We urge you to check out www.cpusa.org for all activities and updates.
CPUSA Youth Collective Leadership Team

Peoples World 2015

African American Equality Commission

In July 2015, Admin at African American Equality Commission Communist Party USA FaceBook group were Chauncey Robinson and Earchiel Lee Johnson.[5]