Democratic Socialists of America Praxis

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Democratic Socialists of America Praxis is a faction of Democratic Socialists of America which ran a slate of NPC candidates at the 2017 National Convention in Chicago.

DSA Praxis takes our inspiration from movements like the Moral Monday movement of North Carolina, the Jackson-Kush Plan of the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement and Cooperation Jackson, and the Richmond Progressive Alliance. All of them were organized with key values and strategic thinking at their core, but with a discipline and orientation toward base-building and relational organizing- a faith in and commitment to listening to the people- that allowed their platforms and their agendas to be shaped by the base they sought to mobilize and to serve. As in the best union organizing campaigns, we know that our specific issues and causes must be drawn from what inspires, agitates and motivates those we seek to organize, but that the vehicle for achieving those hopes and dreams is clear: democratic socialism.[1]


  • Ravi Ahmad, New York. Native New Yorker. Red Diaper Baby. Recovering Economist. Avid Knitter.
  • Allie Cohn, Knoxville TN. Slacktivist turned Activist. Southern Mama. Teacher
  • Leslie Driskill, Oklahoma City, OK. Vegan Marathoner. Dog Lady. Single Mom for Single Payer. Potawatomi.
  • Celeste Earley, Anchorage, AK. Alaska transplant, socialist feminist, historian, anti-PETA vegetarian
  • Zac Echola, Red River Valley, ND & MN, North Dakotan by choice, dirt poor rural Minnesota kid by birth. Survived Clinton-era welfare reform and got a union job.
  • Michael Patterson, Anchorage, AK. Working-Class Parent, Homegrown Alaskan, Iraq War Veteran, Occupy D.C and long distance trail runner.
  • R.L. Stephens, Chicago, IL. A. Philip Randolph Editorial Fellow. @JacobinMag. Cohost w/ @micahuetricht of 'Stockton to Malone' podcast. Life is the biggest troll.[2]