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Houston Democratic Socialists of America congratulates Danny Norris, photographed with Houston DSA co-chair Amy Zachmeyer.

Danyahel (Danny) Norris "is an attorney, educator, instructor of legal research at Thurgood Marshall School of Law, and former president of the Houston Lawyers Association." Danny Norris is a member of Houston Democratic Socialists of America.[1] He was elected to the Harris County Education Board of Trustees on November 6 2018.


Houston DSA posts video of new Socialist Judge Franklin Bynum

Franklin Bynum celebrates his victory with Danny Norris, video posted by Houston Democratic Socialists of America.

2018 Houston DSA endorsed candidates


Houston Democratic Socialists of America, announced the endorsement of three additional candidates for the March 2018 primary, bringing the total number of endorsed candidates to four in this election cycle. The endorsements took place via a majority vote of the organization’s membership at its January general meeting.

Houston DSA’s list of endorsed candidates includes: Franklin Bynum, candidate for Harris County Criminal Court #8; Danny Norris, for Harris County Department of Education Board of Trustees, Position 6, Precinct 1; Fran Watson, for Texas Senate District 17; and Ali Khorasani, for U.S. Congress, Texas’ 2nd congressional district.

“These candidates represent the highest ideals of our organization: a commitment to fighting for social and economic equality, building democracy, and empowering working people in our institutions, workplaces, and communities.” said Amy Zachmeyer, Houston DSA co-chair. “We can’t wait to work alongside these campaigns to spread our values and build a better world for all the people in the Houston area.”[2]

Won primary


Harris County Democratic Party pretty much just elected a socialist to office. Danyahel (Danny) Norris, a member of the Democratic Socialists of America, won the primary for a place on the Harris County Department of Education board and faces no Republican challenger in November.[3]


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