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DaSean Jones Twitter (Screenshot)

DaSean Jones is a self-described "Criminal Justice Reformer," serving as a Judge in the 180th Criminal Court in Harris County Texas. On November 6 2018, DaSean Jones was elected as Judge for the 180th criminal court in Houston. He is a member of the Houston Democratic Socialists of America

He is married to Audia Jones.

Houston anti-policing event

Alex Vitale January 11 2019·

"The end of policing: putting abolition into practice" - a conversation with Alex Vitale.


With special guests Judge Franklin Bynum, Judge DaSean Jones and Tarsha Jackson of the Texas Organizing Project.

DSA Membership

DaSean Jones DSA Member Twitter (Screenshot)

Houston Democratic Socialists of America co-chair Nick Bunce tweeted on 26 Oct 2018 that he voted for Houston DSA "members" DaSean Jones and Franklin Bynum, both of whom won their respective elections as Judges on November 6 2018.[1]


Democratic Socialists of America congratulate DaSean Jones on Twitter (Screenshot)
DaSean Jones endorsements Twitter (Screenshot)

DaSean Jones received "endorsement[s] and support" from Democracy for America, the Houston Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Political Caucus, the Houston Democratic Socialists of America, Our Revolution, Harris Democrats, AFLCIO Tejano Democrats, and the Houston Black American Democrats.[2]