Conference US Imperialism and the Pacific Rim

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Conference US Imperialism and the Pacific Rim was schedule to be held November 13-14, 1969? at the Douglas Memorial Church, Washington, D.C. It was announced in an undated pamphlet which provided the following information on who was scheduled to be a speaker and on what topics.

"The attempt to convert the Pacific into an 'American lake' is no haphazard process. The objectives of this conference are to gain an understanding of the so-called Pacific Rim Strategy of the U.S. and help fashion the anti-imperialist movement in America which, together with the revolutionary forces of the Third World, will defeat it."

"In solidarity with the Japanese people, demonstrate against the security treaty when Sato visits Nixon. November 19"

Sponsored by the Pacific Rim Coalition

CRV/Pacific Rim Coalition, Box 380, New York City, 10003, (212) 228-4470 Scheduled Speakers:

  • Franz Schurmann - "Imperialism in the Pacific" - scholar, author, Editor of "China Reader". A maoist sympathizer and Professor
  • Carol Brightman - "Our People's War" - Editor of "Leviathan". A member of the Hanoi Lobby and writer/reviewer of several leftist books on Vietnam
  • Makoto Oda - "Okinawa and the Security Treaty Struggle" - Japanese novelist and organizer of Beheiren Vietnam Peace Federation. A Hanoi sympathizer. Beheiren led a lot of anti-American demonstrations on Vietnam and U.S. bases in Okinawa.

Some Workshop Leaders:

  • Movement Panel: "Building the Struggle At Home"



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