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Open Society Foundations Logo

The Open Society Foundation's Communities Against Hate initiative "supports organizations that are grappling with the spike in hate incidents in the United States over the last several months" as explained by a white paper dated June 22 2017. [1]

It continues:

"Our local grants, which range from $15,000 to $150,000, aim to support, protect, and empower those who are targets of hateful acts and rhetoric, and to bolster communities’ resilience and ability to prevent such incidents from occurring in the future. We are making grants on a rolling basis, and there are a few more in process. A complete list will be published on the Open Society Foundations website when all of the grants have been issued."


"Communities Against Hate is a national initiative to collect data and respond to incidents of violence, threats, and property damage motivated by hate across the United States. The initiative leverages a reporting database ( that aggregates reports from victims, witnesses, and news accounts of hate incidents, as well as offers legal resources and social services to support people in need. Communities Against Hate aims to aggregate data on hate incidents, providing legal and social support, raising awareness, and educating the public on the prevalence of hate.
"The initiative is led by the Leadership Conference Education Fund, the Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, and partner organizations representing diverse communities that reflect the fabric of America, including: Center for Community Change; Color of Change; Genders & Sexualities Alliance Network (GSA Network); Hollaback!; Muslim Advocates; National Council of La Raza; National Network for Arab American Communities (NNAAC); New York City Anti-Violence Project; and the Transgender Law Center. The Southern Poverty Law Center is serving as a strategic advisor to the initiative.[2]

Communities Against Hate Recipients

National $70,000 over six months Abortion Care Network will create a network of social workers uniquely positioned to provide support to abortion providers.

Illinois $15,945 over six months Adler University’s Spaces Project will provide expanded outreach and psychological support services for people facing discrimination.

Nebraska $14,953 over four months Affiliated Reproductive Health Clinics will improve security at a reproductive health rights clinic serving Nebraska and surrounding states.

Texas $25,000 over 12 months African Law Center’s project expands the availability of legal services for African immigrants in the Houston-Galveston area.

California $75,000 over one year AHA Attitude Harmony Achievement will expand its Peace Builders program from high schools into junior high schools in Santa Barbara.

Idaho $100,000 over six months ACLU of Idaho Foundation will conduct outreach, strengthen protections, and empower immigrant, refugee, Muslim, and indigenous communities in Idaho who are feeling threatened in a culture of rising hate.

Florida $25,000 over six months Americans for Immigrant Justice will produce a series of rights-education workshops and materials for immigrants who are targets of hate in rural Florida.

National $71,728 over six months American Independent Business Alliance’s Business Against Bigotry campaign will support local merchants across the country who are posting decals indicating that they welcome all members of their community.

Ohio $24,898 over one year Asian Services in Action will provide leadership training to immigrant youth in Northeast Ohio.

California $40,000 over six months Bet Tzedek, which began as an organization aiding Holocaust survivors, will provide free legal name and gender marker change clinics to transgender and gender nonconforming individuals in Los Angeles.

Pennsylvania $37,847 over six months Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center is responding to threats, fear, and increased emotional needs by hosting community meetings to develop a rapid response team and community emergency policy to address future threats and incidents of hate.

Pennsylvania $82,125 over six months Cambodian Association of Greater Philadelphia is part of the AAPI Community Defense Project, which will provide information and tools to empower a coalition of Philadelphia's Asian American and Pacific Islander organizations and communities to rapidly respond to incidents of hate and bias.

New York $75,000 over one year The Center for Anti-Violence Education will support multiple target populations by providing self-defense and safe and effective bystander trainings.

Iowa $38,520 over six months The Center for Worker Justice of Eastern Iowa will support leadership development and anti-hate organizing in immigrant and refugee communities.

California $100,000 over one year Centro Legal de la Raza will set up a bilingual Spanish-English hotline in Oakland, where immigrants face increasing threats of eviction from their homes.

North Carolina and Ohio $100,000 over one year Church World Service affiliates in North Carolina and Ohio will empower refugee and Muslim communities through trainings in leadership development, community organizing, Know Your Rights, de-escalation techniques, and civic participation.

Minnesota $40,000 over six months Comunidades Latinas Unidas en Servicio will conduct a series of public forums that aim to reduce the emotional trauma, heightened fear, and discrimination faced by the community and clients living in the East metro area of the Twin Cities.

Utah $25,000 over one year Comunidades Unidas will partner with the Enriching Utah Coalition to confront, diminish, and deter hate incidents targeted at Latinos in Utah through a one-year campaign of public education, protection, and community organizing.

New York $34,830 Connect Inc. will address and deter hate by providing a range of strategic interventions, including acute responses and ongoing strategies to build community resilience and well-being.

California $140,000 over six months CAIR California will conduct 85 rapid response community safety workshops at mosques, college campuses, and community centers across the state.

Florida $100,000 over one year CAIR Florida will add a staff member to support its Civil and Immigrant Rights Legal department, provide youth leadership training focused on bullying prevention, and help shift the narrative surrounding the American Muslim community through multimedia digital storytelling.

New York $52,400 over one year CAIR New York will launch a hate crimes reporting initiative in New York.

Texas DFW Chapter $73,610 over one year CAIR Texas will develop a Report Hate Campaign in partnership with North Texas' local mosques.

Iowa $15,000 over six months Disability Rights Iowa’s Intersectional Allies project is an initiative to provide intersectional ally training in three public high schools throughout Iowa (one urban, one suburban, one rural).

New York $112,950 over six months Empire Justice Center will support transgender individuals by providing direct legal services to change name or gender markers on identification documents.

Montana $30,000 over six months Empower Montana will conduct Train the Trainer sessions on prejudice reduction, violence prevention, and conflict resolution, providing community members with skills to interrupt oppression and oppressive acts in Flathead Valley and Missoula.

Michigan $60,000 over seven months Equality Michigan will provide ground level community education, financial assistance for legal services, and emergency financial assistance for LGBTQ victims of hate crimes in the Detroit area.

Indiana $125,000 over six months Fair Housing Center of Central Indiana will build a resource and training network for persons and organizations working to address hate in Central Indiana, and will develop the infrastructure for a coordinated community response network to incidents of hate in the region.

Tennessee $25,000 over six months Faith & Culture Center will engage people of multiple faiths in two projects that build understanding and tolerance about Muslims in middle Tennessee: A Seat at the Table and Christian and Muslim Community Leaders' Retreat.

New York $17,000 over nine months Flanbwayan will educate recent high school-age Haitian immigrants in New York City about their rights and the importance of reporting incidents of hate to build their resilience in the face of bias.

Colorado $25,000 over seven months GLBT Community Center of Colorado will increase security and services in response to hate incidents targeting Denver's LGBTQ community.

Southeast and Midwest $75,000 over six months Genders & Sexualities Alliance Network will support LGBTQ youth across the country, with particular focus on youth of color living in isolated communities in the Southeast and Midwest.

Virginia $20,000 over six months Global Deaf Muslim will prepare deaf Muslim communities to respond to hate crimes and discrimination through trainings and public education.

New Hampshire $50,000 over four months Granite State Organizing Project will conduct bystander training and community dialogues in response to hate incidents targeting refugees and immigrants in New Hampshire.

New Jersey $70,000 over six months Hetrick Martin Institute of New Jersey will assist LGBTQ youth and young adults with crisis intervention, counseling, referrals, and connections to legal assistance.

North Dakota $38,195 over six months High Plains Fair Housing Center will encourage and facilitate reporting of hate incidents in North Dakota and provide support services to people who are the targets of hate incidents.

Tennessee $60,000 over five months Highlander Research and Education Center will improve security for its staff, visitors, and participants.

Florida $75,000 over six months Hispanic Federation’s Orlando Against Hate project includes training, public education, and awareness on responding to hate incidents that target LGBTQ Latinxs in Orlando.

National $75,000 over six months Hollaback! will support women and LGBTQ+ identified individuals by providing training on how to address harassment.

New York $75,000 over seven months Holocaust Memorial & Tolerance Center of Nassau County will train student leaders in Long Island to react swiftly and safely to words and acts of hate.

Minnesota $70,000 over six months Honor the Earth will increase awareness about hate crimes and incidents targeting Native Americans in North Dakota through public education, community forums, advocacy, and art.

Illinois $83,178 over six months Hope Fair Housing Center will develop community preparedness plans networks of relevant organizations and agencies that can rapidly respond to incidents of hate in North and North Central Illinois.

National $28,000 over six months Immigration Equality will secure its databases and support the legal needs of LGBTQ immigrants.

Louisiana $75,000 over six months The Institute of Women and Ethnic Studies will expand its school-based youth mental health services and collect data on hate incidents in New Orleans to contribute to the national registry.

(WISE) Texas and New York $74,995 over five months WISE will provide self-defense, mentorship, and leadership workshops in New York City and Texas in order to equip young Muslim women to overcome violence and become advocates for social change.

Minnesota $125,000 over one year ISAIAH will construct a rapid-response system that can push back against hatred and build a multi-racial, cross-class resistance to racist and discriminatory policies.

Idaho $80,136 over six months Jannus Inc. will support the refugee community in Boise and Twin Falls with direct mental health and counseling services, communications, community organizing, and security.

Illinois $20,000 over six months Latino Union of Chicago received support for its Day Laborer Hate Incident Response program.

North Carolina $75,000 over six months The LGBTQ Center of Durham will hold a series of picnics to foster dialogue and fellowship among diverse North Carolina communities.

South Dakota $20,000 over six months Lutheran Social Services of South Dakota will install security safeguards in its offices and produce a media campaign to raise awareness about refugee and Muslim communities.

Maine $50,000 over six months Maine Immigrant and Refugee Services will 1) engage in a public awareness campaign with local business owners, public leaders, religious leaders, and nonprofits to reject hate speech and actions; and 2) expand support group services for local Muslim women.

Maine $50,000 over seven months Maine People’s Resource Center’s Community Conversations Project aims to reduce bias incidents and hate crimes in Lewiston and Auburn, Maine.

New York $50,000 over six months Make the Road New York will educate and empower translatinas and allies in Jackson Heights to respond to hate violence.

Minnesota $70,000 over 2.5 months Minnesota Education Trust will install security cameras and buzzers in Minnesota Muslim community organizations in response to hate incidents to allow these organizations to continue engaging in charitable and educational activities.

Florida $100,000 over six months Miami Workers Center’s Rapid Response to Hate initiative will provide emergency housing and legal and other services for low-income immigrant women.

Michigan $88,807 over six months Michigan Organization on Adolescent Sexual Health will address anti-LBGTQ hate incidents in K-12 schools in Michigan by conducting trainings and providing technical assistance to schools.

Michigan $100,000 over six months Michigan United will work with Michigan Immigrant Rights Center, Take On Hate, and the ACLU of Michigan to prevent and address hate crimes in Southeast Michigan.

Mississippi $75,000 over six months Mississippi Center for Justice’s anti-bullying project will reduce school bullying related to race, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, and religion across school districts in the state of Mississippi.

Montana $95,000 over one year Montana Human Rights Network’s project includes documentation and reporting of hate incidents, community organizing, and resilience building for a wide range of target populations, including (but not limited to) LGBTQ, Jewish, and Native American communities.

National $100,000 over one year Muslim Advocates will provide legal services to survivors of hate crimes and school bullying.

North Dakota and Minnesota $35,000 over six months Narrative 4 will create “spaces of radical empathy” in Fargo, ND and Moorhead, MN through six story exchanges involving immigrants, refugees, and long-time (primarily white) residents.

California $75,000 over one year National Center for Youth Law protects vulnerable students from hate-based harassment, bullying, and intimidation.

Nebraska $60,000 over 12 months Nebraska Appleseed and the Plains States Region of the Anti-Defamation League will form a task force to educate immigrant and Muslim Nebraskans and Nebraska law enforcement about reporting hate crimes.

New York $100,000 over six months The New York Immigration Coalition will prevent and address hate incidents targeted at immigrants and refugees in the state of New York.

California $100,000 over six months Orange County Human Relations will create the #HateFreeOC public education and awareness campaign and related activities that aim to de-escalate tensions and promote a hate-free environment in Orange County.

Oregon $20,000 over nine months The Oregon Jewish Museum and Center for Holocaust Education will provide training and resources on inclusion and tolerance for educators in Oregon and Southwest Washington State.

Colorado $100,000 over six months Padres Unidos will create and lead a sanctuary schools hub to coordinate all school-based efforts to prevent and respond to incidents of hate in Denver.

Pennsylvania $35,000 over four months Philadelphians Organized to Witness Empower and Rebuild conducts interfaith organizing to mobilize people in Philadelphia and surrounding counties in response to a surge in hate crimes targeting vulnerable populations.

Massachusetts $124,335 over nine months The Pluralism Project will engage, educate, and strengthen religious and civic leaders’ ability to respond to incidents of hate and deepen resilience in the Boston area.

New Mexico $49,800 over five months Progress Now New Mexico Education Foundation will establish a Hate Watch desk at the New Mexico Political Report to compile and report on incidents of hate-based violence in New Mexico.

Rhode Island $114,300 over one year The Providence Police Department will provide cultural competency and deescalation training for police officers in Rhode Island.

Puerto Rico $100,644 over one year Proyecto Matria will develop an awareness campaign and provide direct services for victims of hate crimes in Puerto Rico, particularly women and the LGBT community.

Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas $50,000 over one year Revolve Impact will work with local organizations in four southern cities to build coalitions and foster dialogue among African American and Latinx communities.

Oregon $45,700 over six months Rural Organizing Project will increase security and rapid response capacity for organizers in Rural Oregon who are targets of hate incidents.

Alabama $76,978 over seven months The Selma Center for Non-Violence, Truth and Reconciliation will train and organize diverse communities in Dallas County about racial equity and countering ideologies of white supremacy.

Georgia $65,000 over six months Sister Song will provide training and resources to improve security for organizations in the Trust Black Women coalition.

Ohio $25,000 over six months SomaliCAN will provide civic leadership training, networking, and mentorship for Somali-American youth in Ohio.

Minnesota $23,740 over six months Somali Artifact and Cultural Museum will 1) improve security to protect guests and staff at the Somali Museum of Minnesota after threatening incidents and 2) build resilience and tolerance in the community.

South Dakota $90,000 over one year South Dakota Faith in Public Life’s Love Your Neighbor: No Exceptions campaign builds on the moral authority of senior religious leaders from multiple faiths to respond to and prevent increased hate rhetoric and bigotry in South Dakota.

New York $114,841 over four months The SUNY Impact Foundation will provide both preventative training and emergency relief for hate crime victims and affected campus communities.

California $15,000 over six months Strategic Actions for a Just Economy will prevent and address hate and discriminatory housing practices against immigrants in South Los Angeles.

North Carolina $16,473 over six months Student Action with Farmworkers received support for its Farm Labor Camp DeEscalation project.

Tennessee $50,000 over seven months Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition’s project is a multi-pronged community organizing effort to respond to and prevent hate and harassment of immigrants, refugees, and Muslims in Tennessee.

California $15,000 over four months Thai Community Development Center will conduct Know Your Rights workshops for Thai immigrants in the Greater Los Angeles area.

New York $41,000 over six months Theatre of the Oppressed NYC will engage New York City LGBTQ youth in theater performances and advocacy.

Alabama $16,436 over six months Transgender Advocates Knowledgeable Empowering (TAKE) will establish weekly support groups for transgender people of color, develop a curriculum to respond to incidents of hate in the transgender community, and host a series of town halls to educate and raise awareness in the greater Birmingham, Alabama community.

National $150,000 over one year Transgender Law Center will provide direct services to transgender and gender nonconforming individuals and create a cohort of local leaders in several states that can help these individuals report hate violence and organize against anti-trans policies.

Georgia $20,670 over six months Trans United’s Trans(forming) project will provide direct services for trans men and women in the Atlanta area.

National $25,000 over eight months T’ruah will train rabbis and senior professionals on campuses and in congregations to respond to anti-Semitism.

Washington, DC $36,500 over five months The Unitarian Universalist Association is sponsoring The Sanctuaries project’s creation of a unique training program that deploys artists to combat hate on the frontlines of grassroots justice campaigns.

New Jersey $21,000 over six months Unity Fellowship Church NewArk will build capacity, knowledge, and “allyship” among faith-based leaders for the purpose of increasing tolerance, diminishing hate crimes and rhetoric against the Black LGBTQ community, and creating networks of support and inclusiveness.

Massachusetts $95,700 over ten months YouthBuild USA will support Boston public school students and teachers' capacity to respond to and track hate incidents, tackle the root causes of hate, and unite in solidarity against hate and bigotry.

Ohio $20,225 over six months The YWCA of Greater Cincinnati will implement programming focused on reducing the bias and hate speech witnessed among residents at all Cincinnati Family Housing Partnership shelters.

Michigan $80,000 over six months YWCA of Kalamazoo will provide advocacy, trauma support, and a legal clinic to address specific incidents of hate, as well as organizing and community education for vulnerable communities in west Michigan.

Arizona $60,000 over one year YWCA of Southern Arizona will hire a full-time Community Outreach & Education Director to coordinate the We Stand Together network and create a related series of trainings.

Washington $15,000 over one year YWCA Olympia will provide bystander training, safeguards, and healing spaces for marginalized communities targeted by hate in Thurston County, WA.

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