Coalition for Wisconsin Health

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Coalition for Wisconsin Health

2005 Board

The Coalition for Wisconsin Health Executive Board, 2005, consisted of;[1]

There were also three new “At Large” members on the Executive Board:

"Coalition for Wisconsin Health" health care Bill

In the Summer of 2005, State Senator Mark Miller reintroduced Wisconsin organization Coalition for Wisconsin Health's Wisconsin Universal Health Program legislation. Originally known as LRB-2576, the Bill would get a new number when introduced.

Coalition for Wisconsin Health worked to help miller recruit new new cosponsors for the bill.

Other cosponsors of the WUHP in the 2003- 2004 legislative session who had returned in 2005 were Representatives Leon Young, Mark Pocan, and Terese Berceau, and Senators Tim Carpenter, Spencer Coggs, and Fred Risser.

Newly elected Rep. Chuck Benedict, a physician who took part in Coalition for Wisconsin Health's Beloit forum also agreed to sponsor the bill.[2]