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People's Convention 2019


In July Christopher Rashad Green, Isamar Ortega, D'Elena Camacho, Thomas Assefa were among the New Virginia Majority activists attending the Center for Popular Democracy's People's Convention 2019 in Detroit. The delegates posed with Linda Sarsour and Rep. Rashida Tlaib among others.

Broderick supporters

Kristin Reed November 7, 2018 ·

It's a beautiful post election morning, and I am so thankful and so proud of every ounce of love and labor we poured into Gary Broderick's campaign for school board. We built a team that will far outlast this campaign, and we furthered a movement that will extend beyond this election cycle. I've heard it advised you should claim no easy victories. The work we did over the last six months was not easy, and the outcomes—from the expansion of this political team to the realization of our call for a teacher free speech resolution—were absolutely a victory.


I love you all, and I'm looking forward to continuing our work. We have a lot to do. — with Christopher Rashad Green, Stephanie Rizzi, Aaron Tabb, Emma Eliza and Gary Broderick.

New Virginia Majority

Tram Nguyen February 26, 2017;

NVM 10yr anniversary dinner. — with Melquiades Fernandez, David Pala and Christopher Rashad Green at The John Marshall Ballrooms.