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'''Movement Builder 運動建立者'''   
'''Movement Builder 運動建立者'''   
[[Chris Tom]] and [[Alex T.Tom]] (譚大有及譚大元)
[[Chris Tom]] and [[Alex Tom|Alex T.Tom]] (譚大有及譚大元)
Chinatown Community Development Center
Chinatown Community Development Center
Evelyn and Walter Haas, Jr. Fund
Evelyn and Walter Haas, Jr. Fund
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'''Movement Warrior 運動戰士'''  
'''Movement Warrior 運動戰士'''  
*[[AFSCME 3299]]
AFT 2121
*[[AFT 2121]]
Asian Americans Advancing Justice – Los Angeles
*[[Asian Americans Advancing Justice – Los Angeles]]
Asian Health Services
*[[Asian Health Services]]
California Faculty Association – San Francisco State University
*[[California Faculty Association]] – San Francisco State University
National Guestworker Alliance
*[[National Guestworker Alliance]]
National Union of Healthcare Workers
*[[National Union of Healthcare Workers]]
New Orleans Workers’ Center for Racial Justice
*[[New Orleans Workers’ Center for Racial Justice]]
New Resource Bank
*[[New Resource Bank]]
Praxis Project
*[[Praxis Project]]
Shiree Teng – Social Justice Strategy and Evaluation
*[[Shiree Teng]] – Social Justice Strategy and Evaluation
*[[UNITE HERE Local 2]]
United Educators of San Francisco
*[[United Educators of San Francisco]]
Warren Mar
*[[Warren Mar]]
Workers Lab
*[[Workers Lab]]
Just Transition Alliance
*[[Just Transition Alliance]]
Movement Organizer (運動組織者)
*[[Movement Organizer]] (運動組織者)
Asian Americans Advancing Justice – Asian Law Caucus
*[[Asian Americans Advancing Justice]] – Asian Law Caucus
Asian Americans Advancing Justice – Atlanta
*[[Asian Americans Advancing Justice]] – Atlanta
AAPIs for Civic Empowerment
*[[AAPIs for Civic Empowerment]]
Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance – Alameda Chapter
*[[Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance]] – Alameda Chapter
Asian Pacific Environmental Network
*[[Asian Pacific Environmental Network]]
Bay Area Justice Funders Network
*[[Bay Area Justice Funders Network]]
Bay Rising
*[[Bay Rising]]
California Faculty Association
*[[California Faculty Association]]
CAAAV – Organizing Asian Communities
*[[CAAAV]] – Organizing Asian Communities
Causa Justa/Just Cause
*[[Causa Justa/Just Cause]]
Chinese Progressive Association – Boston
*[[Chinese Progressive Association – Boston]]
Coleman Advocates for Children and Youth
*[[Coleman Advocates for Children and Youth]]
Design Action Collective
*[[Design Action Collective]]
Desis Rising Up and Moving – South Asian Organizing Center
*[[Desis Rising Up and Moving]] – South Asian Organizing Center
Filipino Advocates for Justice
*[[Filipino Advocates for Justice]]
Filipino Community Center
*[[Filipino Community Center]]
Freedom Inc
*[[Freedom Inc]]
Janice Li
*[[Janice Li]]
Japanese Community Youth Council
*[[Japanese Community Youth Council]]
Khmer Girls in Action
*[[Khmer Girls in Action]]
Lily Wong
*[[Lily Wong]]
Minami Tamaki LLP
*[[Minami Tamaki]] LLP
Mobilize the Immigrant Vote
*[[Mobilize the Immigrant Vote]]
Mujeres Unidas y Activas
*[[Mujeres Unidas y Activas]]
National Employment Law Project
*[[National Employment Law Project]]
National Center for Lesbian Rights
*[[National Center for Lesbian Rights]]
Paul McCarthy & Annelise Grimm
*[[Paul McCarthy]] & [[Annelise Grimm]]
People Organizing to Demand Environmental and Economic Rights
*[[People Organizing to Demand Environmental and Economic Rights]]
People’s Action
*[[People's Action]]
Providence Youth Student Movement
*[[Providence Youth Student Movement]]
San Francisco Labor Council
*[[San Francisco Labor Council]]
Senior and Disability Action Network
*[[Senior and Disability Action Network]]
Young Workers United
*[[Young Workers United]]
UC Berkeley Labor Occupational Health Program
*[[UC Berkeley Labor Occupational Health Program]]
'''Ad Only Sponsors'''
'''Ad Only Sponsors'''
*[[Asian Immigrant Women Advocates]]
*[[Asian Immigrant Women Advocates]]

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Chinese Progressive Association (San Francisco) members were invited to visit the People’s Republic of China a number of times, as an opportunity to visit their ancestors’ homes and to see socialism in action. Although the visiting members were aware that much of what they were shown was too perfect, this was also an opportunity to see the country where they found a viable alternative to capitalism in an age of restricted information.[1]

According to Mabel Teng;

In the early '70s, the People's Republic of China (PRC) inspired the world as a leading third world country struggling for self determination. To us, support for China meant self-respect and pride. CPA worked with pro-China organizations in Chinatown and the U.S.-China People's Friendship Association in celebrating October 1, China's national day, and film showings to promote education and friendship. When the two countries normalized diplomatic rela tions on January 1, 1979, thousands rejoiced in Ports mouth Square.[2]

Pro-China meeting

Bay area Asian American community organizations sponsored a forum in Chinatown that make the link between U.S. imperialism and racism against Asians in the U.S., July 8, 2001. Three Chinese American activists, involved in the Asian American movement from the 1960's to today, spoke about the spy-plane drama that unfolded with China earlier this year.

There was a strong turnout of over 75 people, including Chinatown residents and Asian American activists whose experience ranged from being veterans of the 60's and 70's to new fighters in the struggle. The panelist spoke in English with Cantonese translation, followed by smaller group discussions in Cantonese and English.

A strong anti-imperialist breakdown of U.S.-China relations was presented. Monica Wayie Ly, who is active in Asians and Pacific Islanders for Community Empowerment (API FORCE) said, "Since Bush stole office, there has been an increase in hostility toward the People's Republic of China and Chinese Americans. The U.S. ruling class sees China as an obstacle to total global domination."

Ly also noted, "The spy plane incident is not an isolated incident. The U.S. promised arms to Taiwan, scapegoated Wen Ho Lee, and bombed the Chinese embassy in Belgrade, Yugoslavia."

Historically, China has had great importance for Asians in America. From the time when the first Chinese came to America in the 1850's, the connection to China was strong, due to national oppression that kept them from fully participating in American society. In the 1960's, People's China had a huge impact on the Asian American movement. "It was a time to be proud of China's accomplishments. It helped us to organize," said Patsy Chan, a former member of I Wor Kuen, a revolutionary Asian American organization inspired by the work of the Black Panther Party and other Third World people's liberation struggles.

"Mainstream Asian American organizations oppose racism, but won't make the link to U.S. and corporate policy abroad," said Gordon Mar, a long time community activist and former director of the Chinese Progressive Association (San Francisco). While these mainstream organizations object to the increased racism of the American public and media towards China and Chinese Americans, they also try to distance themselves from China by encouraging Asian Americans to become more patriotic and to express their loyalty to the U.S.

The forum's message directly countered the belief that Asian Americans need to prove our worth in this country. We're here because the U.S. was in our homelands. The message our community needs to hear is that as long as U.S. imperialism rules in Asia, Asians living in the U.S. will be denied true equality and continue to face national and racial oppression. Rather than distancing ourselves from Asia, we need to find ways to unite our struggles.

The forum was sponsored by the Asian Left Forum, API FORCE, Committee for Human Rights in the Philippines and Chinese Progressive Association (San Francisco). The Chinese Progressive Association (San Francisco) hosted the event at their office.[3]

Lui Cheng 2007 American tour

The American Center for International Labor Solidarity and the National Labor College recently hosted Professor Liu Cheng for Shanghai Normal University to discuss the evolution of the new draft contract labor law in China. Cheng’s visit to the NLC on March 27th was the culmination of a multi-state tour meeting with union leaders and members of Congress.

For the report by Global Labor Strategies analyzing the impact of transnational corporations on the first draft of the Contract Law go to: UNDUE INFLUENCE: Corporation Gain Ground in Battle Over Chinas New Labor Law

Liu Cheng's tour included nearly 45 events over 17 days, in the Bay Area, Boston, Amherst, New York and Washington DC. A partial list of the many sponsoring organizations, and their key contact, includes:


In early October 2017, Chinese for Affirmative Action joined Chinese Progressive Association, Asian Americans Advancing Justice – Asian Law Caucus and notable community leaders Henry Der, Ling-chi Wang, and Helen Zia to form the End National Security Scapegoating (ENSS) coalition. The coalition was established in response to pervasive efforts by the U.S. Department of Justice that target and prosecute Chinese American individuals for espionage related crimes.

One such Chinese American is Professor Xiaoxing Xi, who, in 2015, was falsely charged and prosecuted by the FBI for allegedly sharing technology to a Chinese-based company. He faced charges carrying a maximum penalty of 80 years in prison and a $1 million fine. After causing significant hardship and distress to Professor Xi and his family, the FBI eventually dropped the case without explanation or an apology.


Members of the ENSS coalition and supporters at San Francisco State University. From left to right: Cynthia Choi, CAA Co-Executive Director; CA Assemblymember Phil Ting; Prof. Xiaoxing Xi; Grace Yoo, Chair of the Asian American Studies Dept.; Dr. Russell Jeung, SFSU Professor; Pam Tau Lee, Chinese Progressive Association Board Chair.

Today, Professor Xi is seeking justice and accountability for his wrongful prosecution and to help end national security scapegoating and racial profiling in general. In efforts to raise awareness and to mobilize the community, the ENSS coalition invited Professor Xi to participate in a speaking tour at San Francisco State University, University of California-Berkeley, and Stanford University. Along with other experts, Professor Xi spoke powerfully about the dangers of racial bias in government surveillance programs based on his own experience.

Regrettably, this form of discrimination is part of our U.S. history. From the Chinese Exclusion Act to the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II, Asian Americans have been labeled and profiled as perpetual foreigners and threats to national security. The Muslim Ban, police violence against African Americans, and attacks against immigrants today must be understood in this same vein.

CAA, with our ENSS coalition partners, will continue to oppose efforts to racially profile Asians Americans under the false pretext of national security, to advocate for greater government accountability, and to build alliances across affected communities.[4]


As of December 2017;[5]

Board of Directors


As of 2015;[6]

Board of Directors



40th anniversary

On August 4th 2015 to celebrate Chinese Progressive Association (San Francisco)'s 40th Anniversary. CPA was proud to honor the National Guestworkers Alliance and New Orleans Workers Center for Racial Justice, the Free MUNI for Youth Coalition, and Jobs with Justice San Francisco.

Host Committee:

Rolland Lowe and Kathy LoweGrace Lee BoggsJosue Arguelles • Supervisor John AvalosAngelica Cabande • Supervisor David CamposMike Casey • Supervisor David ChiuAntonio Diaz • Reverend Norman FongConny FordMaria GuillenAlicia GarzaRoger Kim • Supervisor Jane KimHelen KimJee KimMario Lugay • Supervisor Eric MarGordon MarAlisa MesserLuke Newton • Supervisor Christina OlagueVincent PanTim PaulsonAi-jen PooRaquel RedondiezPeggy SaikaShiree TengMakani Themba-NixonHelena WongMiya Yoshitani[7]


The Progressive Association (San Francisco) Celebrates 45 years of Resilience and Resistance.

On Saturday, October 7, 2017, the Chinese Progressive Association (San Francisco) will celebrate our 45th anniversary with the theme, “Harnessing the Strength of a Thousand Rivers

“We have faith that we will win. We must harness the strength of our communities, of everyday people, to strategize, organize, and build power.”

Alex T. Tom, Executive Director.


Movement Leader (運動領袖)

Movement Builder 運動建立者

Chris Tom and Alex T.Tom (譚大有及譚大元) Chinatown Community Development Center Evelyn and Walter Haas, Jr. Fund SEIU 2015 The San Francisco Foundation Teamsters 856

Movement Champion 運動冠軍

Movement Warrior 運動戰士

Ad Only Sponsors

CPA/Occupy SF

Eric Mar October 30, 2011.


Photo by Bruce Akizuki - Chinese Progressive Association teach in and solidarity action in support of Occupy SF and the Occupy movement sweeping the US. 150 CPA members, families and allies marched from Portsmouth Square to cheers from the Justin Herman Plaza occupy encampment! — at Occupy San Francisco.

SF Wage Theft Task Force

Gordon Mar October 1, 2012.


Launch of new SF Wage Theft Task Force with Dolores Huerta, Supervisors David Campos & Eric Mar, Shaw San Liu, Tiffany Crain, Tim Paulson, Conny Ford, Chinese Progressive Association, Filipino Community Center, Young Workers United, Coleman Advocates for Children and Youth, Mujeres Unidas y Activas, San Francisco Labor Council, Unite Here Local 2 and many others! — with Julia Wong, Conny Ford, Eric Mar, Shaw San Liu, Maria Hernandez, Tiffany Crain Altamirano, Timothy Paulson, David Campos, Chelsea Boilard, Guillermina Castellanos, Tom Temprano and Dolores Huerta at San Francisco City Hall.

Youth activists

Chinese Progressive Association (San Francisco), August 16:


With Nathaniel Teng, Nevin Chin, Carolyn Nguyen, Brandon Zhang, Elizabeth Gao, Jacky Chen, Emily Wong, Stanton Li, Kelvin Li, Gordon Liu, Jason Lin, Dillon Lin, Karen Ung, Katie Huang, Stephanie Tse, Yan Yu, Timmy Leung, Megan Dương, Emily Chow, Vannie Mai, Andrew Vuong, Vincent Chen, Jason Lai, Miguel N. Abad, Ivan Li and Nancy Truong.



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