Chelsea Chism-Vargas

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Chelsea Chism-Vargas is the Des Moines Iowa activist.

DSA member - lost


Democratic Socialists of America member Chelsea Chism-Vargas lost her bid 2019 bid.[1]

DSA/Council run

Central Iowa Democratic Socialists of America October 17 2019·


This week the members of Central Iowa Democratic Socialists of America voted overwhelmingly to endorse Chelsea Chism-Vargas in her campaign to represent Ward 4 on the Des Moines City Council. Chelsea is a life-long southsider, a proud daughter of Peruvian immigrants, a tireless advocate for the working class of Des Moines, and a member of Central Iowa DSA. Chelsea works as an organizer at Planned Parenthood fighting for the right of all people to access the reproductive health care they need. Chelsea has seen up close the challenges that ordinary residents of Des Moines face every day and we believe she is uniquely suited to bring a fresh perspective to the City Council that will provide a stark contrast with the incumbent.

Castro connection

Hola America April 15, 2019 ·


Presidential candidate Julian Castro is the guest for the Asian and Latino Coalition 2020 Conversations tonight. 📸 Tar Macias/Hola Iowa — with Prakash Kopparapu, Chelsea Chism-Vargas, Mitch Henry, Amanda Lovan and Joe Henry.


Hola America September 12, 2019 ·

Chelsea Chism-Vargas is running for the Des Moines City Council Ward 4.


Chelsea Chism-Vargas is a first generation Peruvian-American born and raised in the 4th Ward. As a lifetime southsider, Chelsea credits her community for providing her with the resources, experiences, and guidance that paved the way for her leadership. She is excited to gain the support from her community as she begins her c... See More — with Erika Macias, Joe Henry, Daniel Garza, Susan Henry, Chelsea Chism-Vargas and Jeanina Juanita Messerly.