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The original Center for Marxist Education was set up in New York City about August 6, 1969, and incorporated on Jan. 14, 1970, after the Party's convention wherein it adopted a resolution establishing such a place. The U.S. government's Subversive Activities Control Board held hearings on a petition filed July 17, 1970, by the Attorney General designating the CME as a Communist Party USA "front organization."

The SACB held its hearings on the CME and made a finding on March 14, 1973, that the CME was a "communist front organization" and ordered it to register with the government as such. A reproduction of the Final Report, with many details about the CME and its staff/teachers/programs, was not only published by the SACB, but was included in a House Internal Security Committee (HISC) combined report on "The Communist Party Youth Program", issued April 1974.

In the HISC report, they also included hearings/reports on other CPUSA youth fronts, including Advance, Burning Issues Youth Organizations, and the successor to the CP's W.E.B. BuBois Clubs of America (DCA), the Young Workers Liberation League (YWLL).[1].

This publication is invaluable for understanding the youth programs of the CPUSA from the late 1950's thru the early 1970's, along with the many names it provides, some of whom were still fucntioning Party members or members of the Party-split-off, the Committee of Correspondence for Socialism and Democracy (COCSD) well into the first decade of the 21st century.

Key Leaders,Staff, Faculty and Speakers of the Center for Marxist Education, NYC

Among those CPUSA members whose names appeared in the HISC/SACB publications as being connected to the CME in New York City, we find:

Fall Term 1969 Teachers:

Winter Term 1969 Teachers: (have deliberately avoided duplication from previously listed teachers): New teachers;

100th Anniversary of Lenin's Birth speakers: (Hall, Hallinan, Aptheker, Mitchell & Winston)

Marxist Forum - Friday Nights: (Tyner, Stevens, Ristorucci)

Spring Term 1970 Teachers: (previous teachers not listed unless for a specific reason)

Summer Term 1970: Teachers (previous teachers not listed)

Fall Term 1970: Teachers (previous teachers not listed)

Winter Term 1970: (No record evidence concerning this term/teachers - SACB Report)

Spring Term 1971: (again no record evidence)

Summer Term 1971: (again no record evidence)

Fall Term 1971:

Winter Term 1972: (duplicate names avoided)

New York State Communist Party Care School (taught at the CME during this time) (teachers included: Tyner, Stevens, Perlo, Storey, Weinstock, Weinstein)

Additional Names:

Boston Center

Center for Marxist Education is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts and is run by the Communist Party USA and Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism.


According to director Gary Dotterman, the volunteer-run center—which will celebrate its thirtieth anniversary in January — 2005, is still open during limited hours on Thursday evenings, offering lectures, courses, book signings and film series. The center, which has a mailing list of 540 members, also operates the Bookmarx bookstore and hosts a weekly show on Cambridge cable television.

“It’s mainly a place for people to come, converse, learn and explore new ideas and some old ideas,” Dodderman says.

The space on Mass. Ave. was first used as a headquarters for Communist Party USA candidate Laura Ross, who challenged legendary Massachusetts congressman Thomas P. “Tip” O’Neill in the 1970’s. After she lost—twice—the newly founded center took over the space, and to this day pays the rent using donations from members. One of its founders, MIT mathematician Dirk Struik, was banned from teaching during what Dotterman calls “the dark years of the McCarthy era.” Struik stayed on at MIT, and “he couldn’t teach but they had to pay him anyway,” Dotterman says.

Since then, the center’s space has been used by activists and hosted foreign dignitaries, including an ambassador from Haiti and representatives from Cuba. Dotterman says Harvard faculty members and students have taken part in the lecture series and study groups over the years. “We got a really good deal on the rent,” Dotterman says of the space. “We’ve grown up around it.”[2]



In 2004 Al L. Sargis was the Director of the Center for Marxist Education.[3]

In 2016, Donald Donato was a staff member.

"Lenin: National Liberation, Socialism, and Imperialism"

The Center for Marxist Education (CME) is located at 550 Massachusetts Avenue, 2nd floor, in Cambridge near the Central Square MBTA station on the Red Line.

Join members of the Communist Party in Boston to discuss Lenin's writings on the right of nations to self-determination, th role of the working class against all forms of national oppression, and how these relate to imperialism and the fight for socialism. "Lenin: National Liberation, Socialism, and Imperialism" Thursday 28 January 2016".

Those indicating they would attend on Wherevent included Austin Mueller, Gerry Scoppettuolo, Priti Vlvspock, Sarah Ensslin, Casey Elizabeth Doyle, Firas Zreik, Nick Giannone III, Daniel Casares, Jason Arnold, Elsa Khalil, Nino X Brown.[5]

"Lenin: State and Revolution"

Thursday 25 February 2016, 19:00 till Thursday 25 February 2016. Organized by : Center for Marxist Education

Join members of the Communist Party of Boston to discuss Lenin's book State and Revolution - The Marxist Theory of the State and the Tasks of the Proletariat in the Revolution.

Those indicating they would attend on Wherevent included Casey Elizabeth Doyle, Nick Giannone III, Jason Arnold.[6]

Lui Cheng 2018 American tour

Liu Cheng, Professor of Law and Politics at Shanghai Normal University, is making a tour de force of the U.S. He’s meeting with top labor activists, government officials, and academics, promoting what he describes as a much-needed labor exchange effort to familiarize union workers from China and the U.S. with each other and with their shared challenges.

In addition to his academic work, Professor Liu is Director of the Center for the Study of Chinese Labor Issues and President of the Asian Society of Labor Law. He was an adviser to the Chinese government during the drafting of the 2008 Labor Contract Law, which was adopted by the National People’s Congress in 2007 and went into effect the following year. This new labor law tightened restrictions on private companies and boosted the power of labor unions throughout China. U.S. monopolies and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in China unsuccessfully lobbied to water down the 2008 law while it was under discussion. Liu testified before the U.S. Congress about their meddling, which awakened some influential labor activists here to a much more nuanced and complex understanding of labor relations in China.


Liu’s visit to the Boston area included a special presentation on the conditions and consciousness of the Chinese working class at the Center for Marxist Education in Cambridge and a dinner hosted by the Walden Workers Club of the Communist Party USA in Central Massachusetts on August 19. He participated in substantive talks with the Massachusetts Coalition for Occupational Safety and Health in Boston and a labor roundtable hosted by the Harvard Labor-Worklife Program in Cambridge on August 20.


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