Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good

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Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good logo

According to their Facebook page,[1] Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good "promotes the social justice mission of Pope Francis and the Catholic Church in US politics, media, and culture."

The website is no longer active, but an archived version[2] states that "Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good is a non-partisan non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the fullness of the Catholic social tradition in the public square."

According to an email published by Wikileaks,[3] John Podesta was involved in the founding of the Soros-funded[4] Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good.

Publicly, the group was founded in 2005 by Alexia Kelley and Tom Perriello.

Redefining 'Pro-Life'

An article[5] dated February 29 2012 by David Gibson, of the Religion News Service indicated that Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good published a "nine-page [voter] guide...[which] highlights economic issues as top concerns Catholics should weigh as they consider their vote." According to the article, the Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good "...seeks to expand the concept of "pro-life issues" beyond abortion to also include war, euthanasia and poverty."


"The guide from Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good takes the words of Pope Benedict XVI's teachings on social justice as its starting point, and from there contrasts the church's social teaching on the common good with the "explicitly anti-Christian teachings" of the Tea Party and like-minded movements.
"In unusually strong, populist tones, the guide's authors decry efforts to cut government programs for the poor and middle class while protecting tax rates for the "super-rich." They "denounce this new ideology as un-Christian, un-Catholic, and, indeed, as a perversion of America's own best traditions."
"Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good was founded in 2005 by Tom Perriello, who went on to serve a single term as a Democratic congressman from Virginia. The group is led by Obama supporters like Stephen Schneck, head of the Institute for Policy Research & Catholic Studies at The Catholic University of America, and liberal Catholics like Alfred Rotondaro of the Center for American Progress in Washington.


July 11, 2007, Volume 20, Number 19, HISPANIC NEWS

Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good has been active in promoting illegal immigration to the United States. On July 11, 2007, the "Inland Empire's only Hispanic-owned English language newspaper" "HISPANIC NEWS" ran an article calling for "comprehensive immigration reform" as promoted by the Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good.[6]

Here is an excerpt:

"The defeat of this legislation will only mean more immigrants dying in the desert, families being torn apart, and workers left without basic protections on the job. Our nation's broken immigration policies continue to abandon millions of hard working immigrants who make vital contributions to our society stranded in the shadows. We call on Congress to renew efforts to pass comprehensive immigration reform and not to drop this critical issue until after the presidential elections."

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