Carlos Jimenez

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Carlos Jimenez

Carlos Jimenez... works in Special Projects at AFL-CIO.


Cerritos College, 2003 – 2005.

Stanford's Raza Day Conference

Sophomore Haydee Curioca learned some important lessons two years ago when she attended Stanford's Raza Day Conference as a senior in high school. Curioca remembered these lessons as she planned the workshops for this Saturday's conference, an annual event designed to reach out to Chicano / Latino high school students in the Bay Area. "I remember coming back from Raza Day so pumped up," Curioca said. "When people think about Mexican kids they think about graffiti and gang fights but that's not the way it has to be. We're worth something and there is success in the future. We are not predestined for poverty." The workshops she coordinated for Raza Day, Curioca said, were designed to communicate this message to the 350 high school students in attendance. Started five years ago by the Chicano / Latino student group MEChA in an effort to teach high school students about the importance of going to college and receiving an education, this year's Raza Day featured the theme "Relearning Our Past, Reclaiming Our Future." MEChA sent letters to more than 60 high schools in Redwood City, San Jose, Oakland, Menlo Park and other cities, encouraging them to bring interested students to Stanford for a day of speakers and workshops, said Raza Day Coordinator Carmella Schaecher, a sophomore.

This year's theme, conference organizers said, is based on the idea that members of the Chicano / Latino community need to understand where they came from before they can figure out where they are going. Keynote speaker Carlos Jimenez, a Los Angeles high school teacher who wrote the pioneer textbook for high school students on Chicano studies, encouraged the students to push their schools to create programs to teach Chicano students about their history. "Jimenez went through a lot of history that the kids were most likely never exposed to before,"Schaecher said. "At the end of the day, the kids were coming up to us, coming up to him asking how to get involved and how to bring Chicano studies to their school." While the students were initially hesitant to ask Jimenez many questions, Schaecher said as the day progressed, they became more enthusiastic and vocal. [1]

ACORN Organizer

Organizer Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now - ACORN, 2005 – 2005.

Jobs with Justice

In 2009 Carlos Jimenez served as a Staff Member for Jobs with Justice[2]. Young Worker Project Coordinator

Jobs with Justice celebration


Julie Martinez Ortega, November 29, 2012 ·

Celebrating 25 years of building working class power with Jobs with Justice — with Saket Soni, Crystal Plati, Becky Wasserman, Nikki Daruwala, M. Lucero Ortiz, Carlos Jimenez, Mackenzie Baris and Ana Avendano at Capital Hilton.

PowerPac+ Board of Directors

PowerPAC+ Board of Directors, as of 2014 included Carlos Jimenez - Washington, DC Midwest Regional Organizer at Jobs with Justice.[3]