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Building One America logo as seen on website

The goal of Building ONE America is to impose "income equalization via a massive redistribution of suburban tax money to the cities" as revealed by Stanley Kurtz in his book "Spreading the Wealth: How Obama is Robbing the Suburbs to Pay for the Cities."[1]

On their website, Building ONE America claims to "promote(s) the goals of social inclusion, racial justice, sustainability and economic opportunity by addressing regional housing policy, land use, municipal and educational fiscal structures, major infrastructure investments and jobs," further explaining that the organization started after a "White House forum on diverse suburbs and inclusive regions in 2011." In the aftermath, Building ONE America "partnered with the White House to hold nine regional roundtable meetings in Colorado, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Ohio and Arizona, involving more than 500 elected and civic leaders from diverse middle class suburbs and school districts."[2]


From the National Review:

"Beginning in the mid-1990s, Obama’s mentors at the Gamaliel Foundation (a community-organizing network Obama helped found) formally dedicated their efforts to the budding fight against suburban “sprawl.” From his positions on the boards of a couple of left-leaning Chicago foundations, Obama channeled substantial financial support to these efforts. On entering politics, he served as a dedicated ally of his mentors’ anti-suburban activism.
The alliance endures. One of Obama’s original trainers, Mike Kruglik, has hived off a new organization called Building ONE America, which continues Gamaliel’s anti-suburban crusade under another name. Kruglik and his close allies, David Rusk and Myron Orfield, intellectual leaders of the “anti-sprawl” movement, have been quietly working with the Obama administration for years on an ambitious program of social reform."[3]

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