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Brian Ward is a member of the International Socialist Organization and a long-time Indigenous rights activist in Madison, WI.[1] He has spent time working and living with the Oglala Lakota on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota.

DSA resolution on Red Deal

Resolution to DSA National Convention Atlanta Georgia July 2019.

Amendment #1 on Resolution #34.

“Amendment on the Red Deal and Rejecting a Green Military” by Sofia Arias (NYC), Sydney Ghazarian (Los Angeles), Brian Ward (Madison), Rory Fanning (Chicago), Spenser Rapone (NYC), Joe Allen. (Chicago), Nazir Khan (Twin Cities).

[from Resolution #34] “…Amplify the perspectives & insights of impacted communities through national media platforms…”

As part of this effort, this Convention will endorse the Red Deal, launched by comrades in The Red Nation, a radical anti-capitalist Indigenous liberation group, and its principles on the fight for non-reformist reforms. As described by The Red Nation, “The Red Deal is not a counter program of the GND. It’s a call for action beyond the scope of the US colonial state. It’s a program for Indigenous liberation, life, and land—an affirmation that colonialism and capitalism must be overturned for this planet to be habitable for human and other-than-human relatives to live dignified lives.” At the end of this Convention, the GNDCC will be tasked with initiating a more direct working relationship between DSA and The Red Nation. The GNDCC will make direct connection with The Red Nation, dedicate one person to serve as the main point of contact, and collaborate with the comrades on joint actions, statements and local, national and international campaigns around indigenous liberation and climate justice.

The Red Nation conference

August 30, 2018 The Red Nation’s recent conference was an opportunity to discuss the struggle among Native peoples and its implications for the left, according to a report by Brian Ward and Ragina Johnson for Socialist Worker.

Native Liberation conference

More than 400 people made their way to historically Pueblo and Diné (Navajo) land, modern-day Albuquerque, New Mexico, for the third annual Native Liberation Conference, hosted by The Red Nation on August 11 and 12. The Red Nation is a radical organization of Natives and non-Natives organizing for Native liberation and the liberation of all.

The success of the conference follows directly from the unfolding of the largest wave of Native resistance since the 1960s and 1970s, including rise of Idle No More in Canada, the fight at Standing Rock and against other pipelines, and the #NativeLivesMatter movement.

There were also panels to connect African national liberation struggles, the historic Irish liberation struggle, the fight around ecological and treaty justice in the greater Chaco Canyon landscape, and the struggle to abolish ICE with The Red Nation’s struggle to end the Entrada.

In addition, the International Socialist Organization hosted a panel, featuring the authors of this article Brian Ward and Ragina Johnson, entitled “Solidarity Will Win: Socialism and Indigenous Peoples.”[2]

Science for the People Statement on the Green New Deal

Science for the People Statement on the Green New Deal was issued by Science for the People circa early 2019.

Signatories included Brian Ward International Socialist Organization .