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(DSA endorsements, 2018)
(DSA endorsements, 2018/DSA member)
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==DSA endorsements, 2018/DSA member==
==DSA endorsements, 2018/DSA member==
[[Democratic Socialists of America]] April 26 at 9:51am .  
[[Democratic Socialists of America]] April 26 at 9:51am .  

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Brandy Brooks

DC Metro DSA Endorsements

Washington DC, January 14, 2018. A packed house of over 100 DMV democracy activists affiliated with the Democratic Socialists of America assembled at the historic Friend's Meeting House on Florida Avenue to vote on endorsements of Brandy Brooks, Danielle Meitiv and Chris Wilhelm for Montgomery County Council At Large seats as well as for Marc Elrich for County Executive.

The affirmative votes were nearly unanimous. Debate before the vote was spirited but civilized and very fairly managed by DSA leadership. Two Thumbs Up to all who participated. This is the way we keep our democratic institutions functioning when our national government has been hijacked by anti-democratic forces.[1]

DSA endorsements, 2018/DSA member


Democratic Socialists of America April 26 at 9:51am .

DSA is proud to announce national endorsements for nine candidates who are running for local, state, and federal office!

Austin Binns, April 26 208.

Congratulations to the following comrades that have received the first round of endorsements from national DSA!! All of the candidates that have received national endorsements are DSA members and share our organization's values and ideas.