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[[File:Anthonyfield.PNG|thumb|170px|Anthony Field]]
'''{{PAGENAME}}''' is North [[Texas]] activist.
'''{{PAGENAME}}''' is North [[Texas]] activist.

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Anthony Field

Anthony Field is North Texas activist.

DC Democratic delegates

Candidates for Sanders District 2 Delegates. Anthony Field (Equity Democrats)

Anthony Field currently works at Chesapeake Climate Action Network as the Maryland Campaign Coordinator working to protect communities and ecosystems from the risks posed by fossil fuels. His passion for social justice and environmental advocacy took root during his freshman year at the University of North Texas where he pursued a major in Political Science and a minor in Peace Studies and Diplomacy. It was during this time that Anthony joined the local effort to institute a citywide fracking ban. He and dozens of activists were able to take on the big oil interests and successfully saw Denton become the first city in Texas to ban fracking. While this ban was eventually overturned by Governor Abbott in May of 2015, Anthony is proud to have been a part of the movement.

His impassioned dedication to championing progressive values and fighting for traditionally under-represented communities did not end there. He served as a 2015 White House Intern for former President Obama and after began managing the ground efforts for ballot initiatives and State and Federal races in Texas, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Virginia. His compassion and drive to help positively impact his community also saw him assist in managing disaster relief efforts for FEMA in the wake of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Maria. He was also proudly elected to serve as a Bernie 2016 delegate to the Texas state convention. [1]

Collin County Democratic Socialists Closed Facebook Group

Democratic Socialists of America - Collin County Closed Facebook Group, members, as of June 1, 2017 included Anthony Field.[2]