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Annise Parker

Annise Parker was elected mayor of Houston Texas on December 12 2009. Parker was endorsed and supported by the Victory Fund.


In the general election held on November 3, 2009, Parker faced a wide field of candidates ranging from the far right to the far left. Three center left candidates affiliated with the Democratic Party including Parker, Gene Locke and Peter Brown garnered over 78% of the vote in the general election. All three had the endorsement of the Harris County AFL-CIO. There was only one Republican candidate, Roy Morales, and he got about 20% of the vote in that contest.

The December 12 run-off was between Parker and a former civil rights activist and attorney, Gene Locke. Both candidates had the endorsement of the Harris County AFL-CIO Central Labor Council. The Harris County AFL-CIO has an active labor-to-neighbor program that contacts union members and their families, urges them to vote and provides educational material on the candidates.

The run-off was a bitterly fought contest and some commentators noted that Locke allied himself in the end with big business interests who used anti-gay tactics. Parker got a helpful hand from the Stonewall Democrats, a national LGBT group, who called voters in a massive get-out-the-vote effort[1].


Victory Fund recipient Mayor Annise Parker famously filed subpoenas for copies of the sermons of pastors who took issue with so-called civil rights ordinance drafted originally by the Human Rights Campaign. The request for the sermons was eventually revoked after national outrage.[2] Ultimately, the ordinance did not pass, however Parker vowed to keep fighting. After the ordinance was defeated, Parker said "I guarantee that justice in Houston will prevail. This ordinance, you have not seen the last of. We're united. We will prevail."[3]

Similar ordinances have successfully passed throughout America.