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[[File:5376353E-9AE3-4F16-B107-943A2A9A8200-Ananna-Anu-1.jpeg|thumb|170px|Annana Anu]]
'''{{PAGENAME}}''' is a member of [[Democratic Socialists of America - North Texas]].
'''{{PAGENAME}}''' is a member of [[Democratic Socialists of America - North Texas]].

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Annana Anu

Annana Anu is a member of Democratic Socialists of America - North Texas.

Ecosocialist Working Group run

In 2019 Annana Anu ran for Democratic Socialists of America - North Texas Ecosocialist Working Group Lead.

I joined the DSA at the beginning of this year (January). After being a lifelong liberal, I developed into a leftist during grad school, but did not have time for organizing. After graduating, I wanted to mark my new beginning by actually participating in political activism instead of hoping (and tweeting) for a better world. Since I’ve joined DSA NTX, I’ve been most active in the Ecosocialist Working Group, where I was involved in the development of the Dallas People’s Climate Action Plan, provided public feedback at a DART Board Hearing about their low-income fare program, phone-banked numerous times for meetings and events for the Highland Hills Community Action Committee, and designed flyers, presentations, and surveys for various initiatives in the working group.