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Andresita Herrera is a Kansas City Missouri activist.

One Struggle KC

Calling for a new dialogue among various oppressed communities in Kansas City, One Struggle KC will host a report back and panel discussion of the events surrounding the murder of unarmed teen Michael Brown and the ongoing uprising in Ferguson, Missouri on Thursday, November 6th. The event is being organized by One Struggle KC and those attending will be urged to join the conversation and put words to action by identifying common struggles amongst our communities and mobilizing to end the criminalization of Black and Brown communities in Kansas City and beyond.

Panelists will include Molly Fleming (Communities Creating Opportunity), Laurie Anderson (Immigrant Justice Advocacy Movement), Moor’el (Co-founder of Defaced Society), PaKou Her (18 Million Rising), Andres Herrera (One Struggle KC).[1]

St. Mark Hope and Peace Lutheran, Kansas City.

Obama: Go Big on Immigration! Rally and March

Friday 26 September 2014, Progressive Youth Organization organized a pro-amnesty rally in Kansas City.

The PYO is a Kansas City based organization that seeks to carry forward progressive and revolutionary politics to the widest section of people.
Join the Progressive Youth Organization and the Kansas-Missouri DREAM Alliance as we stand in solidarity of United We Dream's National Week of Action. We will gather in a rally and march to demand President Obama be accountable to the many separated families and those living in fear of deportation due to the broken immigration system and his lack of leadership. We need the President to GO BIG ON IMMIGRATION, our people can't wait!

Those indicating support on a Wherevent page for the march were Angie Vargas, Amanda Leigh Schieszer, David Ralph Young, Jose Pecina, Viridiana Davila, Kristin Chøw, Larry Hales, Gary Laing, Aracely Palma Luna, Florina Hernandez, Kevin Caldwell, Winifred Varner Jamieson, Jessica Piedra, Lilly Illusione, Wendy Medina, Aude Negrete Banos, Melissa Archer, Coche Bomba, Diane Charity, Jackie Saavedra-Solorio, Abel Muhammad, Magali Rojas, Antonio Neuritos, Jose Luis Becerra, Arnoldo Rivas, El Flaco Martinez, Angie De LaGhetto, Eric Zapata Boleware, Elizabeth Gomez, Micki Buschart, Karla Medina, Samantha Ochoa, Madina Salaty, Tafadar Sourov, William Simon Kang, Karen Santacruz Ortiz, Ahmad Maaz, Hannes V. Estrella, Luis Alvarado, Gustavo Romero, Juan Alvizo Diaz, Rodrigo Ferreira, Yesenia Jurado, Andrea Mejia Miranda, Sayra Gordillo, Judy Ancel, Edgar Galicia, Bianca Estala, Doug Schaible, Luis Panclasta, Will Suarez, Lin Biao, Tanke Tabardillo, Andrésito Herrera, Xanath Caraza, Catalina Velarde, Robert Sagastume, Cory Lumpenprole, El-kiss Kiris Kiss.[2]


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