American League Against War and Fascism

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The American League Against War and Fascism was launched in 1933.[1]


  1. To work toward the stopping of the manufacture and transport of munitions and all other materials essential to the conduct of war, through mass demonstrations, picketing, and strikes
  2. To support the peace policies of the Soviet Union
  3. To win the armed forces to the support of this program

Anti-American Sentiments

Then Attorney General, Francis Biddle noted that the organization was:

"Established in the United States in an effort to create public sentiment in behalf of a foreign policy adapted to the interests of the Soviet Union."

The ALAWF's program which was adopted in New York City at a "United States Congress Against War" on September 29 - October 1, 1933 shares many similarities with the pronouncements of the SCCWP and the World Congress of Intellectuals;

"The black cloud of imperialist war hangs over the world... Only in the Soviet Union has this basic cause of war been removed... Therefore the Soviet Union pursues a positive and vigorous peace policy and alone among the governments proposes total disarmament... The Government of the United States in spite of peaceful professions is more aggressively than ever following policies whose only logical result is war."[1]


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