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Aaron Regunberg is a Berniecrat, a term used for those democrats (generally) running for office who have expressed support of former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.[1]

Lieutenant Governor run 2018

Rhode Island, in 2017, became the eighth state to pass paid sick leave. Aaron Regunberg, 28, a Brown University graduate who represents Providence’s District 4 in the state House, was the driving force behind the bill. The bad news? The General Assembly applied the law only to organizations with 18 or more employees and mandated only 24 hours of paid leave. Even worse, it banned local governments from passing their own, more generous paid leave policies by attaching a “preemption” provision. That’s a tactic typically used by red state legislatures to squash local progressive initiatives—but in Rhode Island, Democrats hold 33 of the 38 seats in the House and 64 of 75 seats in the Senate. Regunberg promises to be “the people’s lobbyist” and use the lieutenant governor’s office “to bring folks together and build coalitions to get more ambitious progressive policy changes.”

Regunberg has been a strong advocate for renewable energy during his two terms in the General Assembly, which earned him the support of both labor and environmentalists. Soon after he announced his candidacy, five unions endorsed his campaign, also citing his work on paid sick leave, raising the minimum wage and criminal justice reform. His opponent, incumbent Dan McKee, a centrist Democrat, has angered teachers unions by supporting charter school expansion, but won the backing of Walmart heir Alice Walton, a big charter school booster.

Endorsed by SEIU 199 New England, Our Revolution, Working Families Party.[2]