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Winslow T. Wheeler is the Director of the Straus Military Reform Project at the Center for Defense Information in Washington DC. Previously, he spent 31 years working on national security issues for Republican and Democratic United States Senators and the Government Accountability Office.

As a Senate staffer, Wheeler worked extensively on hundreds of bills and amendments, including the War Powers Act and multiple proposals to reform Pentagon procurement.

While at the GAO, Wheeler directed comprehensive studies on the US strategic-nuclear triad and the air campaign of Operation Desert Storm. He is the author or editor of three books: America’s Defense Meltdown (Stanford University Press, 2009), Military Reform – with Lawrence J. Korb (Praeger, 2007), and The Wastrels of Defense (US Naval Institute Press, 2004).[1]

Sustainable Defense Task Force

The Sustainable Defense Task Force was formed in response to a request from Representative Barney Frank (D-MA), working in cooperation with Representative Walter B. Jones (R-NC), Representative Ron Paul (R-TX), and Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR), to explore possible defense budget contributions to deficit reduction efforts that would not compromise the essential security of the United States.

The Project on Defense Alternatives coordinated the work of the Task Force. Carl Conetta drafted the main body of the Task Force report in ongoing consultation with Task Force members who developed or digested proposals from the diverse sources cited in the report. A sub-committee of the Task Force reviewed the final draft before publication.

Members were;