Terence Hallinan

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Terence Hallinan

Template:TOCnestleft Terence Hallinan is a former San Francisco District Attorney.

Early communist activism


In 1966 Patrick Hallinan was legal counsel[1] to the W.E.B. DuBois Clubs of America (DCA)-the youth wing of the Communist Party USA, while his brother Terence Hallinan was Club National Seceretary.

Willie Brown connection

Terence Tyrone Hallinan is the hardest-left D.A. in the country and easily as colorful a figure as the mayor. As cultural historian Stephen Schwartz recounts, Hallinan was a student radical at Berkeley in the sixties, teaching seminars on Marxism-Leninism in his father's law offices, rechristened the "San Francisco School for Social Science." Back in those heady days he went by the nom de guerre "Kayo." He also helped run the communist |W. E. B. Dubois Club at Berkeley, where he first met—and cultivated—a young lawyer, Willie Brown. Police arrested Kayo frequently in his youth for theft and several violent assaults, one of which landed a stranger in the hospital with a broken jaw in an unprovoked attack. A light-heavyweight boxer at Berkeley, Kayo was not averse to pounding political opponents—Trotskyists particularly irked him—into submission with his well-practiced fists.[2]

The key to Brown's 1964 campaign was voter registration in the black neighborhoods. Brown's registration drive in the Eighteenth Assembly District netted 5,577 new Democratic voters in three months, a staggering number for the era. Many of the frontline troops registering voters had been among those arrested in the civil rights demonstrations. Terence Hallinan organized his radical friends from the W.E.B. Du Bois Club into the "Youth Committee for Assemblyman Brown," which worked primarily on voter registration. Hallinan kept the youth committee active for two years, helping Brown to permanently harden his base of support in his district. In later years, registration drives underpinned Brown's campaigns for favored Assembly candidates when he became Speaker. His first effort in the science was impressive.[3]

GI Civil Liberties Defense Committee

Circa 1969, Terence Hallinan, Esq, San Francisco , was listed as a sponsor of the Socialist Workers Party led GI Civil Liberties Defense Committee .[4]

Relationship to Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi and Terence Hallinan



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