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Stephanie Weiner

Stephanie Weiner is a Chicago activist. She is the wife of Joe Iosbaker.

New Wave Party

In the spring of 1979, concerned students at the University of Iowa believed they were poised to help initiate a fresh movement of political activism on campus. Capturing this idea by calling themselves the New Wave Party, these students organized a progressive party within the university student government and entered the election campaign for seats in the Student Senate the following year. Since 1980, when they won 8 of the 21 seats, they enlarged their support base and solidified an aggressive platform built around their support of a wide range of social causes. Key New Wave Party activists included Joe Iosbaker, Stephanie Weiner and Linda Yanney.[1]

Minnesota SDS

Members of the Students for a Democratic Society at the University of Minnesota Public group in 2017 included Stephanie Weiner.

'70s Anti-Apartheid network

Joe Iosbaker December 5, 2013 ·

This plaque is among my most treasured possessions. Remember Nelson Mandela! Continue the struggle against apartheid in Israel! Victory to the liberation struggles of oppressed nations!


— with Dennis O'Neil, Lester Dragstedt, Lynne Adrian, Tracy Van Quaethem, Carol DeProsse, Richard Berg, Jim Potter, John A. Smith, Daniel Hughes, Mike Ascroft, Bob Hearst, Andrew Harvey, Josef Ignatious Fortier, Amy Kratz, Bob Cotter, Craig Perrin, Mike Price, Michael Turnure, Patrick Kearns, Kris Penniston, Stephanie Weiner, Judith Mentzer, Chris Iosbaker, Joe Burns, Bridgette Sheridan, Prexy Nesbitt, Tomas de Bourgha, Kit Bonson, Brenda Barton, Anne Evens, Juliet Holt Klinger, Michael Harvey, Saed Abu-Hijleh, Chip Young, John Stonebarger, Robin Potter, Barbara Ransby, Keith L. Perry, Mick Kelly, Tom Wilson, Beau Barry, Amy Smith, Lj Yanney, Richard Saks, Bruce Nestor, Hermalee Webb and Bethany McIvor.

FRSO Womens Commission


In 1988 Kris Penniston and Stephanie Weiner served on the Freedom Road Socialist Organization's Womens Commission.


Joe Iosbaker, Bob Cotter, Stephanie Weiner were circa 1988 students at University of Chicago Illinois Circle Campus and members of the Progressive Student Network.[2]

PSN Steering Committee

Bob Cotter and Stephanie Weiner from University of Illinois - Circle appeared on an April 1987 list of tentative Progressive Student Network steering committee members.

Gulf War event


In 1991 a Freedom Road Socialist Organization/Forward Motion Forum was held in Chicago. Speakers were Bernardine Dohrn, former Nat. officer Students for a Democratic Society, Abdul Alkalimat, convenor Malcolm X conference, Camille Odeh from the Arab Community Center, Joe Iosbaker from Freedom Road Socialist Organization. Stephanie Weiner of Freedom Road Socialist Organization moderated.

Chicago New Party

In 1998 Willie Delgado won Chicago's 35th Ward (state representative for the New Party. His 15th precinct team of New Party volunteers included Yakira Nunez, Mary Robles, Sergio Vargas, Peter Shearn, and Stephanie Weiner, (wife of Joe Iosbaker), "who has also been working that precinct for 10 years".[3]


In 2008 Stephanie Weiner was a member of the Freedom Road Socialist Organization/FightBack!.[4]

September 24, 2010 FBI Raids

Stephanie Weiner and husband Joe Iosbaker were two of the anti-war activists whose homes were raided by the FBI in the September 24, 2010 FBI Raids.[5]

Sept. 27 outside Chicago FBI HQ

Stephanie Weiner speaks at the protest

On September 27, an estimated "four hundred people gathered in front of Chicago FBI headquarters on Monday, September 27, to protest last Friday’s outrageous raids and attacks by FBI agents against anti-war and Solidarity movement supporters in Minneapolis, Chicago and other cities." Speakers at the protest included:[6]


In 2008 Stephanie Weiner, William Torres were contacts for Wright College Students for Peace and Justice.