Socialist Scholars Conference 1993

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Socialist Scholars Conference 1993 Towards a New America, Politics of Identity. A Critical Encounter with '68.

April 9,10,11 1993 Borough of Manhattan Community College



Panels of the Socialist Scholars Conference 1993 were:

The Politics of Culture

Labor and Politics

Is a New Russian Revolution Brewing?

The Limits of Capitalism: The Third World

Curbing Corporate Power: New Approaches to Corporate Accountability

National Health Care: Where It's At and What you Can Do About It

Bertell Ollman's Dialectical Investigation: A Symposium

The Immigration Crisis in Europe: The non-European Populations in Europe

Are Major Reforms for the Third World Possible under Clinton?

El Salvador: Human Rights, Elections and Reconstruction

Being "Ethic" and Being "White": Creating Identities and Alliances

Rank And File Revolts in The New York Area Postal Service 1970 to Present

Transforming Silence into Language and Action

Pollution Solutions: The Politics of Waste Disposal in New York

Political Media /Media Politics: Print video, Radio

Is God on our Side?: Religion as Ally or Enemy for the Left

Race, Class and Clinton: The Future for Black Politics

The Limits of Identity Politics

Is Ethnicity the Locomotive of History?


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