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Sam Pizzigati

Template:TOCnestleft Sam Pizzigati is the Associate Fellow for the Inequality and the Common Good at the Institute for Policy Studies.

Veteran labor journalist and Institute for Policy Studies associate fellow Sam Pizzigati edits Too Much, a weekly newsletter on excess and inequality. He also contributes a weekly column to OtherWords, the Institute's national non-profit editorial service. His latest book is The Rich Don’t Always Win. Pizzigati lives in Kensington, Maryland.[1]


  • Studied at Cornell University.

Mexican Solidarity Bulletin

Editorial committee of the Mexico Solidarity Project's Mexico Solidarity Bulletin in 2020 were Meizhu Lui, Bruce Hobson, Bill Gallegos, Sam Pizzigati.[2]

The New Labor Press

In 1992 The New Labor Press was edited by Sam Pizzigati and Fred Solowey. Contributors included Democratic Socialists of America members Daniel Beagle, Richard Olson and Jo-Ann Mort.[3]

New Party founders

The two key founders of the New Party were Joel Rogers and Dan Cantor.

The first strategic meetings to plan the New Party were held in Joel Rogers' home in Madison Wisconsin in the very early 1990s. Present were Rogers' wife Sarah Siskind, Dan Cantor, ACORN leaders , Wade Rathke ,Zach Polett , Steve Kest and Jon Kest , Steve Cobble from the Institute for Policy Studies (in an advisory role), Sandy Morales Pope (for the first 18 months), Harriet Barlow and Barbara Dudley.

The very first meeting included Gerry Hudson from Democratic Socialists of America and SEIU and Gary Delgado, plus labor activists Sam Pizzigati and Tony Mazzocchi. Anthony Thigpenn of Los Angeles was also approached, but though supportive did not wish to play a leadership role.[4]

IPS book launch

Maryland State Senator Paul Pinsky and Sam Pizzigati, Associate Fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies spoke at a book launch event for Pizzigati’s new book, “The Rich Don’t Always Win: The Forgotten Triumph Over Plutocracy That Created the American Middle Class.” The event took place at the Hyattsville location of the popular literary venue, Busboys and Poets November 29, 2012.[5]

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