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Ronnie Eldridge

Ronnie Eldridge is an American activist, businesswoman, politician, and television personality. She is the current host of Eldridge & Co., a weekly television talk show on CUNY TV, the television station of the City University of New York. A protegee of Bobby Kennedy, Eldridge went on to serve New York City's Mayor John V. Lindsay as Special Assistant, and was the only female member of the cabinet of New York Governor Mario Cuomo serving as Director of the Division for Women. She spearheaded Special Projects for MS Magazine and served as Executive Director of the MS Foundation for Women. From 1989 to 2001, she represented the Upper West Side on New York's City Council. Since then she has worked on various political projects as well as several business ventures and activism campaigns focusing on women's rights. She is married to Jimmy Breslin, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and author. The celebrated marriage between the feminist politician and the gruff city columnist inspired the CBS show, "American Nuclear."

She also was the Executive Producer of WOMAN ALIVE, a feminist series on network public television.[1]

Silkwood case

Tony Mazzocchi convinced Ronnie Eldridge, the editor of Ms. Magazine, to cover the Karen Silkwood story. Eldridge assigned B. J. Phillips, who wrote “The Case of Karen Silkwood” for the magazine in the spring of 1975. Mazzocchi also worked with Howard Kohn at Rolling Stone, who in March wrote a more provocative piece titled “The Nuclear Industry's Terrible Power and How It Silenced Karen Silkwood.” Barbara Newman did a March segment for National Public Radio, updating her December report.

The Ms. connection ignited two feminist organizers, Kitty Tucker and Sarah Nelson, from the National Organization for Women , to pick up the Silkwood story. “It would be terrific if the women's movement does something about this,” Mazzocchi told them.[2]


New York Magazine 22 Aug 1977, page 10

In 1977, both Manhattan Borough president candidates David Dinkins (then City Clerk) and Ronnie Eldridge were members of the Democratic Socialist Organizing Committee.[3]