Ron Ruggiero

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Ron Ruggiero

Ron Ruggierolives in Denver, Colorado. Married to Cynthia Boune.

Socialist unionist

Democratic Left, September 1993

"In DSA, we can put away all the BS about what union is better," says Ron Ruggiero,an organizer apprentice with SEIU1199. "We get down to the heart of the matter, which is how best to organize the unorganized.[1]

A socialist perspective, combined with my own personal experience and background, gives me tremendous motivation to do organizing. The socialist perspective gives you the ability to see how things are interconnected.


In 1995, Ruggiero was based in Columbus Ohio.[2]

DSA activist

In 1996 Ron Ruggiero was a former Democratic Socialists of America Youth Section Chair and an organizer for the Service Employees International Union, Local 1199[3].


In 1997 Ruggiero was awarded the SEIU Western Region Organizer of the Year. After organizing thousands of workers across the country, he began representing workers and negotiating contracts, including unique partnership efforts between labor and management within Kaiser Permanente. Most recently, as staff director at SEIU Local 49, he helped lead a local-wide revitalization effort. This culminated in the local being awarded “Most Improved Local” for member political engagement by the international. In 2007, he joined an ad hoc environmental committee within SEIU and helped launch the “Negotiating Green” handbook.[4]


Ruggiero is a graduate of the AFL-CIO Organizing Institute.[5]

Apollo Alliance

Andrea joined Apollo Alliance in September 2008 as National Field Director. Shortly after joining Apollo Alliance he commented,

“It is clear to me that building the clean energy economy can both solve the climate crisis and help us solve our inequality crisis by revitalizing family wage-paying jobs in the United States.”[6]