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The Progressive States Network


The Progressive States Network states that it aims to transform the political landscape by sparking progressive actions at the state level:[1]

"Founded in 2005, the group provides coordinated research and strategic advocacy tools to state legislators and their staffs, empowering these decision-makers with everything they need to engineer forward-thinking change. Progressive States also works with non-profits and a variety of constituent groups to build a swath of support for coordinated progressive policy."

A significant part of Progressive States efforts revolve around supporting state legislative campaigns. The organization offers legislators and their staff members with the technical and messaging support necessary to embrace progressive policy and draft legislation around it. The organization also seeks to act as a “war room” to equip legislators with the information they need to advocate "good policy".

Funded by George Soros

George Soros funds the Progressive States Network. In 2009 the Soros Fund made a grant of $300,000 to be issued over two years.[2]

State Legislators for Progressive Health Care Reform

In 2009, state legislators worked with Progressive States Network to form State Legislators for Progressive Health Care Reform. 1,088 State Legislators signed the letter - view a full list of the signatories here.[3]

Progressive States Network Gala

April 19, 2007, Progressive States Network’s first annual gala honored U.S. Senator Jon Tester, U.S. Representative Keith Ellison, and Deborah Rappaport. Awards were also presented to Iowa State Senator Joe Bolkcom, Kansas State Senator Donald Betts, and Washington State Senator Jeanne Kohl-Welles. Participants talked about promoting their legislative agenda and public policy advocacy. They also talked about issues such as operations in Iraq, grassroots organizing and recruitment, and public participation.

Other speakers included Joel Barkin Executive Director Progressive States Network, Steve Doherty Founding Co-Chair Progressive States Network, Senators Al Franken and Bernie Sanders, Lisa Seitz Gruwell Chief Operating Officer Skyline Public Works, Washington (State) Tom Matzzie Director, David Sirota Founding Co-Chair Progressive States Network.[4]

State Legislators Stand with Wisconsin State Senators

Circa Feb. 23, 2011, the PSN launched an open letter, calling on State Legislators to put their name to it, demonstrating their solidarity with Wisconsin State Senators - view a full list of the signatories here.[5]


Board of directors 2010

In 2010, the following served on the Board of Directors:[6]

Staff circa 2007

Circa 2007, the following worked for the organization:[7]

Staff 2010

In 2010, the following worked for the organization:[8]

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