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People's World (PW) is/was the official newspaper of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) network. The network includes the Communist Party USA, the Young Communist League (YCL) and Political Affairs.

The People's World is a grassroots newspaper that descended from the Daily Worker. The PW reports on and analyzes "workers' rights, peace, equality, social and economic justice, democracy, civil liberties, women's rights, protection of the environment, and more."

The PW is known for its taking sides with the working class, racially and nationally oppressed peoples, women, youth, seniors, international solidarity, Marxism and socialism.

The "People's World" predecessors included the older "Daily Worker (DW), People's Daily World (PDW) and then the People's Weekly World (PWW). The staff for all of these often overlapped as the paper changed its name and how many times a week it was published. The CPUSA's publishing arm, , Long View Publishing Co. Inc. 235 W. 23rd St., NYC, NY, 10011 printed it using their own local printing union "bug" (i.e. union number) "490M"

PWW Fund Drive May 1997

An interesting article by John Bachtell in the PWW of Saturday, May 3, 1997, p. 2, "People's Weekly World $400,000 fund drive begins", provided information on not only the names of known Communist Party USA (CPUSA) leaders/members, but also some outsider supporters, both sympathizers and possible dupes.

This article focused on "Freedom Seder in New York nets $1,000 for drive", a CPUSA front activity for their Jewish faction and supporters. Among the guests and supporters were:

"Rep. Charles Rangel (D-NY), Manhattan Borough President Ruth Messinger, and city council members Gilford Miller and Tom Duane sent greetings."

Award winners

John Bachtell December 3, 2018 ·


People's World staff and writers won 14 awards from the International Labor Communicators Association in 2018 for outstanding labor journalism. — with Earchiel Lee Johnson, Blake X, Chauncey K. Robinson, Roberta Wood, Melissa Parks, John Wojcik, Barbara Russum, Michelle Zacarias, C.J. Atkins and Al Neal, Mark Gruenberg at Polish Highlander Alliance of North America.


As at December 2010;[1]

Editorial Board

Bureau Chiefs and National Contibutors, Juan Lopez (N. Calif.), Rossanna Cambron (S. Calif.), Joelle Fishman (Conn.), John Bachtell (Ill.), John Rummel (Mich.), Tony Pecinovsky (Mo.), Dan Margolis (N.Y.), Rick Nagin (Ohio), Libero Della Piana, Scott Marshall, Elena Mora, Emile Schepers, Jarvis Tyner, Sam Webb

Peoples World 2015

2016 personnel

Editorial board

Staff Contributors:

Production Coordinators:

Technical Problems: Earchiel Johnson


The roots of People's World lie in the original Communist Party USA publication, the Daily Worker, which was established in 1924. After World War II the CPUSA "was forced to cease publication" of the daily paper. It soon started publishing a weekend paper called The Worker from 1958 until 1968. The Midweek Worker was added in 1961 as a Tuesday edition and it also continued until 1968.

Contributors to the newspaper included Richard Wright, Howard Fast, John Gates, Louis Budenz, Michael Gold, Jacob Burck, Whittaker Chambers, Sandor Voros, William Patterson, Maurice Becker, Benjamin Davis, Edwin Rolfe, Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, Robert Minor, Fred Ellis, William Gropper, Lester Rodney, David Karr, John L. Spivak and Woody Guthrie. At its peak, the newspaper achieved a circulation of 35,000.

In 1968 the Communist Party resumed publishing their New York daily paper, the Daily Worker, but titled it the Daily World. In 1986, the paper merged with the party's West Coast weekly paper, the People's World. The new People’s Daily World published from 1987 until 1991, when they ceased daily publication and started printing weekly, retitling itself the People's Weekly World. The publishers later retitled it to People's World, as it is today.

The People's Daily World was a daily newspaper of the Communist Party USA that ran from 1987 until 1991. It became the weekly issued until it was retitled, People's World.[3]

May Day Greetings

Click here for a list of "progressive communities" by State, who have sent May Day Greetings and Cinco de Mayo Greetings into the People's World.

People's Daily World Founders' List

The Communist Party's newspaper People's Daily World, in their June 3, 1988 edition, on Page 11-A, published a "Founders' List" of people who made donations to the paper. In a "We Thank Our Founders" section, these donors were described this way"

"The people listed on this page have made a very special contribution to guarantee the birth and the future of the "People's Daily World" - a contribution that will be part of the history of our new paper. Although the PDW fund drive ended May 31, names of additional founders will be accepted until the end of the year and noted in the pages of the paper. Gold founders are those who have contributed $1,000 or more; silver founders, $500 or more; bronze founders, $100 or more."

Arizona: Gold:

California: Gold:


In the PWW of March 30, 2002, p. 21, Vivian Hallinan was one of the sponsors/signers of an "International Women's Day" salute put together by "Friends and Comrades - No. Calif. District" (i.e. CPUSA). A number of other women on the PDW Founders' list also appeared in this 2002 "Salute" notice including Fine, Yanish and Coleman.


Colorado: Gold:

Connecticut: Gold



Florida: Bronze

  • Lily Bydarian - her name appears in many issues of the CP newspapers either giving donations or sponsors "memoriam" notices
  • Max Shlafrock - also in many issues of the CP newspapers, with letters to the editor, etc.

Illinois: Gold

Illinois: Silver

Illinois: Bronze

[NB: Some of the Illinois PDW supporters were active in the Obama for President campaign and/or other radical groups including the DSA, Chicago Peace Council, Chicago Committee to Defend the Bill of Rights/NCARL, and local political groups]

Indiana: Silver


Iowa: Bronze

Maine: Bronze

Maryland: Gold


  • Harold Buchman - id. CPUSA member; NLG local leader; his wife Marion, appalled by his growing anti-semitism, became an informant for the Maryland State Police, and was responsible for exposing/destroying a Maryland CP front, "Jews For Justice", Baltimore, about 1971. It tried to use the cover of the Jewish Community Center for their anti-Vietnam propaganda operations, and sponsored radical Rabbi Balfour Brickner as their speaker.

Massachusetts: Gold


Michigan: Bronze:

Minnesota: Gold



Missouri: Bronze

New Jersey: Silver


New York: Gold




People's Weekly World Staff June 12, 1993, P. 16


People's Weekly World Staff and Contributors, Jan. 22, 2000, P. 12


People's Weekly World Staff and Contributors, Feb. 28-March 5, 2004

Additional writers/contributors for this issue included:



People's Culture page:

  • John Pietaro - "WWII Negro Army Chorus: power of song for change"
  • Karen Moy - Movie Review: "Whale Rider", she can be reached at
  • Pat Fry - did an obituary article on "Bernice Linton, life-long communist, dies"

Memoriam notices:

"An American Hero: Fred Gaboury" (a memoriam poetic line)

"This Week in Sports" column:

Nuestro Mundo section contributors if different than any listed above:

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