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Maude Hurd ...

New Party builder

New Party News Fall 1994 listed over 100 New Party activists-"some of the community leaders, organizers, retirees,, scholars, artists, parents, students, doctors, writers and other activists who are building the NP." The list included Maude Hurd, ACORN.

2000 WFP Convention

The New York Working Families Party 2000 Convention was held at the Desmond Hotel, March 26.

Attendees included;

There were sizable delegations from ACORN and Citizen Action.[1]

2002 ACORN convention

Rep. Danny Davis (D-Ill.) brought some 2,000 delegates attending the national convention of the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now to their feet with a ringing call for “the people’s agenda.”

Standing before a banner bearing the convention theme “Justice Now, Justice Always,” Davis drew cheers as he ticked off a list of demands of the people’s movement: livable wage, affordable prescription drugs and health care, higher minimum wage, public education, equal opportunity and affirmative action.

Capturing the spirited mood of the June 30 opening session, Maude Hurd, ACORN president, said that despite the Sept. 11 attacks, “we still have the same old fight.” Hurd cited victories won by ACORN during the past two years. Among these, in New Orleans ACORN and Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 100 worked to win a first-ever citywide minimum wage increase through a public ballot initiative. In Massachusetts and other states, ACORN waged successful campaigns for regulations against predatory lending. “We are going to fight on issues that affect our members and we are going to win,” Hurd said.[2]



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