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Jane Fonda


Jane Fonda is a well known American actress and activist, known derisively as "Hanoi Jane."

Her parents were Henry Fonda and Frances Ford Seymour. She was married to Roger Vadim, Tom Hayden, and Ted Turner.

Women United - Deb for Interior

Holly Cook Macarro December 11 2020:

Kerry Washington and Cher Among Those Urging Joe Biden to Nominate Rep. Deb Haaland as Interior Secretary.

Appreciate the support! #cher #kerrywashington #gloriasteinem #UzoAduba #chelseahandler #sarahsilverman


— with Judith LeBlanc, Jane Fonda, Ai-jen Poo, Gloria Steinem.

Pinkney birthday


A spirited birthday celebration for Rev. Edward Pinkney, on October 27 2018 in Benton Harbor, MI, drew family, friends, and activists from Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, California and even Denmark. Rev. Pinkney’s daughter Latoya Williams sang for the gathering, commenting that she “loved everything about the party.” Marvin Haywood thanked the reverend for his “support for the Benton Harbor community and concern for justice for those who have no voice.” Dorothy Pinkney said her husband’s “70th celebration was very successful with an amazing turn out.”

The highlight of the evening was actress and activist Jane Fonda. “You are a brave man Rev. Pinkney” said the actress who spoke about low wage women and the One Fair Wage proposal on the ballot in Michigan, and the need to get out the vote. “It’s unconscionable what they are doing to black voters across the country. They don’t want you to vote. We need to get people into office that don’t think that Whirlpool and Senior PGA is more important than the rights of people in Benton Harbor,” said Fonda.

Patrisse Cullors, co-founder of Black Lives Matter, said the One Fair Wage is about “who is deserving to feed their children, have shelter, and live a life of dignity.” She honored the victims and survivors of the temple shootings in Pittsburg, adding that, “So many of us have to survive a government and vigilantes that see us as part of their sacrifice.”

Benton Harbor resident Emma Kinnard said, “It was an honor that Jane Fonda took the time out to come to a little town like Benton Harbor.” Claire McClinton, after wishing Rev. Pinkney a very happy birthday, said, “Flint is the face of abandonment and man made disaster foisted upon the people, compromising our health and lives, and you, Rev Pinkney, are the face of resistance to the dismantling of democracy in this state.”

“We must fight to keep legislators from choosing corporate interests over the interests of the workers,” said Rev. Pinkney. “We must confront the legislators, along with the corporations who stand behind them, and keep up the fight after the elections.”[1]

1970 Arrest in Cleveland

Jane Fonda mugshot 1970

From the Smoking Gun:[2]

"Jane Fonda was arrested in November 1970 for allegedly trying to smuggle a large stash of pills through the Cleveland airport (charges were later dropped). Fonda, arriving from Canada, was detained by U.S. Customs agents after a large stash of diet pills, Valium, and tranquilizers was discovered in her luggage. The actress, then 32, was booked on the narcotics rap at the Cuyahoga County Sheriff's Office, where the above mug shot was taken. Following her release from custody, Fonda was processed and photographed for a separate crime, her alleged kicking of a local cop during the airport incident. That charge, later dropped, resulted in Fonda's famous "clenched fist" pose during her second Cleveland mug shot session."

Vietnam Veterans Against the War/Operation RAW

During the Labor Day weekend of September 4-7, 1970, Operation RAW ("Rapid American Withdrawal") took place. It was a three day protest march from Morristown, NJ, to Valley Forge State Park by over 200 veterans. It was sponsored by Vietnam Veterans Against the War. They were joined by members of Nurses for Peace and other peace groups. Dressed in combat fatigues and carrying toy weapons, the march was designed to dramatize a Vietnam-type search and destroy mission to the Middle America they passed through. Upon entering each town along the march, sweeps were made, prisoners taken and interrogated, property seized and homes cleared with the assistance of previously planted "guerrilla theater" actors portraying civilians. The 86 mile long march culminated in a four hour rally at Valley Forge that over 1,500 people attended. The honorary commander during this event was retired Army Brigadier General Hugh B. Hester. Sponsors included Senators George McGovern and Edmund Muskie, Rep. John Conyers, Paul O'Dwyer, Mark Lane, and Donald Sutherland. Scheduled speakers were John Kerry, Joe Kennedy, Rev. James Bevel, Mark Lane, Jane Fonda, and Sutherland. Congressman Allard Lowenstein, Mike Lerner, and Army First Lt. Louis Font also spoke.[3]

"Hanoi Jane"

Hanoi Jane

In July-August 1972 Fonda made her infamous trip to North Vietnam. By this time, over 50,000 Americans had been killed in the war. While there, she posed for pictures on an anti-aircraft gun that had been used to shoot down American planes, and she volunteered to do a radio broadcast from Hanoi. She made approximately eight radio addresses, during which she told American pilots in the area:

"Use of these bombs or condoning the use of these bombs makes one a war criminal. Examine the reasons given to justify the murder you are being paid to commit. I don't know what your officers tell you, but [your] weapons are illegal and that's not just rhetoric. The men who are ordering you to use these weapons are war criminals according to international law, and in the past, in Germany and Japan, men who committed these kinds of crimes were tried and executed."

Fonda also quoted Ho Chi Minh during some of these broadcasts. She referred to President Richard Nixon as a "new-type Hitler," and advised South Vietnamese soldiers to desert: "You are being used as cannon fodder for U.S. imperialism."

These radio addresses were aired repeatedly by the North Vietnamese communists.

From Major General John K. Singlaub's book: "An American Soldier In The Twentieth Century:"[4]

"In February 1973, I was at Clark Air Force Base in the Philippines, where I visited the first American POWs flown out of Hanoi. These were the “old hands,” some of whom had been in captivity for eight years. Most had been savagely tortured, not for military information, but in order to extract propaganda messages. Some had broken physically, but all had kept their spirits intact. As I went form ward to ward chatting with these scarred, gaunt men, each group had the same question: Is Jane Fonda in jail? Several of the men who had been subjected to inhuman torture for years were badly beaten for refusing to appear with Fonda and her anti-war delegation in Hanoi, the same visit during which she was photographed gleefully seated at an NVA anti-aircraft gun. The POWs had gone so far as to draft formal complaints against her for treasonable action. But they were convinced by civilian debriefing teams at Clark to give up their grievances."

Meet with the Communist North Vietnamese

Fonda/Hayden's IPC Trip to Meet with the Communist North Vietnamese and their southern front, the Provisional Revolutionary Government, the old National Liberation Front (NLF), in Paris, October 1973

In mid-October, 1973, Jane Fonda, her husband Tom Hayden, one of the top three leaders of the Hanoi Lobby, and several others met with the North Vietnamese and PRG representatives in Paris, France, to get their marching orders for setting up a new "lobbying" effort aimed at the U.S. Congress to cut off all aid to the government/military of the Republic of Vietnam (South Vietnam), and collaterally, to the Hanoi-invaded government/peoples of Cambodia and Laos.

She appeared at the Oct. 25, 1973 Indochina Peace Campaign (IPC) sponsored conference in [Germantown]], Ohio, at which Hayden gave the audience the marching orders Hanoi had for them in regard to this aid cutoff lobbying campaign. She participated in one of the conference's "Workshops", on Saturday, "Workshop 15", while Hayden appeared in the "Group 2" workshop.[5].

Fonda and the Flacks'

Mickey Flacks, Jane Fonda, Richard Flacks

Jane Fonda has a close relationship with former Students for a Democratic Society activists and Democratic Socialists of America supporters Richard Flacks and Mickey Flacks.

National United Committee to Free Angela Davis and All Political Prisoners

Fonda was a "sponsor" of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) created front known as the National United Committee to Free Angela Davis and All Political Prisoners (NUCFAD). This front was created to "free" CPUSA member Angela Davis from jail regarding her indictment for providing a sawed-off shotgun to one of the Soledad Brothers who killed a judge hostage during a courthouse escape try. A national conference to establish this Communist Party front was held in Chicago on May 12, 1973.

Four articles in the Congressional Record (CR) provide a tremendous amount of information about this CPUSA front, NUCFAD, which became the National Defense Organization Against Racism and Political Repression (NDOARPR), later to be changed again to the National Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression (NAARPR). They are:

  • May 3, 1973, "National Defense Organization Against Racist and Political Repression", Rep. Richard Ichord, (D-MO), regular remarks, pp. H3336
  • May 9, 1973, "Founding Conference for a National Defense Organization Against Racist and Political Repression", Rep. John Ashbrook (R-Oh), Extension of Remarks, pp. E3080-3082.
  • May 10, 1973, "Founding Conference for a National Defense Organization Against Racist and Political Repression", Rep. John Ashbrook (R-Oh), Extension of Remarks, pp. 3121-3122.
  • May 17, 1973, "National Defense Organization Against Racism and Political Repression", Rep. Richard Ichord, (D-MO), C.R. regular remarks, pp. H3785-3786.

These Congressional Record inserts were reprinted in the House Internal Security Committee hearings entitled "Revolutionary Activities Directed Toward the Administration of Penal or Correctional Systems", Part 4, (Testimony of Richard R. Norusis, Investigator, Minority Staff", July 25, 1973 Session (In Part), Including Index, 93rd Congress, 1st Session, pp. 1559-1563. This volume also contains a significant amount of NUCFAD original documents, including lists of individuals attending the conference, elected and appointed NUCFAD officials, sponsoring organizations (and attendees), and CPUSA articles about their role in forming this front (KW has more at "Angela Davis Defense Committees").

Jane Fonda and the Wilfred Burchett Tribute/Fundraiser in 1977

Jane Fonda was one of the leaders of a "tribute and fundraiser" for Wilfred Burchett, an identified Soviet KGB agent, Australian Communist Party member, and Red Chinese-uniformed propagandist in Communist prison camps for UN forces POWS held in North Korea0, held in Hollywood. It featured a "Who's Who" of the American "Hanoi Lobby" plus Hollywood left-liberals including producer "Norman Lear. For full details on this event, see the "Wilfred Burchett" page at KW.

"One Million Strong" Planned parenthood Cocktail Party

Guest speaker and actress Jane Fonda, Congressman Joseph Crowley and President of Planned Parenthood Federation of America and Planned Parenthood Action Fund Cecile Richards attended Planned Parenthood Action Fund and Planned Parenthood Advocates of New York City for the One Million Strong Cocktail Party, a fundraiser to help make this a pro-choice election year. The event was held at The Prince George Ballroom on June 2, 2008 in New York City.[6]

Progressives for Obama

In 2009 Jane Fonda was listed as a signer of the Progressives for Obama website.[7]

ROC United event

Matt Nelson January 13, 2018 ·


Honored to have such great Partners in Liberation like Saru Jayaraman, and the Restaurant Opportunities Centers United (ROC United) family. Such a heart-warming, inspiring, and powerful night with true Legends, Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, working to end workplace harassment and demand #1FairWage for restaurant workers. Onward! — with Jocelyn Wong and Sharon J. Mulligan.

Stop Hate Dump Trump Campaign

Jane Fonda and a group of veteran communist/Marxists sympathizers and entertainment industry leftists announced the formation of a "Stop Hate Dump Trump" campaign "to denounce the billionaire Republication presidential frontrunner, saying he is a threat to the United States".[8].

According to the Newsmax and other articles, the organization's basic stance and opposition to presidential candidate Trump was summed up as:

"We believe Trump is a grave threat to democracy, freedom, human rights, equality and the welfare of our country and all our people" (the campaign said).

"History has shown us what happens when people refuse to stand against hate-filled leaders. We pledge ourselves to speak out in every way possible against the politics of hate and exclusion he represents."

Among the original founders/joiners of this organization (a claimed 1,200 signatures when it was announced on Jan. 20, 2106) were:


  • Harry Belafonte - entertainer and hardcore communist countries and fronts supporter, especially regarding Communist Cuba.
  • Noam Chomsky - Prof, MIT, and hardcore Marxist who has a many decades long record of supporter communist fronts ranging from the CPUSA to the Trotskyist Socialist Workers Party (SWP) to the SWP split-off, once Trotskyist, now Stalinist Workers World Party (WWP). Example. "National Endorser", WWP front, "Peoples Anti-War Mobilization]]" (PAM), May 3, 1981 "March on the Pentagon". Another example: "Sponsor", the pro-Castro, set-up-by Castro "Center for Cuban Studies (CCS), pamphlet, ca. early 1970s. Another example: "Sponsor" of the pro-Communist (No. Vietnam, Viet Cong, Pathet Lao) Medical Aid to Indochina organization, pamphlet, 1973. Example. "Sponsor", May 11-13, 1973, national conference of the CPUSA front, the National Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression, (NAARPR), "Partial Catalog of Sponsors".
  • Jonathan Demme - filmmaker and a more recent joiner of leftwing fronts and causes
  • Danny Glover - actor and hardcore leftist activist re Cuba and Iraq.
  • Gloria Steinem - one of the original leaders of the "feminist movement" who also has a long record of supporting both liberal and far-left communist fronts and causes.
  • Alice Walker - writer and hardcore supporter of Communist Cuba. Example: "Washington Post", April 30, 2012, p. A5, advertisement, "The Cuban Five" - Wrongly accused. Unjustly convicted. 14 years in U.S. prisons", sponsored by the National Committee to Free the Cuban Five, a front for the WWP.
  • Rosie O'Donnell - comedian and actress who is considered to be on the fringe of the Left with her wild conspiracy theories
  • Michael Moore - film producer and multi-millionaire Marxist/leftist/anti-capitalist
  • Lily Tomlin - actress, feminist movement leader, and supporter of all sorts of leftist/liberal causes
  • Jodie Evans - documentary film producer and co-founder of the Marxist "anti-war organization Code Pink". Code Pink was a "human shield" protector of Saddam Hussein, friends with Marxist dictators Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro, among others.
  • Kerry Washington - actor

“Unstoppable Women Workers”

Washington, DC -- From July 10-12 2019, in the midst a growing women’s movement, a delegation of domestic workers and farmworkers led by Jane Fonda and prominent activists lobbied Congress for safe and dignified workplaces.

The delegation, dubbed the “Unstoppable Women Workers,” included Ai-jen Poo of National Domestic Workers Alliance, Monica Ramirez of National Farmworker Women’s Alliance, Fatima Goss Graves of National Women’s Law Center, and others.

Guided by farmworker women and domestic workers, many of whom had experienced labor exploitation and sexual violence on the job, the delegation met with key lawmakers, including Senator Bernie Sanders (VT), Senator Patty Murray (WA), Senator Cory Booker (NJ), Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro (CT), Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal (WA).

Policy Demands Include:

  • Expanding Title VII of the Civil Rights Acts to extend protections to all workers.
  • Supporting the Fairness for Farm Workers Act to ensure that farmworkers receive overtime compensation.
  • Passing a Federal Domestic Workers Bill of Rights to provide the domestic workers with basic labor protections, including the development of a new framework and mechanism that can extend

safety-net benefits to domestic workers.

The delegation additionally held a congressional luncheon on July 11, and a public forum at the U.S. Capitol Visitors Center on July 12 that included Jane Fonda as the keynote speaker.

“The issue of workers rights has been very important to me for a long time. But with the rise of the TIME’S UP and #MeToo movements, this is a new reality.” said Jane Fonda, Academy Award winning actress and activist. “If we are truly going to confront and solve the issues of dignity, equality, rights and safety, we have to stand in alliance with our sisters across all sectors. I am honored to be here with domestic workers and farm workers as we call on Congress for policies that will uphold their rights and dignity. We are here for the long haul.”

“Domestic workers and farm workers are proud to be a part of a growing movement of women that are transforming the way we live and work in America,” said Ai-jen Poo, executive director of National Domestic Workers Alliance. “The workers who have been the least visible and most vulnerable are now at the center of our solutions, which means that when we win, no one will be left behind.”

“As we speak, many farmworkers are working 15 hour days to cultivate and harvest the fruits and vegetables that we eat,” said Mily Trevino-Sauceda, co-director of Alianza Nacional de Campesinas. “Hundreds of farmworker women around the country are leading to create change for our community. It’s imperative that we work together to ensure safe and dignified working conditions for all working women.”

“As care workers, we provide care to our loved ones and our most precious possessions. Our work makes all other work possible, yet our exclusion from many labor laws makes us vulnerable to exploitation and abuse,” said Myrla Baldonado, domestic worker and organizer with Pilipino Workers Center. “We need to pass stronger laws and enforce them to protect all of us, not just some. We ask you to stand with us. We must change the way America cares.”

This effort builds on this year’s Unstoppable Day of Action, which for the first time brought together more than 100 domestic workers and farmworker women to the nation’s capital to push for an expansion of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act among other workplace laws.[9]



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