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Template:TOCnestleft Dollars & Sense is a marxist-oriented economic magazine published at One Summer Street, Somerville, Massachusetts. 02143.

Dollars & Sense subscription mailer 1981

A "Dear Friend" subscription letter was sent out in 1981 (undated but context mentions 1981) that described itself thusly:

"Dollars & Sense magazine explores issues that you care about. Concisely, yet comprehensively. It brings a progressive analysis to issues that are typically ignored or obscured by the mainstream media. It uncovers economic news that Wall Street and big business would prefer go unnoticed."

"Dollars & Sense is the only economics magazine published for non-economists..."

Among its endorsers are:

  • William Winpisinger - an avowed socialist and a one-time national leader of the International Association of Machinists. "In William Winpisinger's words, 'Dollars & Sense makes a lot of sense in our society today. With the outrageous imbalance of right-wing propaganda that's on the daily menu of commercial newspapers and TV, American workers need facts to balance the information they receive. Dollars & Sense is a fresh and interesting approach to providing this vital information."
  • John Kenneth Galbraith - a socialist economist who had ties to the CPUSA as early as the late 1930's. He said, "I'm a faithful reader of Dollars & Sense. It's an extremely useful source of economic information."

Subsections/columns of Dollars & Sense include:

  • The Economy in Review
  • Letters From Abroad
  • Grassroots Reports
  • Leftfield forum - writers include Barbara Ehrenreich and Cheryl Payer "present provocative arguments on economic controversies facing the left-liberal political spectrum."
  • Ron Dellums - "in Ron Dellum's opinion, 'Dollars & Sense ought to be required reading for every citizen concerned about social and economic injustice in our society."

A photo brochure included in this mailing featured the following individuals:

  • Rep. Ron Dellums - (D-CA) - "Dollars & Sense offers constructive alternatives for charting the future directions in the struggle to make America a better place for all."
  • Rep. John Conyers - (D-MI) - "Publications which address cutting-edge issues in American politics are rare in the United States. Dollars & Sense is one such publication."
  • Barbara Ehrenreich - Co-Chair, Democratic Socialists of America DSA - "As an activist, I need an economic analysis that's concise, relevant and accurate. Dollars & Sense keeps me up to date on what's happening in the economy."
  • Frances Moore Lappe - Co-founder, Institute for Food and Development Policy IFDP, an IPS associated organization - "Nothing's more important than turning the economic hocus-pocus we are handed into common sense people can act on."

"Real World Labor"

Real world labor.jpg

In August 2009 Dollars & Sense, produced an anthology entitled "Real World Labor", edited by Immanuel Ness, Amy Offner and Chris Sturr and the Dollars & Sense Collective.

Contributors included David Bacon, Kim Bobo, Aviva Chomsky, Steve Early, Bill Fletcher, Jr., Staughton Lynd, Arthur MacEwan, John Miller, Frances Fox Piven, Robert Pollin, Jane Slaughter.[1]