Diana Frappier

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Diana Frappier

Template:TOCnestleft Diana Frappier is a founding memberof the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, with Van Jones and has remained the behind the scenes support that makes the Center's work possible[1].

Diana Frappier has proudly supported the organization's growth from a small-scale operation of one full-time staff into a grassroots powerhouse.

Frappier is the Director of Finance and Administration for Green For All, as of April 5, 2010.[2]

She is the daughter of Jon Frappier and Nancy Frappier.


Diana Frappier received her B.A. in Social Welfare and her J.D. at Hastings College of Law.


While she is not focused on the Ella Baker Center, Frappier operates a private community criminal defense practice and serves on the boards of Bay Area non-profits Machen Center and TURF (Together United Recommitted Forever.)

A San Francisco native, Frappier is also a real estate broker, supporting activists and other members of her community to empower themselves through homeownership.

Green for All

In 2005, Van Jones and Diana Frappier launched the Ella Baker Center's Green-Collar Jobs Campaign. This led to the establishment of the US's first "Green Jobs Corps" in Oakland.

n 2007, Van Jones announced a new national organization Green For All-to take the Green Jobs campaign nationwide.

Diana Frappier served on the founding board of Green For All. Jon Frappier and Nancy Frappier are listed as donors to the organization[3].

Ella Baker Center supporter

In 2009 Diana Frappier was a financial supporter of the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights in Oakland, California.[4]

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