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Chesa Boudin

Template:TOCnestleft Chesa Boudin , born August 1980, is the son of Kathie Boudin and David Gilbert, former Weather Underground terrorist leaders who were jailed after participating in the attempted robbery of a Brink’s armored car in 1981; two police officers and a guard died in the gunfire. He was raised by Weather Underground leaders Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn.

Chesa Boudin was a toddler when the Brink’s job went awry. On the way to what became a deadly spectacle, his mother and father dropped him off with his Dominican baby sitter. He grew up, he writes in his book GRINGO A Coming-of-Age in Latin America" of “going through a metal detector and steel gates every time I wanted to give my biological parents a hug.”[1]

Cheas Boudin's maternal grandfather was New York communist attorney, Leonard Boudin.


Chesa Boudin attended the University of Chicago’s private school and Yale, then won a Rhodes Scholarship to Oxford University in 2002.[2]

Working Families Party talks recall

Safe image (3).jpg

The California Working Families Party talked recall with Chesa Boudin in 2021.

LIVE! Our Revolution California!

Join Our Revolution California for a special discussion with Congressman Ro Khanna , San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin, Amar Singh Shergill, Aram Ayra, Janani Ramachandran, & Trinity Tran! #OrganizeToWin


Other participants included Brandon Harami, Shawnee Badger, Mike Oles, Brandee Marckmann, Anabel Nevarez.

Our Revolution

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With Jessica Ramos, Brandon Scott, Chesa Boudin, Zulfat Suara, Monique Worrell, Omar Fateh.

Campaign manager

Kaylah Paige Williams worked on Jane Kim's State Senate race as a paid canvasser. From there I was fortunate enough to have the chance to work on Jane Kim's mayoral race and then campaign manage Alison Collins for School Board and Chesa Boudin for District Attorney. In between flying and campaigning I had the opportunity to intern with Unite HERE Local 2 and get my first taster of union organizing. This skill has been sharpened by my most recent job working for my union, the Association of Flight Attendants, as we work on an active campaign to unionize Delta Airlines.[3]

Rose Pak Democratic Club endorsements 2019


Rose Pak Democratic Club August 27, 2019 ·

RPDC Official Endorsements for November 2019 are as follows:


  • San Francisco Mayor: London Breed
  • San Francisco District Attorney:
  • Rank 1: Chesa Boudin for San Francisco District Attorney
  • Rank 2: Suzy Loftus for District Attorney
  • Rank 3: Nancy Tung for San Francisco District Attorney
  • San Francisco City Attorney: Dennis Herrera
  • San Francisco Public Defender: Manohar Raju
  • San Francisco Treasurer: Treasurer Jose Cisneros
  • San Francisco Sheriff: No Endorsement
  • San Francisco District 5 Supervisor: Dean Preston for Supervisor
  • San Francisco Board of Education: Jenny Lam - Commissioner, Board of Education (early endorsement)
  • San Francisco City College Board of Trustees: Ivy Lee (early endorsement)

Our Revolution


DSA and Bernie Sanders support

Zzzzdsaand sanders.PNG

Eric Wimer November 9 2019·

A lot of DSA members worked hard for this campaign, Tiffany Caban among them (a consolation for her loss is that she helped Boudin win), and for Dean Preston for Supervisor, which we endorsed. Happy that the late ballots pulled them over the top!!

Bernie Sanders November 9 2019·

Now is the moment to fundamentally transform our racist and broken criminal justice system by ending mass incarceration, the failed war on drugs and the criminalization of poverty. Congratulations Chesa Boudin for San Francisco District Attorney on your historic victory!

Supporting Bolivian revolution

In September 2007 a statement was circulated by the blog Bolivia Rising in support of the revolutionary government of Bolivia;[4]

The democratically elected government of Bolivia's first indigenous president Evo Morales Ayma, which is heading a process of democratic change, is Washington's immediate target in Latin America today. Bolivia is in Washington's sight, not only because it is viewed as the weakest link of the growing axis of hope in the region, but because of its role as a catalyst for inspiring the struggles of indigenous peoples, regionally and internationally, for real social justice...
Now is the time for all intellectuals, union militants, solidarity activists, political parties and progressive minded individuals who believe in real justice and equality to raise their voices in defense of the Bolivian government and its people. No to US interference in Bolivia!

Signatories included;

"Support Bill Ayers"

In October 2008, several thousand college professors, students and academic staff signed a statement Support Bill Ayers in solidarity with former Weather Underground Organization terrorist Bill Ayers.

In the run up to the U.S. presidential elections, Ayers had come under considerable media scrutiny, sparked by his relationship to presidential candidate Barack Obama.

We write to support our colleague Professor William Ayers, Distinguished Professor of Education and Senior University Scholar at the University of Illinois at Chicago, who is currently under determined and sustained political attack...
We, the undersigned, stand on the side of education as an enterprise devoted to human inquiry, enlightenment, and liberation. We oppose the demonization of Professor William Ayers.

Chesa Boudin of Yale University signed the statement[5].



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