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Charles E. Schumer (D-NY)

Charles E. Schumer (b. November 23, 1950) is a Democratic member of the United States Senate, representing New York.

Schumer was born in Brooklyn, NY to parents Selma and Abe. He and his wife, Iris Weinshall still reside in Brooklyn with their daughters Jessica and Alison.


Schumer graduated from Harvard College and Harvard Law School in 1974 and subsequently ran for the New York State Assembly. His successful election to the seat at 23 made him the youngest member of the State Legislature since Theodore Roosevelt. In 1980, at 29, he ran for and won the seat in the 9th Congressional District, where he remained for 18 years.

He wrote the Omnibus Crime Bill, was the leading sponsor of the Violence Against Women Act, sponsored the Brady Bill (which instituted mandatory background checks for handgun purchases), he co-wrote the Assault Weapons Ban, sponsored the Hate Crimes Prevention Act, and sponsored legislation "that required banks and credit card companies to provide greater disclosure to consumers."

Schumer was elected to the U.S. Senate in 1998 and in 2006, Harry Reid (D-NV) appointed Chuck to serve as Vice Chair of the Democratic Conference.[1]


  • Committee on Rules and Administration, Chairman
  • Joint Economic Committee, Vice-Chairman
  • Senate Judiciary Committee
  • Subcommittee on Immigration, Border Security and Citizenship, Chair
  • Subcommittee on Administrative Oversight and the Courts
  • Subcommittee on Antitrust, Competition Policy and Consumer Rights
  • Subcommittee on Crime and Drugs
  • Subcommittee on Terrorism, Technology and Homeland Security
  • Senate Finance Committee
  • Subcommittee on Healthcare
  • Subcommittee on Social Security, Pensions, and Family Policy
  • Subcommittee on Taxation, IRS Oversight, and Long-Term Growth
  • Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee
  • Subcommittee on Housing, Transportation and Community Development
  • Subcommittee on Financial Institutions
  • Subcommittee on Securities, Insurance and Investment[2]

Disability Integration Act

Senator Chuck Schumer posing for a picture with Stephanie Woodward and Adam Prizio, Advocacy staff at Center for Disability Rights

The Disability Integration Act was written by ADAPT, an organization closely aligned with the Center for Disability Rights, and re-introduced by Chuck Schumer.[3]

Industry support

After the Supreme Court ruled against a measure in the McCain-Feingold Act on campaign financing, Chuck Schumer objected saying, "This activist and far reaching decision is even worse than we had feared. This opens the floodgates and allows special interest money to overflow our elections and undermine our democracy. The bottom line is, the Supreme Court has just predetermined the winners of next November’s election. It won’t be the Republican or the Democrats and it won't be the American people; it will be Corporate America."

Schumer is the top recipient of three of the top ten industries supporting legislators in 2010.[4]

Top ten industries supporting congress members in 2010[5]

Rank Industry Total Democratic % Republican % Top Recipient
1 Lawyers/Law Firms $22,668,990 83% 17% Harry Reid (D-Nev)
2 Health Professionals $14,307,929 63% 37% Harry Reid (D-Nev)
3 Retired $11,285,022 55% 45% Mark Kirk (R-Ill)
4 Real Estate $10,842,041 64% 36% Charles E Schumer (D-NY)
5 Securities/Invest $10,776,669 73% 27% Charles E Schumer (D-NY)
6 Insurance $9,062,842 57% 43% Charles E Schumer (D-NY)
7 Lobbyists $7,801,801 69% 31% Harry Reid (D-Nev)
8 Leadership PACs $6,624,511 64% 36% Roy Blunt (R-Mo)
9 Bldg Trade Unions $6,136,245 92% 7% Judy Chu (D-Calif)
10 Pharm/Health Prod $5,852,259 61% 39% Richard Burr (R-NC)

THRIVE Resolution

September 10, 2020 Contact: Kenny Palmer |

Washington, DC — Indivisible, along with a coalition of grassroots groups, labor unions, Black, Brown and Indigenous leaders from across the nation, and members of Congress, is excited to announce the introduction of a bold plan for economic renewal known as the THRIVE Agenda. THRIVE -- Transform, Heal, and Renew by Investing in Vibrant Economy -- will be introduced tomorrow in Congress by Senators Chuck Schumer, Ed Markey, Cory Booker, and Elizabeth Warren and Representatives Deb Haaland, Debbie Dingell, Donald McEachin, Sheila Jackson Lee, Raul Grijalva, Rosa DeLauro, Brendan Boyle, Barbara Lee, Ilhan Omar, and Ro Khanna.

"The THRIVE Agenda is the bold new vision we need to create millions of good jobs, repair and revive our economy, and address the overlapping crises of mass unemployment, racial injustice, public health, and climate change,” said Mary Small, Legislative Director for Indivisible. “It is critical that any recovery package offered by Congress rise to meet the level of crisis, rather than inexcusably shrink to the scope of political convenience."

Indivisible will be mobilizing its national network of thousands of groups and millions of individual activists to call their lawmakers to demand their support for the THRIVE Resolution.

Built on eight pillars -- from creating millions of union jobs while averting climate catastrophe to investing in Black, Brown, and Indigenous communities -- THRIVE’s top priorities are the families and communities who share the dream of a good life: free from worry about meeting basic needs, with reliable and fulfilling work, and a dignified and healthy standard of living.

85 members of Congress have already endorsed the THRIVE Resolution as original cosponsors, and a new poll finds strong majority support for THRIVE nationwide.[6]


The two most powerful Democratic politicians in America, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, will headline the 2019 annual conference of JStreet, the leftist Israel lobby.

The conference, which drew 3,000 people last year, is among the most prominent leftist Jewish gatherings of the year. It will take place in late October, and Pelosi and Schumer will speak on the night of Oct. 28.

Schumer’s presence at the conference is especially notable because he has established a reputation as a traditional pro-Israel voice in the Senate. He is a perennial speaker at the annual conference of the pro-Israel lobby AIPAC, which is to the right of JStreet. He also voted against President Barack Obama’s Iran nuclear agreement in 2015, a deal that JStreet strongly supported.

JStreet advocates for an end to Israel’s occupation of the West Bank, and has been a frequent Trump critic. Its affiliated political action committee, JStreetPac, raised $5 million for more than 100 Democratic candidates in the 2018 midterm elections.

“At a time when many of our core values are under threat both in Israel and here at home, J Street is proud to stand with so many allies who are defending democracy and working towards a better future,” JStreet President Jeremy Ben-Ami said in a statement.[7]

Endorsing Major Owens

In 1982 leftist Major Owens (he later openly joined Democratic Socialists of America, ran in the primary to contest the New York City Congressional seat vacated by the retiring Shirley Chisholm. His main opponent was the Democratic Party machine's favored candidate Vander Beatty. Owens prevailed, helped with the endorsements of Council President Carol Bellamy, Congressman Charles Schumer, Councilwoman and DSAer Ruth Messinger, and Communist Party and DSA ally Congresswoman Bella Abzug.[8]

Endorsing Dinkins


In 1990, as part of the New Democratic Coalition, Charles E. Schumer personally endorsed the New York mayoral campaign of well known Democratic Socialists of America member David Dinkins.

The New Democratic Coalition was a "coalition of progressive Democrats" which included New York Democratic Socialists of America, many individual Democratic Socialists including Ronnie Eldridge, and Ruth Messinger and some communists including Margaret Chin, a known Communist Workers Party leader and Communist Party USA supporters such as Richard Gottfried, Frances Boehm, and Miriam Friedlander.[9]

Tabankin soiree

In February 1995, a private party was held in New York to celebrate Margery Tabankin who had been recently chosen to head Steven Spielberg's Righteous Person's Foundation, (Tabankin also ran the Streisand Foundation). Attendees included Jesse Jackson, Alan Bergman and Marilyn Bergman, Streisand publicist Ken Sunshine, Rev. Al Sharpton, Ruth Messinger, Charles Schumer, Mark Green, Basil Paterson, David Paterson, David Dinkins, New York Urban League President Dennis Walcott, and Warner Records chairman Danny Goldberg. The taslk focused on how "liberals could take the political spotlight back from the conservatives"[10]

DSAers Lobbying Schumer

Lobbying schumer.JPG

Pete Zah‎ Buffalo DSA Discussion Group, September 19 2017.

DSAers and LUPers spent over an hour with Shannon Patch, the head of Senator Schumer's Buffalo office this morning.

We had a frank, respectful and productive conversation with Ms Patch about Medicare for All at the state and federal levels as well as the new Trump bill.

There are now 17 co sponsors to the Bernie bill in the Senate and we remain one cosponsors short for the NY Health Act.

If you would like to add umph to this lobbying effort, feel free to send a followup call to Schumer's Buffalo office in support of medicare for all!

peace — with Donna Grace, Brian Nowak, Matt Dearing and Jamie Diamond.

Support from Committees of Correspondence

Communist Party USA breakaway group Committees of Correspondence supported[11]Schumer's 1998 election bid.

Fifty members of the Metro NY CofC turned out on Oct. 24 to discuss the 1998 elections in the context of the fight to defeat the right. The discussion set the tone for the remainder of the meeting, and resulted in new efforts on the Living Wage campaign, education, organization and finances of the local CofC. The following statement was adopted: "The New York Metro Committees of Correspondence urges the defeat of all reactionary candidates and the election of Charles Schumer and Carl McCall, and a vote for Peter Vallone on the Working Families Party line, and further that this position be communicated to the membership in an immediate mailing."

H.R. 950, the Job Creation and Infrastructure Restoration Act of 1997 was introduced in the 105th Congress on March 5, 1997 by Congressman Matthew Martinez of California. It had 33 original co-sponsors, including Charles Schumer. The primary purpose of this emergency federal jobs legislation was to provide much needed jobs at union wages to crisis ridden cities by putting the unemployed to work rebuilding our nation's infrastructure (schools, housing, hospitals, libraries, public transportation, highways, parks, environmental improvements, etc. $250 billion is authorized for emergency public works jobs over a five year period.

Congressman Martinez had previously introduced this bill in the last Congress (as HR 1591) at the the request of over 50 prominent Labor leaders who formed the Los Angeles Labor Coalition for Public Works Jobs, which is why it is often referred to as the "Martinez Public Works Jobs Bill."[12]

This is the most significant jobs legislation introduced in Congress since Franklin Delano Roosevelt's New Deal established the Works Progress Administration (WPA). This bill is the WPA-type program for today. It has strong provisions which will put hundreds of thousands of unemployed building trades workers to work as well as provide jobs for victims of plant closures, welfare recipients who are parents, youth, and the long term unemployed. The public works projects which will be established under this bill will be built in communities with the highest levels of unemployment and with the greatest needs.
The goal of the New York Coalition for Public Works Jobs is to build the movement to pass the Martinez Jobs bill as part of the National Labor Coalition for Public Works Jobs. You can help by asking your union, community organization, or local government body to to join those who have already passed resolutions to endorse the bill. Such a resolution has been introduced in the New York City Council. Calling on additional Congressional Representatives to co-sponsor the bill is very important. We will be organizing petition campaigns, visits to elected officials, and demonstrations and other actions for a public works jobs program.

The leaders of the Los Angeles Labor Coalition for Public Works Jobs and its only affiliate New York Coalition for Public Works Jobs, were all known supporters or members of the Communist Party USA.

Los Angeles , National Labor Coalition For Public Works Jobs

A New York affiliate, New York Coalition for Public Works Jobs, c/o Utility Workers Union of America Local 1-2.

Working Families Party

Senator Schumer is close to the Working Families Party.

2000 WFP Convention

The New York Working Families Party 2000 Convention was held at the Desmond Hotel, March 26.

Attendees included;

Schumer told the conference that the support of labor was the decisive factor throughout his political career. "In my first race i was an underdog. but i had labor in my corner and I squeaked by and won. in 1998 no one thought i could beat Al D'Amato. But once again I had labor in my corner...We won because we stood for things. we can't be a successful party and movement unless we stand for things that matter to working people. the WFP has shown us this"

There were sizable delegations from ACORN and Citizen Action.[13]

WFP support

Communist Party USA members Elena Mora and Gabe Falsetta wrote a report for the People's World, of November 19 2004 "Many positives in N.Y. elections," commenting on the gains made by "progressive" candidates.[14]

At press time, Democrat Brian Higgins appeared very close to winning the 27th Congressional District seat, which represents parts of Buffalo. The GOP has held the seat for 12 years. The vote tally was extremely close and continuing.
Higgins had the strong support of labor and the Working Families Party. The WFP also attracted 150,000 votes on its line for Sen. Charles Schumer, and about 120,000 for Kerry. War Resisters League leader David McReynolds ran against Schumer as a Green Party candidate and garnered 33,000 votes.

In 2004, the Working Families Party endorsed Democrat Charles Schumer for U.S. Senate. Thus, Schumer’s name appeared on the ballot twice — once as a Democrat and once as the candidate of the Working Families Party. Supporters of the Working Families Party — 155,000 of them — voted for Schumer on the Working Families Party ballot line.[15]

WFP pre-election gathering

Sen. Schumer shakes hands with Communication Workers of America Vice President Chris Shelton

Many high-power politicians–United States Senator Charles Schumer, Mayor Bill de Blasio, Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito, Public Advocate Letitia James and State Senator James Sanders–fired up a hundreds-strong crowd of supporters of the labor-backed Working Families Party 9/9/2014 with speeches vowing to keep Republicans from controlling the State Senate, to raise the minimum wage, to create a public financing system for state elections and to organize low-paid fast food and airport workers.

The crowd, a mix of union members and activist groups like Vocal-NY and New York Communities for Change, crammed into the basement of Manhattan’s Saint Vartan’s Armenian Cathedral for the event, entitled “Justice for Workers.” The evening started with a reading by poet Maria “Mariposa” Fernandez, who read a piece detailing the difficult life of a Hispanic service worker that simultaneously railed against pollution, an America “ruled by warmongering men,” “U.S. colonialism and imperialism” and the Atlantic slave trade.

“We’re not going to take back one Senate, we’re going to take back two Senates, one in Washington and one in Albany!” said Mr. Schumer, recalling his long relationship with WFP, which dates back to his first successful run for his seat in 1998–when Republicans dominated both houses of the federal legislature. “We sent Al D’Amato back to Island Park, and we put Newt Gingrich on the midnight train to Georgia. Now we’re going to do that again!”

The senior senator from New York went on to blast Republican Party donors Charles and David Koch and to call for a higher minimum wage, gender pay equity, taxpayer-financed elections, immigration reform and greater unionization of the workforce–all notes picked up by subsequent speakers, who emphasized the importance of voting for Gov. Andrew Cuomo and other Democrats on the WFP ticket.[16]

Sinn Fein

Senator Schumer is close to Sinn Fein.

Hibernians pepper White House with McAllister calls

November 22, 2019 Members of the Ancient Order of Hibernians are peppering the White House today with phone calls in support of Malachy McAllister’s bid to avoid deportation from the United States next week.

Pictured at a meeting in Washington D.C. Wednesday were (l-r): Mark Thompson, Relatives for Justice, Professor Mark McGovern, Malachy McAllister, Senator Charles Schumer, Martin Galvin, AOH, attorney Diane George, Sean Pender, AOH, and Martin Brennan, New York State Director for Senator Schumer.

And members of the Brehon Law Society were rallying behind another Irishman, Patsy Donnelly, who is battling to continue living in the U.S., his home for three decades.

Donnelly is married to a U.S. citizen. McAllister is the father of a U.S. citizen.

Prior to the phone calling blitz, AOH National President, Judge James McKay, sent a message to Hibernians across the nation.

It stated in part: “Our Hibernian oath commits us that ‘If a brother should be defamed, or be treated unjustly, I will espouse his cause, give him the earliest possible advice and aid him when in distress.’

“Currently, Brother Malachy McAllister and members of his family are in distress. Brother McAllister entered this country legally over twenty years ago and applied for asylum after loyalist paramilitants sprayed his home with submachine gun fire, narrowly missing his children and mother-in-law.

“Malachy’s application for asylum was denied on the basis that during his youth he was incarcerated in Northern Ireland for his activities during the Troubles; activities for which he served his full sentence and was released early for good behavior. During his two decades in the United States, Malachy has complied with all U.S. law, started two successful job-producing businesses, and, due to the untimely death of his first wife, raised two families with children and grandchildren who are American citizens.

“There is currently bipartisan legislation before both houses of Congress to address the unforeseen circumstance of the McAllister family in current law. We ask you brothers to take 5 minutes to help another Brother by calling the White House switchboard asking President Trump to hear his sister’s call and stay the deportation of the McAllister family until the legislative process has had a chance to work.”

The message that Hibernians are being asked to deliver states: “I am calling to urge President Trump to instruct Homeland Security to issue a Stay of Deportation for Malachy McAllister, before his scheduled date of deportation, Friday, November 29, 2019.”

“In 2006, President Trump’s sister, Judge Maryanne Barry, implored the Attorney General to allow Malachy and his family to stay here.” There is currently bipartisan legislation in both houses of Congress to provide relief to the McAllister family.

“I join our National President Judge James McKay, and our 40,000 members of the Ancient Order of Hibernians, America’s largest Irish organization, and fellow Irish Americans in standing up for Malachy McAllister, a law-abiding father, and grandfather of US-born children, a job creator and brave advocate for the Irish Peace Process. I ask that President Trump issue a stay of his 11/29 deportation”

Separately, Judge McKay has penned a letter to President Trump urging a stay on McAllister’s deportation.

In the case of Patsy Donnelly, due for a court hearing in federal immigration court in Manhattan today, the Brehon Law Society released a statement that reads in part: “Patsy Donnelly is a longstanding member of the Irish community. He has been married to an American woman for 30 years and is a loving father and grandfather. He applied for U.S. Citizenship, but the USCIS denied his application because they claim that records generated by the RUC indicate that he was arrested in 1985. He now faces deportation. The official police records that were submitted with his application prove he was never charged or convicted of any offense.

“Patsy is a carpenter and project supervisor. He trains young American workers in the job skills that are needed to work on the high rise construction projects that contribute so much of the NYC economy. After 30 years of marriage, the U.S. government is not only denying Patsy and his family the constitutional right to U.S. citizenship, they are trying to take away his green card and deport him.’

Brehon members were being asked to show up in court as a gesture of solidarity with Donnelly and his family.[17]

Schumer and Quinn


November 2018 Senator Charles Schumer met with Carmel Quinn during her recent U.S. speaking tour on the Ballymurphy Massacre. Pictured on Capitol Hill (l-r): Jim McLaughlin, AOH Virginia State President, Tom Quinn, Carmel Quinn, Senator Schumer, Martin Galvin, National AOH Freedom For All Ireland Chairman, and Peter Kissel, President Irish American Unity Conference.[18]

British to face US pressure on Cory

The British government come under intense pressure at St Patrick's Day gatherings in Washington DC March 2004 to publish the Cory reports in full.

Prominent US senators, including Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry, wrote to British prime minister Tony Blair calling for the speedy and complete publication of Canadian judge Peter Cory's reports into four killings where security force collusion is suspected.

Nationalists and republicans do not believe that Blair will publish the entire reports, despite his assurances last week that the reports would be made public before Easter.

Blair's government had since the reports since the previous October, but they remained unpublished. The Irish government published its two reports in December.

Cory had recommended public inquiries into the deaths of Catholic solicitors Pat Finucane and Rosemary Nelson, Portadown Catholic Robert Hamill and Loyalist Volunteer Force leader Billy Wright.

US senators John Kerry, Ted Kennedy, Charles Schumer, Chris Dodd and Patrick Leahy wrote to Blair expressing their concern at his failure to publish.

``Despite the fact that Judge Cory submitted his report nearly six months ago, the Cory report has not yet been published, no target date for publication has been given and there has been no clear confirmation that public inquiries will be held into all cases where Judge Cory has recommended them, said the letters.[19]

Friends of Sinn Fein

In 11 October, 2007 Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams MP MLA, who was in America for a week of public engagements, has expressed his support for the efforts of the Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform.

The ILIR are working hard to find a satisfactory resolution to the concerns of thousands on Irish undocumented working and living in the USA.

At the beginning of the week Mr Adams met Niall O'Dowd and Ciaran Staunton who together lead the ILIR.

Gerry Adams was briefed by them about the current efforts to persuade4 the US government to reform its immigration laws.

Gerry Adams also met with New York Senator Charles Schumer.

Senator Schumer has been a long standing supporter of the Irish Peace Process and of immigration reform to help Irish immigrants.

Senator Schumer spoke at the Friends of Sinn Féin dinner in New York in June. He told the 1000 people packed into the Sheraton Ballroom that he was committed to supporting the Irish in America.[20]

The Senator who has been a long-standing supporter of the Irish Peace Process and of immigration reform expressed his support for the thousands of undocumented Irish.

Speaking about the issue of the undocumented Irish Gerry Adams said:

“The plight of the thousands of Irish undocumented working and living in USA is a priority for Sinn Féin. “We will continue to raise this issue at every political and governmental level open to us.”

Martin McGuinness and Gerry Adams both addressed the New York dinner which was hosted by Fionnuala Flanagan. Both thankedd Irish America for its steadfast support.[21]

"United Ireland Forum"

There was a loud buzz of anticipation in the hall as 800 Irish American activists gathered on a Saturday afternoon June 2009 in the Hilton Hotel in Midtown Manhattan, in New York.

Old friends who had campaigned together over many decades on a range of justice issues, from internment, through political status campaigns, the hunger strikes, collusion, plastic bullets and the MacBride Principles Campaign against discrimination, and many more, came together for a special one day conference organized by Sinn Féin.

There were scores of Irish American organisations represented at what was probably the biggest single gathering of Irish American organisations and activists in several decades.

The New York event was organized by Sinn Féin. It was billed as a ‘United Ireland Forum’ with the theme of the conference described as; ‘A Public Conversation to discuss: Unity – Our destination: How do we get there?’

Pete Hamill was Fear an Tí. This well known former New York journalist, essayist and novelist spoke of the importance of the conference and of the issue and introduced each of the panellists.

He was joined on stage by Gerry Adams, Sinn Féin President; Brian Keenan, author and broadcaster who was a hostage in Beirut for four and a half years and who is from East Belfast; Dr. Brendan O’Leary, is Professor of Political Science at the University of Pennsylvania who has written extensively on the north, is an advisor to the Kurdistan National Assembly, the UN, EU and others; and Terry O’Sullivan, the General President of the Labourers’ International Union of North America.

Gerry Adams as the host of the Forum reminded his audience of the goal of the meeting, “A Public Conversation to discuss: Unity – Our destination: How do we get there?”. He identified two sub themes: “Firstly for the people of Ireland – what kind of united Ireland do we need? “And secondly for the diaspora, particularly here in the USA, the question is not so much how do we get there as how can the USA help the people of Ireland get there? How do you help? How can you be active and effective?

“Because it isn’t a matter of IF we will get a united Ireland – be sure of that my friends. It is a matter of HOW and WHEN. “For Sinn Féin a united Ireland is more than just about changing the flags. We want a real republic – a national democratic republic – but that is for the people of the island of Ireland to decide, free from outside interference. So, this conference is about what you can do about uniting Ireland. In other words this is the start of a new phase of activism throughout Irish America. “For hundreds of years we Irish have struggled for independence and freedom from Britain. Our struggle has taken many forms, sometimes armed and violent, sometimes electoral, sometimes peaceful.

“We have fought on all fronts – we have suffered. Others have suffered also. We have persisted; we have made enormous progress and we have prevailed. And always, at the heart of our struggle there has been our fundamental right, our basic human right, to determine our own future.

The conference was also unexpectedly addressed by two senior New York politicians US Senator Charles Schumer and Congressman Eliot Engel who both pledged their support to the campaign.[22]

Boston College IRA tapes controversy

In March 2012 Senator Charles E. Schumer (D-New York) waded into the Boston College Belfast Project controversy, when he urged US federal officials to block a subpoena that would divulge the secrets of the college’s confidential oral history project which featured many former IRA operatives.

Senator Schumer said in a letter to US Attorney General Eric Holder and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that the request from the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) for tapings raised “significant issues of journalistic confidentiality and academic freedom”. On top of that, he said, the Northern Ireland peace process itself could be put in peril.

The increasingly acrimonious saga had run since last May, when US authorities acting for the PSNI demanded access to 26 interviews given to BC by former IRA members for the project on Northern Ireland’s Troubles, undertaken by former IRA man-turned journalist Anthony McIntyre and Bronx-based journalist Ed Moloney.

In total the project included interviews with around 50 republican and loyalist paramilitaries gathered between 2001 and 2006, under the condition that they would not be released until the interviewees had passed away.

The PSNI investigation is focusing on interviews given by Dolours Price and the late Brendan Hughes, both former IRA members. Both have in the past accused Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams – who denies ever being in the IRA - of running a secret death squad which conducted the kidnappings and disappearances of at least nine people during the early 1970s, including mother of 10 Jean McConville.[23]

Asian Americans for Equality

Senator Schumer is close to Asian Americans for Equality.

FreddieMac funding for AAFE

U.S. Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) and U.S. Representative Nydia Velazquez (D-NY) joined Asian Americans for Equality June 2, 2003, to announce Freddie Mac's $1.5 million grant to the newly created Lower Manhattan Affordable Housing Trust Fund (LMAHTF). The Fund will support the development and preservation of affordable housing in the Lower Manhattan neighborhoods most affected by the September 11th World Trade Center disaster.

"This is a great day for Lower Manhattan, especially the residents of Chinatown," said Senator Charles Schumer. "Chinatown has demonstrated great courage and resilience both after the tragedies of 9/11 and during the baseless SARS scare. With the help of partners like Freddie Mac, that courage and resilience is being rewarded and helping to rebuild and revitalize all of Lower Manhattan." [24]

East River Waterfront park project

Nov. 21, 2010, U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer and NYS Senator Daniel Squadron, joined by numerous community leaders, called on the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation (LMDC) , to commit funding from the Lower Manhattan Redevelopment Fund to complete the East River Waterfront park project, including the redevelopment of Pier 42. The LMDC will meet on Monday to begin considering what investments to make with remaining federal dollars. Schumer, who secured $20.4 billion in funding to help rebuild lower Manhattan in the aftermath of the September 11th attacks, will call on the LMDC to fund the redevelopment of Pier 42 and complete the continuous green ribbon around Lower Manhattan, from Hudson River Park to East River Park and beyond.

“We’re excited that with the support of Senator Schumer and State Senator Squadron, Chinatown and Lower East Side residents’ vision for an accessible, community-oriented waterfront is one step closer to being realized,” said CAAAV Chinatown Tenants Union Director Esther Wang. “Immigrant and working-class neighborhoods - not just the Upper East Side or Chelsea - deserve and need world-class parks and open space, as well as community space.

Christopher Kui, Executive Director of Asian Americans for Equality, “AAFE would like to thank immensely the hard work of Senator Chuck Schumer and State Senator Daniel Squadron in fighting for funds that would enable our waterfront to realize its greatest potential. A waterfront park at Pier 42 would give residents of the Lower East Side, Chinatown and East Village access to quality open space so needed in our community.”[25]

Praising Margaret Chin

In January 2014, after winning a tough re-election campaign against a much younger opponent with little political experience, Councilmember Margaret Chin showed off her own strong political ties as she entered a second term at her inauguration.

Chin was also praised — always professionally, but sometimes on a deeply personal level — by Sen. Chuck Schumer, House Representatives Jerry Nadler and Carolyn Maloney, State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, Borough President Gale Brewer, and State Sen. Daniel Squadron.

“What we can say about Margaret is this: No one put a silver spoon in her mouth, and no one plucked her up and put her into high office,” said Schumer, who, among other things, would go on describe Chin as a “tiger” when it came to her persistence in securing disaster recovery aid after Hurricane Sandy.

“Margaret, you have earned all this,” Schumer declared.[26]

2016 42nd Annual Banquet endorsement


Dream of Equality Award


On March 16 2017, Asian Americans for Equality celebrated its 43rd Annual Lunar New Year Banquet in Manhattan’s Chinatown.

We were pleased to present Dream of Equality Awards to four distinguished members of our community. They included: U.S. Sen. Charles E. Schumer; Javier Valdes, co-executive director of Make the Road New York; Yvonne Stennett, executive director of Community League of the Heights; and New York State Supreme Court Judge Doris Ling-Cohan.[27]

NeighborWorks America Grants

U.S. Senators Charles E. Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand May 18 2017, announced $4,804,166 in grants for New York state community development organizations in the national NeighborWorks® network. The funds will support developing and preserving affordable housing, maintaining and expanding neighborhoods, and growing jobs. The FY 17 grant funding will be released by NeighborWorks America.

“Access to affordable housing is essential for the health of our families and the economic strength of our communities,” said Senator Schumer. “This funding, from NeighborWorks America, will strengthen neighborhoods, remove blight, and provide safe, quality housing for New York families. I will continue to fight for and deliver funds to New York that help provide families and children with safe and affordable housing options.”

“These federal funds will help make sure that more low-income families in New York have access to a safe place to live,” said Senator Gillibrand. “Grants like this are an important resource for communities that are working hard to attract more families and more good-paying jobs, and I will continue to do everything I can in the Senate to make sure that all New Yorkers have the opportunity to reach their potential.”

NeighborWorks America is a public nonprofit organization that engages in affordable housing and community development. The organization was established by Congress in 1978 and its network includes more than 240 organizations nationwide. NeighborWorks collaborates with a wide range of community stakeholders to support local solutions to community development and affordable housing problems.

Asian Americans for Equality, received $290,000.[28]


In 2000, U.S. lawmakers publicly accused the China Ocean Shipping Co. of being a front for espionage and blocked plans to expand its Long Beach, Calif., port terminal over fears that Chinese spies would use it to snoop on the United States.

By 2009, Congress was seeing the state-owned Chinese behemoth in a far kinder light. Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) authored a resolution applauding the company for employing thousands of Americans and helping keep the waters of Alaska clean. Rep. Stephen Lynch (D-Mass.) hailed the firm on the House floor, calling its chief executive "a people's ambassador" to the United States after it rescued Boston's port -- and thousands of jobs -- when a European shipping line moved out.

China's handling of troublesome U.S. politicians has evolved, too. When Sens. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) and Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) proposed legislation in 2005 that would slap a 27.5 percent tariff on Chinese goods unless China revalued its currency, Beijing took a new tack. Instead of denouncing the pair on the front page of the People's Daily, as it might have in the past, the Foreign Ministry in Beijing welcomed them on a visit to China. At the end of his trip, Schumer told reporters that he was no longer sure he would push for a vote on the bill and that he was "more optimistic that this can be worked out than we were in the past."[29]

China visit

A bipartisan delegation of 10 United States Senators returned home late April following a week’s worth of meetings with high-level Chinese government officials, business leaders, U.S. Foreign Service officers and Peace Corps volunteers.

The historic delegation, led by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada, represented more than a third of the U.S. population and included some of the most senior members of the Senate. The delegation included Assistant Majority Leader Dick Durbin (D-Ill.), Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.), Richard Shelby (R-Ala.), Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.), Mike Enzi (R-Wyo.), Frank Lautenberg (D-N.J.), Johnny Isakson (R-Ga.), Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.) and Michael Bennet (D-Colo.).

Some of the Chinese officials the Senators met with include:

  • Xi Jinping, China’s Vice President, who is widely expected to succeed Hu Jintao next year as China’s next President
  • Wang Qishan, Vice Premier
  • Yang Jiechi, Foreign Minister
  • Wu Bangguo, Chairman of the National People’s Congress, China’s legislature.
  • Lu Yongxiang, Vice Chairman of the National People’s Congress
  • Zhou Xiaochuan, President of the People’s Bank of China
  • Donald Tsang, Chief Executive of Hong Kong
  • Florinda Chan, Acting Chief Executive and Secretary for Administration and Justice of Macau
  • Ge Honglin, Mayor of Chengdu, a city with a population of 14 million that is a leader in China’s renewable energy industry.[30]

Supported by Council for a Livable World

The Council for a Livable World, founded in 1962 by long-time socialist activist and alleged Soviet agent, Leo Szilard, is a non-profit advocacy organization that seeks to "reduce the danger of nuclear weapons and increase national security", primarily through supporting progressive, congressional candidates who support their policies. The Council supported Charles E. Schumer in his successful Senate run as candidate for New York.[31]

J Street controversy

In October 2009, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand asked to be removed from the host committee for a conference of the left-leaning Jewish group J Street and was "unaware" she had been included on the group's list of supporters, spokesman Matt Canter said.

Her withdrawal comes after her political mentor, Chuck Schumer, also refused to participate in the event, and as the place of J Street -- positioning itself as liberal but staunchly "pro-Israel" -- remains hotly contested in American political circles.

The group's host committee includes prominent center-left Israel backers in Congress, including Florida's Robert Wexler and New York's Steve Israel, and an Israel spokeswoman confirmed he intended his name to be on the list. Many pro-Israel Democrats, however, continue to shun J Street. Steve Israel is the only Jewish member from New York, for instance, on the host list.

Schumer asked not to be included, after initially agreeing to be on the list, which includes 158 members of Congress, a J Street official said.

A J Street staffer, Steven Krubiner, had told other New York members of Congress that Schumer had "confirmed" as a member of the host committee for J Street's conference later this month.

"At one point they said yes," said J Street director of policy and strategy Hadar Susskind. "Chuck Schumer was on – he then decided not to be, which was fine. At the time when anybody was told that, he was on."[32]

Radical intern

Priya Pandey, intern District Office of U.S Senator Charles Schumer. September 2015 – December 2015. Binghamton, New York.[33]


469237 10151592389332381 1372895192 o.jpg

May 2013, Christina Dumitrescu, campaign organizer at the New York Immigrant Coalition; Mona Mahraoui; Angie Kim with the MinKwon Center for Community Action; and NYIC DREAM Fellow, Mehdi Mahraoui , meet with Senator Chuck Schumer on the day the immigration bill passed the Judiciary Committee.[34]

Metropolitan College gala

Metropolitan College of New York celebrated its founding with a 50th Anniversary Gala, Thursday, October 23, 2014 at the Plaza Hotel in Manhattan. Themed, “Amplify the Dream”; the Gala highlighted the school’s dynamic history. The Gala’s honorary chair was Mayor David Dinkins, New York City’s first Black mayor.

“I am honored to serve as honorary chair of MCNY’s Anniversary Gala,” said Mayor Dinkins. “For half a century, MCNY has not only produced professional citizens in New York City, but those who are also socially-responsible and share a commitment to give back and make our society a better place for all New Yorkers.”

The distinguished members of the honorary committee include: Mayor Bill de Blasio, Gale Brewer, Manhattan Borough President; Ruben Diaz, Jr., Bronx Borough President; Senator Kirsten Gillibrand; Carmen de Lavallade and the late Geoffrey Holder; Fernando Ferrer, Vice Chairman, MTA and former Bronx President; Ruth Messinger, President, American Jewish World Service; Senator Charles E. Schumer and Reverend Al Sharpton. The Gala honorees include: Helen LaKelly Hunt (Changemaker), Dr. Edison O. Jackson (Trailblazer) and R. Rick Baker (Champion). Robert Sargent Shriver was honored posthumously.[35]

Islamic connections

MPAC interns

In 2022 Aisha Irshad was a Muslim Public Affairs Council Congressional Leadership Development Program intern in Charles E. Schumer 's office.

In 2018 Zoya Sattar was a Muslim Public Affairs Council Congressional Leadership Development Program intern in Charles E. Schumer 's office.

In 2018 Azhar Gulaid was a Muslim Public Affairs Council Congressional Leadership Development Program intern in Charles E. Schumer 's office.

IAPAC Kickoff event

The newly created Iranian American Political Action Committee held a kickoff reception July 22 2003, at the Phoenix Park Hotel in Washington, DC. The reception was a huge success, attracting well over one hundred attendees. The crowd was so large that the room in which the reception was held was filled to overflowing. The reception was attended by three United States Senators-Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts, Charles E. Schumer of New York, and Tom Carper of Delaware, as well as by distinguished Iranian Americans from many sectors of American society.

The program began with introductory remarks by Hassan Nemazee, the founder of IAPAC. Mr. Nemazee, who is also the Chairman and CEO of Nemazee Capital Corporation, emphasized the accomplishments of Iranian Americans in most areas of American life. He noted, however, that in politics, Iranian Americans have yet to assume a prominent role. Mr. Nemazee stated that IAPAC's foremost purpose is to ensure that Americans of Iranian descent have an influential voice and presence in the American electoral process by promoting and supporting the election of candidates for federal, state and local office, regardless of their party affiliation who are attuned to the domestic needs of the Iranian American community. Mr. Nemazee also emphasized that "IAPAC is a political action committee focused on the needs of our community in the United States and is not focused on U.S. policy towards Iran, establishing ties with or legitimizing the government of Iran."

Also representing IAPAC was Morad Ghorban, who serves as the political director of IAPAC. Mr. Ghorban, who immigrated to the United States from Shiraz as a child, emphasized his American patriotism, while noting that"...there will always be a little piece of Shiraz in my heart." In discussing IAPAC, Mr. Ghorban noted the importance of PACs in the American electoral system. He also emphasized that IAPAC will work to promote the interests of Iranian Americans in a non-partisan manner by making financial contributions to both Republican and Democratic candidates running for political office. Among the chief issues of concern to IAPAC, Mr. Ghorban said, are immigration reform and civil liberties.

Senator Kennedy spoke of his strong efforts to combat hate crimes against Iranian and other Americans. The Senator also emphasized his personal ties to the Middle East, noting the Lebanese heritage of his wife, Victoria Reggie Kennedy, and the ascent of his wife's family to prosperity. Senator Carper spoke warmly of his associations with Iranian Americans and his commitment to work with the Iranian American community. Senator Schumer noted that with the formal inauguration of IAPAC, Iranian Americans are following a pattern of entry into American political life that is common for most immigrant groups. Senator Schumer also spoke of his commitment to work with and engage Iranian Americans in the political process and the need to combat racism in American society.[36]

IAPAC money

Senator Chuck Schumer received money from the Iranian American Political Action Committee during the 2004, 2010, and 2016 election cycles.[37]

Schumer on IAPAC

From the Iranian American Political Action Committee website;[38]

"I appreciate the generous support IAPAC has given to my campaign. IAPAC is an effective organization that does a terrific job of building relationships with elected officials and educating them about the issues of importance to the Iranian American community. I am proud to say that New York State is home to a vibrant, diverse, and successful community of such individuals."

Help on Iranian visas

In October of 2002 Iranian American Political Action Committee met with Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY), the then Chairmen of the Senate Judiciary Sub-committee on Immigration, to discuss the immediate impact of the implementation of the Section 306 of the Enhanced Border Security & Visa Enter Reform Act. Section 306 of the law contemplates a ban on the issuance of all non-immigrant visas to residents or nationals of the seven countries that appear on the Department of State's list of state sponsors of international terrorism - including Iran...IAPAC spoke to Senator Schumer about the unfairness and short sightedness of the legislation and presented to him specific recommendations drafted by the Iranian American Bar Association on how Section 306 should be interpreted. Senator Schumer agreed to hold and chair a meeting with the Department of Justice, the Department of State and the Central Intelligence Agency to discuss the regulations that will be applied regarding the implementation of Section 306.

IAPAC also requested the following Senators to attend the meeting - Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA), Sen. John Kerry (D-MA), Sen. John Edwards (D-NC), Sen. Thomas Carper (D-DE), Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY), Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-TX), Sen. Joe Biden (D-DE), Sen. Bill Nelson (D-FL), Sen. Joe Lieberman (D-CT) and Sen. Richard Lugar (R-IN). All sent representatives to the meeting and were in agreement with our proposals. The first meeting was held in November of 2002 and the second meeting was held in March of 2003.

In addition, IAPAC asked for and received a press release from Senator Schumer regarding visa policy for non-immigrants. Senator Schumer summed up his concerns by stating that "we do not want our non-immigrant visa policy to impose an undue hardship on American citizens, including Iranian Americans, many of whom have made and continue to make outstanding contributions to the economic and social life of our country."[39]

Further help

March 9, 2004 – At the request of the Iranian American Political Action Committee, Senator Schumer contacted the Department of Homeland Security to inquire about the delays over the issuance of non-immigrant visas caused by the interim procedures currently in place to enforce Section 306 of the Enhanced Border Security and Visa Entry Reform Act of 2002. Since its inception, IAPAC has been working closely with Senator Schumer with respect to the potential impact of this Act’s implementation of Section 306. Specifically, Section 306 contemplates a ban on the issuance of all non-immigrant visas to residents or nationals of the seven countries that appear on the Department of State's list of state sponsors of international terrorism - including Iran.

In his letter to Secretary Tom Ridge at the Department of Homeland Security, Senator Schumer expressed his support for “comprehensive screening measures.” He thankedd Secretary Ridge for “moving swiftly to implement procedures to ensure that individuals granted non-immigrant visas have a valid reason for visiting the United States and pose no harm to our country or its citizens.” However, Senator Schumer expressed concerns that these policies might increase the approval time for visas because of security clearances. Many people who should have been able to enter the United States promptly for medical treatment or family events have been forced to forgo their visits because they are unable to receive proper security clearances.

To substantiate his point, Senator Schumer explained how constituent representatives in his office have dealt with a number of cases. He gave an example of one Iranian national who is a permanent resident of the United Kingdom and who used to make trips to the Mayo Clinic for medical care, but is now unable to secure a visa for his treatment. Senator Schumer spoke of another Iranian citizen who has been waiting for months to visit her husband of fifty years who is severely ill and hospitalized.

Senator Schumer’s concerns were previously communicated to representatives from the agency during meetings in December 2002 and March 2003. At the request of IAPAC, Senator Schumer presented to the participants specific recommendations drafted by the Iranian American Bar Association on how Section 306 should be interpreted. Senator Schumer believes we may be expending precious security resources on visitors who pose no threat to the U.S. and that the criterion of background checks may be too broad. “We must be aggressive in our efforts to detect and eliminate terrorist threats without doing away with the strengths upon which we stand as a nation,” says Schumer.[40]

2007 reception

The Iranian American Political Action Committee held its annual New York City reception on July 22, 2007. The event, held at the home of Hamid Biglari and Laya Biglari, brought together Iranian Americans from the tri-state area to discuss IAPAC's role in enhancing Iranian American participation in the American political process.

The featured guest of the reception was Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY). A long time friend of the Iranian American community, Schumer is the senior U.S. Senator from New York, serving since 1999. In November 2006, he was elected to the new post of Vice Chairman of the Senate Democratic Caucus. In this position, he is the third-ranking Democrat in the U.S. Senate, behind Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin.

In his speech, Schumer recognized the tremendous contributions of Iranian Americans to American society. He thankedd Iranian Americans for becoming a part of the U.S. and encouraged them to actively participate in the American political process. "America is a nation of volunteers. Volunteers create organizations like IAPAC who are well respected and listened to," Schumer said.

Schumer went on to acknowledge some of the immigration-related concerns of the Iranian American community. He explained that the U.S. government must do everything in its power to prevent the entry of terrorists into our nation. “At same time America should not exclude those individuals who want to come to the United States to do good,” Schumer said. He gave examples of how constituent representatives in his office have dealt with a number of cases of Iranian nationals who had difficulties securing visas, including a top-ranking executive from Deutsche Bank Group who was a German citizen of Iranian descent.[41]

“Iranian Sounds of Peace”

On November 14, 2009, Chuck Schumer made a surprise appearance at the sold-out “Iranian Sounds of Peace” concert featuring Hafez Nazeri and Shahram Nazeri at New York’s famed Carnegie Hall. In a short speech given during intermission, Schumer took the opportunity to once again thank Iranian Americans for their contributions to American society and underscored the solidarity between the peoples of Iran and America.[42]


Fall 2015

In 2009, Schumer joined with Republican Senate colleagues Jon Kyl of Arizona and Tom Coburn of Oklahoma in writing to the FBI to praise reports that the Bureau had cut off all non-criminal investigative contact with CAIR due to its roots in a Hamas-support network. The Investigative Project on Terrorism broke the news about the FBI policy to shun CAIR one month earlier.

"We certainly support that action," the senators wrote, asking for more details about the reasons behind it. "Obviously, we believe this should be government-wide policy," they added.[43]

He has also written “Since 1994, CAIR has worked to promote a positive image of Islam and Muslims in America. Through media relations, lobbying, education, and advocacy work, CAIR has worked to ensure an accurate portrayal of Muslims is represented.” -Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) (August 2014).[44]

According to Schumer, CAIR is to be applauded "for its determination to continue to spread humanity around the world and to cultivate mutual understanding amongst Americans of all backgrounds and cultures ... I know that the Council on American-Islamic Relations will continue to serve New York State and the nation for many years to come."

Anti "Muslim ban" rally

After 17 people were detained without charges this morning in John F. Kennedy Airport, protesters and elected officials gathered in Battery Park to speak against President Donald Trump’s slew of executive orders banning immigrants from seven Muslim majority countries and halting the entry of refugees into the country.

The New York Immigration Coalition, Make The Road New York, the National Immigration Law Center and several other New York-based organizations coordinated the rally, and over 10,000 supporters attended.

Among the speakers were Senators Cory Booker, Kirsten Gillibrand and Chuck Schumer, Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez, Mayor Bill de Blasio, activist Linda Sarsour and U.S. Representative Jerry Nadler. Many elected officials were also present at the rally in Washington Square Park on Wednesday, which promoted a similar message of open borders with the hashtag #NoBanNoWall.

Addressing the crowd, Schumer said that the protests in JFK contributed to the fight against Trump’s recent executive orders regarding immigration.

“Because of your actions, he [Secretary John F. Kelly] promised me that the 42 who are detained and under court order to be released, will be released to the United States and to freedom shortly,” Schumer said during his speech. “So we’ve made progress for 42 — we have to make progress for thousands and tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands more.”

Sana Mayat is the NYU’s Muslim Student Association vice president, and she expressed surprise and pride to see the number of non-Muslims that showed up at the rally.

“People are saying that an attack on one is an attack on everyone, not just an issue that is limited to one group,” Mayat said. “It is really impactful and it gives me a lot of hope.”

CAS freshman Claudia Franke attended the protest and said that the message of Sunday’s rally particularly resonated with her, since she has family members living in the U.S. with green cards. [45]

AFGE conference

February 2018 1,000 American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) attended t the union’s annual legislative-political conference in Washington DC. led by union President J. David Cox.

Speakers included Sens. Tim Kaine of Virginia, Cory Booker of New Jersey and Bernie Sanders of Vermont.

All the speakers spent a lot of their time on AFGE’s issues, denouncing Trump’s proposed pay freeze for federal workers, his call to virtually institute a spoils system in hiring and firing and praising the role of unions in creating, sustaining and defending the middle class, among other things. The difference was those three spoke more generally.

Energizing the base was a key point of Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., at the Capitol Hill rally. The GOP has 51 U.S. Senate seats, but must defend only eight this fall. The Democrats hold 47, but must defend 26, while Sanders and the other pro-Democratic independent, Maine’s Angus King, also face the voters.

He told the group to “go home” and talk to their colleagues, getting them more involved in politics, and earlier than ever, like right now. The election is almost 10 months away.

“People in Washington like to kick you around,” Schumer told the crowd. “They like scapegoats. Sometimes it’s people of color. Sometimes it’s women. Sometimes it’s immigrants. And sometimes it’s you.”

“So don’t let the naysayers get you down. The people know what Donald Trump is and what he is doing to America. They are in the streets. They are marching. They are voting. Keep up the fight. We have your back, and on to victory!” he declared.[46]

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