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Chaka Fattah

Template:TOCnestleft Chaka Fattah was a Democratic member of the United States House of Representatives, representing the 2nd district of Pennsylvania.

Fattah is still serving in the U.S. House of Representatives and currently resides in Philadelphia, where, with his third wife Renee Chenault-Fattah, he is raising his four children.[1]

Fattah was indicted on racketeering charges in July 2015. CNN reports the U.S. "Justice Department said that during his failed 2007 campaign to be Philadelphia's mayor, Fattah borrowed $1 million from a wealthy supporter and then used an education non-profit he'd founded to repay much of that money, using charitable donations and grant funds. He then allegedly concealed the scheme through sham contracts, tax returns and campaign finance documents." [2]

In April 2016 Fattah was defeated in the Democratic primary election by Pennsylvania state representative Dwight Evans, a strong supporter of public school reform and charter schools.[3]

Early life

Chaka Fattah was born to Russell Davenport and Frances Brown on November 21, 1956, under the name Arthur Davenport. His parents divorced when he was young, and his mother soon remarried to a man she met at a national conference on black power in 1968. Following this conference, his mother decided to change her name to Falaka Fattah, to acknowledge her African ethnicity, and Arthur she renamed Chaka Fattah.

When Fattah was 14, his mother and stepfather decided to develop a home for homeless boys and gang members. To help his parents succeed in this endeavor, Fattah delivered a slide presentation to the First Pennsylvania Bank, hoping they would donate their properties to his parents’ cause. The Bank was impressed by this young man’s proposal and provided his parents with the property and funds they were seeking. These properties became the beginning of the House of Umoja Boystown, and the proposal initiated Fattah’s political career. Fattah’s next political act, undertaken while attending Shoemaker Junior High School in Philadelphia in 1968, was campaign volunteer for Mayor Hardy Williams. In 1976 Fattah received his associate’s degree from the Community College of Philadelphia. In 1977, he completed his bachelor’s degree in economics and business at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School. Next he attended Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government, where he completed the Senior Executive Program for State Officials. Finally, in 1986, Fattah attended the University of Pennsylvania Fels Institute of State and Local Government, receiving a master’s degree in government administration.[4]


Immediately following his schooling, Fattah became, at that time, the youngest man to be elected to the Pennsylvania Legislature as a Democrat. He was also the youngest candidate ever to win by such a large margin. For 12 years Fattah was a state lawmaker, serving six years as state representative and six more as state senator.

In 1994, Fattah was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives, serving Pennsylvania’s Second Congressional District, which includes West and North Philadelphia, Germantown, and Darby. Also in 1994, he was elected whip, which is the legislator who enforces discipline, for the Congressional Black Caucus. In the years that followed, Fattah served on several committees, including the House Appropriations Committee, where he oversaw billions of dollars in funds, the House Democratic Caucus, and the Joint Committee on Printing.

Fattah’s most famous act was created in the year 2000. He titled it the Equal Protection School Finance Act, his first major step in creating equal opportunities in the schools. Later, in September 2003, he renamed it the Student Bill of Rights. In 1998, Fattah took a smaller step targeting education beyond high school. He called this new plan GEAR UP (Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs). This program provides support for minorities to pursue higher education. Alongside GEAR UP, Fattah created the William H. Gray College Completion Grant, which provides these minorities with the funds they need to pursue higher education.

Throughout all these years, Fattah was a vocal supporter of Bill Clinton, before, during, and after his years as President. Fattah continually criticized President George Bush, and "passionately disagrees with all the money that is put into the War on Iraq". [5]


Chaka Fattah, now serving in his ninth term in the U.S. House of Representatives, represents the Second Congressional District of Pennsylvania. A member of the powerful Appropriations Committee, which oversees over $800 billion in discretionary spending, Congressman Fattah was appointed by then House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Chair the Congressional Urban Caucus.[6]

Supporting Mumia Abu-Jamal

Several campaigns seeking a civil right investigation into the case of convicted cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal have been launched since 1995, at which time the Congressional Black Caucus was one of many groups that publicly supported an investigation. In a 1995 letter written independently of the CBC, Representatives Chaka Fattah, Ron Dellums, Cynthia McKinney, Maxine Waters and John Conyers, Jr. (later Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee) stated, “There is ample evidence that Mr. Abu-Jamal’s constitutional rights were violated, that he did not receive a fair trial, and that he is, in fact, innocent.”[7]

Nicholas relationship

September 2012, Fattah tweet

Fattah is very close to socialist labor leader Henry Nicholas.

Nicholas protege

Labor boss Henry Nicholas, talked about running for Philadelphia mayor as an independent in the November 1995 election, against Democratic Mayor Ed Rendell.

"When I am a candidate, I expect them all to come out," Nicholas said. They would be hard-pressed not to because I'm not just any candidate. I'm a candidate who paid dues already."

Nicholas wouldn't make his final decision until after the May primary.

If he runs, he puts his latest political protege, Democratic U.S. Rep. Chaka Fattah, on the hot seat.

Nicholas helped Fattah beat U.S. Rep. Lucien Blackwell, who was Rendell's candidate in the congressional race in 1994.

It's hard for Fattah to represent the city in Washington, D.C., without being at peace with the mayor, and Fattah is a practical politician. He didn't want to talk about Nicholas last week.[8]

DSA endorsement


In July 1996, the Democratic Socialists of America Political Action Committee endorsed Chaka Fattah, Pennsylvania 2 in that year's Congressional elections.[9]

H.R. 950, the Job Creation and Infrastructure Restoration Act of 1997 was introduced in the 105th Congress on March 5, 1997 by Congressman Matthew Martinez of California. It had 33 original co-sponsors, including Chaka Fattah. The primary purpose of this emergency federal jobs legislation was to provide much needed jobs at union wages to crisis ridden cities by putting the unemployed to work rebuilding our nation's infrastructure (schools, housing, hospitals, libraries, public transportation, highways, parks, environmental improvements, etc. $250 billion is authorized for emergency public works jobs over a five year period.

Congressman Martinez had previously introduced this bill in the last Congress (as HR 1591) at the the request of over 50 prominent Labor leaders who formed the Los Angeles Labor Coalition for Public Works Jobs, which is why it is often referred to as the "Martinez Public Works Jobs Bill."[10]

This is the most significant jobs legislation introduced in Congress since Franklin Delano Roosevelt's New Deal established the Works Progress Administration (WPA). This bill is the WPA-type program for today. It has strong provisions which will put hundreds of thousands of unemployed building trades workers to work as well as provide jobs for victims of plant closures, welfare recipients who are parents, youth, and the long term unemployed. The public works projects which will be established under this bill will be built in communities with the highest levels of unemployment and with the greatest needs.
The goal of the New York Coalition for Public Works Jobs is to build the movement to pass the Martinez Jobs bill as part of the National Labor Coalition for Public Works Jobs. You can help by asking your union, community organization, or local government body to to join those who have already passed resolutions to endorse the bill. Such a resolution has been introduced in the New York City Council. Calling on additional Congressional Representatives to co-sponsor the bill is very important. We will be organizing petition campaigns, visits to elected officials, and demonstrations and other actions for a public works jobs program.

The leaders of the Los Angeles Labor Coalition for Public Works Jobs and its only affiliate New York Coalition for Public Works Jobs, were all known supporters or members of the Communist Party USA.

Los Angeles , National Labor Coalition For Public Works Jobs

A New York affiliate, New York Coalition for Public Works Jobs, c/o Utility Workers Union of America Local 1-2.

Pro Democracy Convention

The Pro Democracy Convention was held June 29th To July 1, 2001. It started with a National Town Hall Meeting, Annenberg Center, University of Pennsylvania.

Come to a National Town Hall Meeting! Hear speakers representing a wide range of communities, including academics, labor leaders,lawyers, organizers, and elected officials, speak out about Election 2000, recommendations for electoral reform, and how we all can build the movement to expand democracy in the U.S.

Partial List of Invited Speakers and Presenters:

Health Care Access resolution

John Conyers promoted House Concurrent Resolution 99 (H. Con Res. 99) Directing Congress to enact legislation by October 2004 that provides access to comprehensive health care for all Americans. IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES April 4, 2001.

Sponsors:John Conyers (for himself), Jan Schakowsky, John Tierney, Barbara Lee, Donna Christensen, David Bonior, Dennis Kucinich, Earl Hilliard, Maurice Hinchey, Jerry Nadler, Donald Payne Chaka Fattah, Peter DeFazio, John Lewis Tammy Baldwin, Stephanie Tubbs Jones, Barney Frank, Henry Waxman, Cynthia McKinney, Jim Langevin, George Miller Alcee Hastings, Patsy Mink, John Olver , Bennie Thompson, Pete Stark, Julia Carson, and Mike Capuano submitted the following concurrent resolution; which was referred to the Committee on Energy and Commerce;[12]

Resolved by the House of Representatives (the Senate concurring), that the Congress shall enact legislation by October 2004 to guarantee that every person in the United States, regardless of income, age, or employment or health status, has access to health care..

Congressional Progressive Caucus

In 1998 Chaka Fattah Democrat was listed as a member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus.[13]

As of February 20 2009 Chaka Fattah was listed as a member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus.[14]

Congressional Black Caucus

Chaka Fattah is a member of the Congressional Black Caucus for the 113th Congress:[15]

Peace Pledge Coalition

In 2007 90 Members of Congress, pledged in an open letter delivered to President Bush: "We will only support appropriating funds for U.S. military operations in Iraq during Fiscal Year 2008 and beyond for the protection and safe redeployment of all our troops out of Iraq before you leave office." The letter was initiated by the Peace Pledge Coalition. The Coalition was led by Tim Carpenter, Progressive Democrats of America, Bob Fertik, Medea Benjamin, CodePink, Bill Fletcher, co-founder of Center for Labor Renewal David Swanson,,, Progressive Democrats of America, Kevin Zeese, Voters for Peace, Democracy Rising, Brad Friedman, co-founder of Velvet Revolution, Bill Moyer, Backbone Campaign.

Chaka Fattah signed the letter.[16][17]

Voted against cutting funding for ACORN

In September 2009, following the lead of their Senate colleagues, the House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly to cut off funds to ACORN. the vote was 345-75. All of the 75 were Democrats, and included Chaka Fattah. [18]

ARA town hall

Congressman Chaka Fattah, a strong advocate for President Obama’s Healthcare Reform plan with a robust public insurance option, will address a healthcare forum tomorrow.
Fattah last week called for a national March for Healthcare in Washington in September.


WHO: Congressman Chaka Fattah (D-PA)

WHAT: Alliance for Retired Americans Healthcare Forum

WHEN: Tuesday August 25, 2009 at 11 a.m.

WHERE: SEIU Local 1202 headquarters

Philadelphia PA[19]

Jim Hoft Aug 25th, 2009

PARA lobbying


Pennsylvania Alliance for Retired Americans members, including Ben Sears of AFT, meeting with Ron Goldwyn, Senior Staff to Congressman Chacka Fattah, November 20, 2010.[20]

ARA PAF endorsement, 2014

The Alliance for Retired Americans Political Action Fund endorsed Chaka Fattah in 2014, also 2014.[21]

2006 letter to Condoleezza Rice on Colombia

Alleged Colombian Army killings prompted Fellowship of Reconciliation to work with Representative Sam Farr to forge a response that would impact the 17th Brigade, the unit allegedly responsible for the violence against San José de Apartadó and communities throughout northwestern Colombia.

As a result, Reps. Sam Farr and Jim McGovern, wrote a letter to their colleagues in Congress urging them to join in calling on Secretary Condoleezza Rice to cut funding for the Colombian military.

Letter to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice
(Deadline for Congressional representatives to sign: February 22)
We applaud the decision, noted in your certification letter of August 2005, that the US "will not consider providing assistance to the 17th Brigade until all significant human rights allegations involving the unit have been credibly addressed." Because the Brigade is a component of the Colombian Armed Forces' command structure and has been implicated in the above referenced human rights violations, we implore you to abide by both the letter of the law and the spirit of the law by withholding human rights certification for Colombia until the following conditions are met:

Signatories included Chaka Fattah.[22]

2009 letter on Colombia

From November 6th through December 7th 2009, a letter calling for change in U.S. policy towards Colombia was circulated through the House of Representatives. This letter called for a decrease in U.S. aid for Colombia's military and an increase in support for human rights and humanitarian efforts. The initiators of this letter were —Representatives James McGovern, Jan Schakowsky, Donald Payne, and Mike Honda.

Dear Secretary of State Clinton,
The FY 2011 budget will contain the twelfth year of a major aid package to Colombia—an aid package originally slated to phase out after six years.
After eleven years, it is time to scale down assistance for Colombia's military and more systematically "Colombianize" such programs, within both the State Department and Defense Department budgets.

Signatories included Chaka Fattah.[23]

Slavery Memorial/President's House

As a community activist, Michael Coard is a founding member of Avenging The Ancestors Coalition (ATAC). ATAC is the organization that led the successful battle- in connection with the historic President’s House/Slavery Memorial project- to force the federal government to commemorate the nine African descendants enslaved by President George Washington at America’s first “White House,” which was located at the current site of the new Liberty Bell Center.[24]

Avenging The Ancestors Coalition provided substantial documentation to U.S. House Appropriations Committee member Congressman Chaka Fattah of Pennsylvania who was instrumental in securing an amendment to the Interior Department's 2003 budget requiring the National Park Service to develop plans for the Slavery Memorial/President's House site, including an "appropriate commemoration" of the nine enslaved African descendants there.

In August 2005, primarily through the efforts of Congressman Fattah along with the assistance of Congressman Robert Brady of Pennsylvania, $3.6 million in federal funding was made available for the site and the commemoration.

Venezuela oil deal

On Jan. 27, 2006, Rep. Chaka Fattah, announced that Citgo, a U.S. subsidiary of the publicly-owned Venezuelan national oil company PDVSA, was going to begin shipping 5 million gallons of discounted heating oil to Philadelphia as part of a plan to provide assistance to 25,000 low-income families throughout the city. [25]

The first Citgo delivery was made the next day to Geraldine Shields in the West Oak Lane section of Philadelphia. Neighbors and friends applauded, waving U.S. and Venezuelan flags, as they welcomed the oil delivery to their community.

Former Congressman Joseph Kennedy, CEO of Citizens Energy, was driving the truck loaded with the Venezuelan owned oil. Citizens Energy is a nonprofit corporation that is supporting and financing the oil distribution program.

Fattah, Venezuelan Ambassador to the U.S. Bernardo Alvarez, and Citgo CEO Felix Rodriguez also participated in welcoming Shields’ home delivery.

Ambassador Alvarez said Venezuela welcomes the opportunity to show true friendship to the American people, especially those in need. Citgo’s Rodriguez said the gift was possible because PDVSA is publicly owned: “Our shareholders are the Venezuelan people,” he said.

Fattah planned to meet with Gov. Ed Rendell’s staff the following week to discuss whether the program can be expanded throughout the state. He credited fellow Congressman William Delahunt (D-Mass.) and Kennedy for helping arrange for the program in Philadelphia.

Last September, Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez had announced that he would help lead a campaign in making oil from PDVSA (Petroleos de Venezuela, SA) available to low-income families within the U.S.

Chavez toured Manhattan and Bronx communities in New York City after he attended the United Nations World Summit. Afterward, Citgo began to work with the nonprofit groups to supply low cost oil to low-income families in New York City, Rhode Island, Vermont and Indian reservations in Maine. A similar offer was made to the Chicago Transit Authority, but was declined by its management.

In a radio interview, Fattah was asked why he was “embarrassing the U.S. government,” since the Bush administration considers Chávez, a socialist, an enemy. “This is not a political matter. We have the ability to keep families in Philadelphia warm. I’m deeply appreciative of this humanitarian gesture,” he said. [26]

Communist lobbying


TAUP president Art Hochner, along with representatives from AFT PA and the PFT (Philadelphia Federation of Teachers) met with Liz King, the legislative aide to Rep. Chaka Fattah on April 18, 2008. Congressman Fattah represents District 2, which covers much of Philadelphia as well as parts of Montgomery County. The group got together with Fattah’s aide as part of the Activists for Congressional Education (ACE) program sponsored by the American Federation of Teachers (AFT). The meeting gave the ACE members a chance to talk with Liz King about educational issues affected by current legislation.

Delegates were Art Hochner, president, TAUP; Dee Tancredi, Political Director, AFT Pennsylvania, Ben Sears, Philadelphia Federation of Teachers staff; and Bill Carver, Philadelphia Federation of Teachers staff.[27]

Calling on Israeli Govt. to lift Gaza Travel Ban

On Dec. 22, 2009, thirty-three U.S. Representatives wrote to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, calling on her to request that the Israeli Government end the ban on student travel from Gaza to the West Bank. Chaka Fattah was one of the signatories of the letter.[28] The entire letter together with a complete list of signatories can be read by clicking here.

Supported Lifting the Gaza Blockade

On Jan. 27, 2010, U.S. Representatives Keith Ellison and Jim McDermott led 52 other members of Congress in signing a letter addressed to President Barack Obama, calling for him to use diplomatic pressure to resolve the blockade affecting Gaza. Chaka Fattah was one of the signatories of the letter. [29] The entire letter together with a complete list of signatories can be read by clicking here.

Haiti Bill

In 2009, Barbara Lee and 10 other members of the House of Representatives have introduced a bill requesting an investigation into the Bush administration’s role in the 2004 "destabilization campaign and invasion" of Haiti. The original proposed legislation, called the Truth Act, has been submitted annually to the House Committee on Foreign Affairs by Congressperson Lee.

Lee stated in 2004: “We do not teach people to overthrow our U.S. government, and the Bush administration must not participate in the overthrow of other democratically-elected governments. The United States must stand firm in its support of democracy and not allow a nascent democracy like Haiti to fall victim to the Bush administration’s apparent policy of regime change.”

“Regime change takes a variety of forms, and this looks like a blatant form of regime change to me,” Congressperson Lee told Noriega. The bill, now known as H.R. 331, could make the congressional calendar for review in 2009.

The bill’s co-sponsors included Corrine Brown (Fla.), Chaka Fattah (Pa.), Michael Honda (Calif.), Eddie Bernice Johnson (Texas), Dennis Kucinich (Ohio), Eleanor Holmes Norton (D.C.), Donald Payne (N.J.), Charles B. Rangel (N.Y.), Jan Schakowsky (Ill.) and Maxine Waters (Calif.).[30]

Dzurinko connection


Rep. Chaka Fattah with Philadelphia Student Union student representatives and Nijmie Dzurinko (center), November 19, 2009.

Town Meeting for Jobs Not Wars


A Town Meeting for Jobs Not Wars, was held Saturday, October 30th, 2010, from 9 AM to 3 PM. Community College of Philadelphia, Bonnell Hall, Auditorium BG-10

Speakers were:

CLUW awards

Chaka Fattah, center

On Thursday, June 16th, 2011, the Philadelphia Chapter of the Coalition of Labor Union Women, held their annual Working Women's Awareness Week Awards Reception. Labor Justice Radio, a program of the Media Mobilizing Project, was among the honorees.

A proclamation from U.S. Representative Chaka Fattah and a Citation from State Representative Babette Josephs were also presented to Labor Justice Radio. Other honorees included:

CLUW member, Ellen Slack, of AFSCME Local 590, presented the members of Labor Justice Radio with the award.[32]

CLUW staffer

Coalition of Labor Union Women activist Cindy Bass is a policy formulator and community activist, in Philadelphia. She is the Senior Policy Advisor on Urban and Domestic Policy to Congressman Chaka Fattah.[33]

Poverty Tour 2.0

Tavis Smiley and Cornel West, professor of Philosophy and Christian Practice at Union Theological Seminary, kick off "The Poverty Tour 2.0: A Call to Conscience" in Cleveland, OH.

The co-hosts of the nationally syndicated public radio program Smiley & West, from Public Radio International (PRI), hit the road September 12-15 2012 to host six town hall events that are FREE and open to the public.

"The Poverty Tour 2.0," sponsored in part by AARP Foundation and HuffPost Live, will visit the key battleground states of Ohio, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Florida. In addition, one town hall event will be held in the state of Delaware. Smiley and West intend to push the moderators of the upcoming presidential debates to ask the candidates about America's poverty problem, and to urge legislators to support public policy and implement programs that will alleviate poverty.

"These new Census numbers will underscore what we've been saying for a long time — poverty is the new American norm," said Smiley. "The time is now to force poverty on the agenda; our leaders can't simply continue to be quiet on this issue."

Confirmed guests include: Peter Edelman, former member of the Clinton administration and co-founder of the Children's Defense Fund; Dolores Huerta, co-founder of the United Farm Workers; Ralph Nader, consumer advocate and former presidential candidate; Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur (D-OH); Congresswoman Marcia Fudge (D-OH); Congressman Chaka Fattah (D-PA); Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH); and Jill Stein, Green Party USA candidate for president. All presidential and vice presidential candidates have been invited to participate.

"We're putting the spotlight on our precious fellow citizens who don't have access to a decent job, decent housing, and decent healthcare," said West. "We want to hear solutions that can be duplicated and adapted in communities across the country."[34]

Sharpton rally

Rev. Al Sharpton and his National Action Network, along with AFSCME and partners in labor, civil rights, and clergy from across the country, held rallies in over 25-cities on December 9th. 2011, to "bring attention to the growing economic disparity in these cities, lack of employment, and equality issues surrounding our current economic state".

The 25-city rallies will call attention to key issues that have not yet been remedied such as the disproportionate layoffs of Blacks, Latinos, and other minority groups, and the growing wealth gap.The rallies will be held in cities that are most impacted by joblessness and attacks on workers’ rights.

Philadelphia speakers were;[35]

White House Initiative on Educational Excellence


The Rev. Al Sharpton, NAACP President Benjamin Jealous, United Negro College Fund President Michael Lomax and several other African-American leaders visited the White House August 2012 to watch President Obama sign an executive order creating an initiative aimed at improving educational achievement.

Obama's signature launched the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African Americans, which "aims to ensure that all African American students can receive an education that fully prepares them for high school graduation, college completion and productive careers," a White House official said Wednesday before the president announced the initiative in his speech to the National Urban League.

Reps. Danny Davis (D-Ill.) and Chaka Fattah (D-Pa.) were also in the group that attended the signing.[36]

Cooperatives conference

The UN designated International Year of Cooperatives was featured at the 4th national worker cooperative conference, June 22-24. 2012, at Northeastern University.

Speakers included Congressman Chaka Fattah , Noemi Gizpenc, Rob Everts, Elizabeth Arredondo and John Langley on such topics as Fair Trade, Foreign Policy and Global Solidarity, and We Bought Our Building Without the Banks.[37]

Lifting travel ban on Cuba

A May 03, 2013 Press release from the radical controlled and Institute for Policy Studies affiliated Latin America Working Group's Cuba Team stated:

Due to your action/emails/phone calls we have 59 signatures from House representatives urging President Obama to support travel to Cuba by granting general licenses for ALL current categories of travel.
By eliminating the laborious license application process, especially for people-to-people groups, that is managed by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), the majority of the bureaucratic red tape that holds up licensable travel to Cuba would disappear and actually facilitate what the President wanted to see in 2011, liberalized travel regulations.

Signatories included Rep. Fattah.[38]

PDA contact

In 2013 Progressive Democrats of America assigned activists to deliver their material to almost every US Congressman and several Senators. Walter Ebmeyer, and Chuck Pennacchio were assigned as contacts for Rep. Fattah.[39]

"Progressive Agenda"

Signers of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio's May 12, 2015 launched The Progressive Agenda to Combat Income Inequality included US Rep. Chake Fattah.[40]


The following are past and present staff:[41]

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