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1995 DSA award

Boston Democratic Socialists of America's annual Debs-Thomas-Bernstein Dinner was held on June 1 1995, at the Dante Aligheri Center in Cambridge. 1995's honorees were Byron Rushing, a longtime civil rights activist who represents Boston's South End in the Massachusetts House of Representatives, and Carin Schiewe, the direct or of the Commonwealth Coalition, a grassroots alliance working to elect progressive candidates to the State House.

A special Michacl Harrington Award was given to Lewis Coser, the distinguished sociologist who was a founding member of DSA and a founding editor of Dissent magazine.[1]

Commonwealth Coalition

In 2002 Carin Schiewe resigned after 13 years as Director of the Commonwealth Coalition in Boston. [2]

Her leadership was celebrated with a fundraising event in June. At the event many speakers recalled the impact Schiewe has had on the progressive movement. Among them were Warren Tolman, candidate for Governor, Representative Jay Kaufman, Kathy Casavant, Treasurer of the Massachusetts AFL-CIO, and Lucia Mayerson-David of ¿Oiste?.



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