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ACORN Community Labor Organizing Center is an Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now organization that organizes labor unions and community groups. It was founded in 2005, to carry on ACORN’s history of partnering with organized labor to build power for low and moderate-income people in the neighborhoods and on the job. ACLOC bridges ACORN's network with labor unions to engage in campaigns to advance the agenda of ACORN members and ACLOC's partnering union members. ACLOC advances a progressive agenda of working people supporting organizations with:

  • ACLOC labor organizing- An group of labor and community organizers available to provide extra capacity in hard-fought campaigns.
  • ACLOC community organizing-An experienced group of community organizers who provide extra capacity in public and corporate campaigns.
  • Community support for workers- ACLOC coordinates with ACORN members locally or nationally to support campaigns for workers' rights.
  • The ACLOC Apprentice Program- Administrative service for unions to run their program for organizers in training, community canvassers, comparable to the former Organizing Institute of the AFL-CIO.
  • The ACLOC Academy- Training programs for community organizers, labor organizers, union members and community members.[1]

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