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The Young People's Resistance Committee is closely aligned with the Freedom Road Socialist Organization/FightBack!

From their website:[1]

"We work with the community to fight against deportations and for better access to services. We organize against budget cuts to education at every level. We believe that education is a human right, and that public education should be cost-free. We aspire to organize all working class and minority students in the interest of their already besieged education. Wisconsin is the leading anti worker-rights state in the country. Its Republican/Tea Party controlled state government has unleashed some of the worst attacks on organized labor in decades. We support unions because they are the most effective organizational body that protects the working class and combats for economic safety of the working people."
"Young People's Resistance Committee is an affiliate to the national immigrant rights network Legalization for All. YPRC is a founding organization of the Milwaukee Coalition Against Trump (MCAT). Formerly known as “Youth Empowered in the Struggle”.

Resist and Flourish: An Evening With Carlos Montes

Resist and Flourish: An Evening With Carlos Montes

The Young People's Resistance Committee held an event with Carlos Montes on December 7 2017. The Facebook invitation[2] stated:

"Join the Young People's Resistance Committee for a night with experienced organizer, activist, and revolutionary Carlos Montes. Montes was a founding member of the Brown Berets and continues to fight against racism, imperialism, and gentrification in LA. Montes will be bridging the gap between LA and Milwaukee to uncover some of the struggles that both our communities face. Among many other topics, Montes will discuss the importance of Young People's Resistance Committee's 2017-2018 campaign, Legalization For All."


Milwaukee celebrates International Women's Day

On March 16 2018, more than 50 community members celebrated International Women’s Day, an annual event hosted by Milwaukee’s Freedom Road Socialist Organization/FightBack! . The event addressed the struggle for women’s liberation and the vital work that women do in our communities.

Milwaukee FRSO commemorated women in the past who have fought for the liberation of oppressed people along with local women organizers for their efforts and leadership in the Milwaukee community.

Isa Cortez, chair of the Young People's Resistance Committee , was one of the organizers whose work was highlighted at the event. Cortez stated, “It has been and will continue to be women at the front of revolutionary movements that will bring about the liberation of all peoples."

Abi Gonzalez, co-chair of YPRCs community chapter, talked about her experience as a leader and queer woman of color. As part of her speech she stated that her identity as a queer, Chicana woman has been reinforced and emboldened, as she surrounds herself with other strong resilient women leaders.[3]

Legalization for All

DACA Rally organized by the Young People's Resistance Committee

The Young People's Resistance Committee held a rally on September 7 2017 to protest Donald Trump's termination of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. As reported at the Freedom Road Socialist Organization/FightBack! publication Fight Back! News:[4]

"The action in Milwaukee was called by the Young People's Resistance Committee (YPRC). The action started with a rally and was followed by a march on Milwaukee's Southside.
"The rally featured community speakers sharing their testimonies on how DACA changed their lives. One speaker, Juan Rodriguez, said that all people have the right to "live, work and to be treated humanely."
"YPRC recognized that DACA gave many young people hope and opportunity, but it was not enough. DACA did not provide a pathway to citizenship or relief from deportation for all 11 million undocumented immigrants. The action ended with a call to action by YPRC demanding legalization for all undocumented immigrants."


According to Facebook, the attendees were:[5]



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