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Rev. Willie Barrows

The Rev.Willie Barrows Willie Barrow (female) has a long history of affiliations and support for various communist/Marxist parties and their fronts over many decades. She was one of the most radical leaders of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC), especially as a leader of the SCLC and Operation Breadbasket of the Rev. [[Jesse Jackson Jr) in Chicago.

Third World Endorses of the Spring Antiwar Activities - NPAC

Barrows was the first on a list of "Third World Endorsers of the Spring Antiwar Activities" flier concerning the activities of the Trotskyite Socialist Workers Party (SWP) and their youth arm, the Young Socialist Alliance (YSA), through their front, the National Peace Action Coalition (NPAC). NPAC was created by the SWP after their split from the largely [{Communist Party USA]] (CPUSA) anti-war fronts known as the "Mobes" (Spring, November, National and New Mobilization Committee(s) Against the War in Vietnam) and its successor, the Peoples Coalition for Peace and Justice (PCPJ), formed in late 1970/early 1971.

Her identification was "SCLC, Operation Breadbasket, Chicago".

The key SWP/NPAC demonstration was held on April 24, 1971. More about PCPJ and NPAC appear in the 4 volumes of hearings entitled "National Peace Action Coalition (NPAC)and Peoples Coalition for Peace & Justice (PCPJ)", the House Internal Security Committee (HISC), May-June 1971.

"Exclusive: Willie Barrow, the Third Farrakhan Joker in Obama's Faith Endorsements deck"

The conservative writer known as "Sultan Knish" wrote a detailed article about the leftist connections of Rev. Willie Barrow to the Obamas, Re. Louis Farrakan and the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) re the title listed above. It can be found at http://sultanknish.blogpsot.com/2008/04/exclusive-willie-barrow-third-farrakhan.html.

This article featured a photograph of Barrow, Michele Obama and other women at the Woman for Obama Luncheon held in Chicago. The caption for this photo reads as follows: "Rev. Willie T. Barrow (rear, 2nd, r) chairman emeritus, [[Rainbow Coalition]/PUSH Coalition, enjoys the Wormen's Luncheon with (standing, l - r), Michelle Obama, wife of U.S. Senate candidate Barack Obama of Illinois and executive director of community affairs,University of Chicago Hospital; Shoshana Johnson, the nation's first Black female POW and former Iraqi captive; and Mrs. Jamell Meeks, wife of the Rev. James Meeks, vice president, Rainbow/PUSH; and (sitting, l-r) Rev. Dr. Barbara King; Mother Khadijah Farrakhan, wife of National of Islam leader Minister [[Louis Farrakhan; and Judge Arnette Hubbard/