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William J.Holayter


Some 150 delegates and 100 observers met at Houston's Airport Holiday Inn, February 16-19, 1979, for the fourth national convention of the Democratic Socialist Organizing Committee (DSOC).

DSOC's advertised convention participants were listed as including Rep. Ron Dellums (D-CA), Joyce Miller-president, Coalition of Labor Union Women, City Councillor Hilda Mason-DC Statehood Party, Maury Maverick Jr., San Antonio, Texas, James Farmer executive director, Coalition American Public Employees, William Holayter-political action director, International Association of Machinists, Jose Angel Gutierrez-La Raza Unida Party, Crystal City, Texas, Ruben Berrios-head of the Puerto Rican Independence Party and Kris Muller-Osten, a representative of the Willy Brandt led West German Social Democratic Party[1].

Oregon Alliance Retired Americans

Oregon Alliance Retired Americans officers 2007, Barney Gorter, 1st Vice President; Verna Porter, President; Leanna Hakala, Trustee; Val Jack, Secretary; William Holayter; Ron Rogers, Treasurer, Scott Blau, Trustee.

ARA award

The Alliance for Retired Americans' President's Award was bestowed upon Scott Watts, President of the Nevada Alliance, and Executive Board member William Holayter of Washington State, at the ARA' national convention, 2010.


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