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Wesley Brockman is a Kansas City Missouri activist.

Anti-Nazi rally


Lucky Garcia posted on Facebook November 9, 2013. · ·

Hundreds of people came out today to tell the Nazis where they can shove their swastikas! Well done Kansas City! #NO2H8KC — with Kris Dingus, Kristin Chow, Luis Panclasta, Tom Klammer, Dylan Schwayne, Kim Sharitz, Kelli Holzer, Libby Holzer, Doug Greer, Jodie Beydler, Zach Thompson, Tom Crane, Kevin Malatesta, Jozef Hanratty, Pedro Miranda, Ilea Brown-Lauber, Brianna Dobbs, Tamara Severns, Wesley Brockman, Moarte Se Apropie, Amanda Gatten, Joz Martillo and Mike Nickells.

"Break The Cages: Support The Hunger Strikes, Refugees Welcome! Racists Go Home!"

Kansas City, Thursday 17 December 2015, organized by Progressive Youth Organization, "Break The Cages: Support The Hunger Strikes, Refugees Welcome! Racists Go Home!"

Join Progressive Youth Organization in a solidarity picket as we stand with those on strike and to demand for their immediate release and for a more just immigration process as well as an end to a racist and xenophobic attitude towards immigrants.

Those indicating support on a Wherevent page for the rally were Mikki Roadcap, April Foster, Diana Condori, Luisa E. Reyes, Mariel Enriquez, Brianna Dobbs, Taylor Cline, Shi Lo, Allegra Baxter , Anna Ruth , Tsvetina Pavlova , Yara Puennte, Anahi Mtz, Nicholas Begley, Gary Charles Wagaman, Andres Herrera, Irasema Lauderdale, Shane Stange, Miguel Makata, Wesley Brockman, Akram Guzman, Conner Schlesselman, Luke Hall, Atzintli Perdomo, Vincente Perez, Kevin Bailey.[1]