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Wendy Sejour is Florida activist.

Brand New Congress

in 2016 Wendy Sejour was a board member of Brand New Congress.

2019 board

Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida March 9 2019:


Congrats to our newly-elected Board! — with Mitchell Stollberg, Brendan Hopper, Mario Piscatella, Wendy Sejour, Deltravis Lamont Williams, Michael Calderin, Jessica Vaughn, Roy David Walker, Hillary Keyes, Claire Snyder-Hall, Lisa Murano and Nancy Carola Jacobson.

State leaders

Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida March 9 2019:


Surprise, Susan Host Smith! DPC leaders from around the state surprised our outgoing President, Susan Smith, to thank her for her dedication to the Caucus! — with Pam French, Paul Stolc, Nancy Carola Jacobson, OnDrew Hartigan, Wendy Sejour, Mario Piscatella, Michael Calderin, Susan Host Smith, Hillary Keyes, William Bliss, Mike Shlasko, Claire Snyder-Hall, Mitchell Stollberg, Jessica Vaughn and Denise Lombardi.

2018 conference

Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida, May 20 2018 statewide conference in Gainesville


With Mike Shlasko, Susan Smith, Paul Edward Anarumo, Pj Espinal, Mario Piscatella, Paul Truman, Denise Lombardi, Miguel Valdez, Anna Breedlove, Seth Alexander Smith, Nancy Carola Jacobson, Monica P. DePaul, Mitchell Stollberg, Maria Hernandez, Wendy Sejour, Lisa Murano, Sara Doyle McFadden, Beau Robichaux, Tom Wells, Gayle Morgan, Katy Burnett, Harvey Ward, Marilyn Cappiello, Vicki Roush, Michael Calderin and Iris Burke.