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The Welsh Communist Party is affiliated to the Communist Party of Britain.

National Secretary

From 2022 David Morgan was the National Secretary of the Welsh Communist Party.

"Methyr Rising"


Trevor Jones

2019 congress


David Morgan, Robert Griffiths.



Laura Picand, Dominic MacAskill.

"No return to fascism in Ukraine"


Trevor Jones, Laura Picand, Ramon Corria, John Haylett, Nathan Davis.

"Cuban 5" event Cardiff


Dominic MacAskill, Laura Picand.

Welsh communists at Fete D'Humatite 2015


David Brown, John Haylett, Dominic MacAskill, Anita Wright, Robert Griffiths.



Roger Bevan, John Haylett.

2021 Candidates


In April 2021 the Welsh Communist Party registered 20 candidates to fight the May 6 Snedd elections.

2016 Welsh communist candidates

REPORT OF WORK communist party congress November 2016;

Wales Assembly and Scottish Parliamentary Elections, 5 May 2016 47. The Party stood in each of the five regional list elections for the National Assembly of Wales. This entitled us to election broadcasts on BBC Wales radio and television, BBC Radio Cymru, HTV and the Welsh language channel S4C, in which four of the candidates participated. Special thanks must be expressed to comrade Chris Reeves and his co-workers at Platform Films who recorded and produced the broadcasts. The Party ran a vigorous if uneven campaign involving the launch of its updated programme Real Power for the People of Wales, leaflet distribution, hustings meetings organised by trade union and church bodies, and participation in some radion debates. The total vote achieved was 2,452 (0.2%).

48. The candidates were as follows: Mid and West Wales: Catrin Ashton, Rick Newnham, Clive Griffiths, David Brown North Wales: Trevor Jones, Mandy Walsh, Glyn Davies, Graham Morgan South Wales Central: Robert Griffiths, Gwen Griffiths, Ramon Corria, Dan Cole South Wales East: Tommy Roberts, Mark Griffiths, Barbara Thomas, Thabo Miller South Wales West: Laura Picand, Roger Jones, Justin Lilley, Stephen Harmer.[2]

2007 Welsh National Assembly Communist candidates

Rick Newnham, Elaine Blake, Graham Morgan, Clive Eliassen, Glyn Davies, Trevor Jones, Mike Green, Robert Griffiths, Gwen Griffiths, Fran Rawlings, Clive Griffiths, Roy Evans, Angharad Halpin, Dan Cole, Dave Rawlings.

2004 candidates

The Welsh Communist Party fielded six candidates in the 2004 local elections.